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    Innovative cobot workstation from häwa

    Cobots (collaborating robots or collaborative robots) are increasingly being used in industry and production to automate processes. Due to their low weight, cobots are also known as lightweight robots. They are flexible and easy to transport.

    The biggest advantage of cobots, however, lies in their workspace: unlike robots, cobots are specifically designed to work with humans. They are used in the direct vicinity of employees and do not require a protective enclosure. Special sensors ensure that the work of the cobots stops immediately if a human reaches into their working field. This opens up new avenues in industrial production; cobots can support skilled workers by taking over simple, repetitive tasks.

    To ensure a smooth workflow, the working conditions and the working environment must be geared towards cooperation between humans and cobots. Special cobot workstations are used here. häwa is your specialist if you are looking for innovative solutions for a cobot workstation.

    Where are cobots used?

    The use of cobots is popular because - unlike robots - they can be integrated into existing manufacturing areas. A mobile cobot station can be positioned exactly where it is needed, and larger conversions in machine halls are usually not necessary. häwa supports you in designing and implementing a cobot working environment individually for your production processes, creating a collaborative robot workplace that is completely tailored to your requirements.

    When are cobot applications useful?

    The use of lightweight robots is fundamentally changing the way work is done in the industrial sector. The focus is on optimising work processes. Cobots are by no means intended to replace skilled workers: collaborative robots relieve them of repetitive, precision-mechanical, ergonomically difficult or even potentially dangerous tasks and free up more time for other activities.

    The strength, reproducibility and continuity of machines can thus be combined with human flexibility, adaptability and intelligence. Collaborations open up new opportunities for companies. Among the biggest and most visible benefits of using cobots are increased productivity and quality.

    Find the ideal cobot base frame for your cobot workstation

    Every manufacturing and production facility is set up differently and cobots take on different tasks. That is why häwa offers individual, functional and innovative cobot workstations that can be customised and adapted to a company's specific requirements. This includes both stationary and mobile robot bases. The cobots can be attached to the frames on mounting plates by means of a suitable adapter.

    There are three different types of robot frame that you can have constructed at häwa: 

    The patented X-frame machine frame is used and installed in the robot tables for cobots and the customised cobot workstations. The cobot base frames and the modular cobot base frames are stabilised and certified switching cabinets with the desired IP requirement, which can also be expanded on a modular basis if required.

    Find the right workstation solution with häwa

    häwa supports you in implementing a cobot workspace according to your wishes and requirements. When designing our flexible robot platforms, we benefit from our extensive expertise from a wide range of production areas. In our portfolio you will find a wide range of different options for the implementation of fixed and mobile base frames for cobots. Alternatively, we develop individualised workstations that meet your exact requirements. Send us a message via our contact form today and see for yourself.

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