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    Door Systems / (Including Lifting Doors)

    One of the most important components on a machine rack is the door system, providing quick and free access to the plant. We at häwa have standardized frequently used door systems for the different X-frame models, including normal hinged doors, sliding and lifting doors, folding doors as well as pneumatic and electric door systems. Furthermore, the customer can choose from a wide range of door locking systems. häwa uses all versions which are currently available in the market and adapts the door systems accordingly. We select handles, hinges, washers and stops according to the customer’s and also to the machine rack environment requirements.  

    The lifting door systems developed by häwa are very simple and effective. Thanks to an integrated mechanical feeder, we have been able to develop a cost-effective and space-saving system, eliminating interfering and space-consuming counterweights. The required guides are mounted intelligently and space-saving in the vertical corner struts. The external flaps on the vertical struts provide quick access to the guides.

    Solutions for door system applications

    Lifting door systems

    X-frame offers customers standardized lifting door systems made of sheet steel and aluminum profiles for individual requirements. Our product range provides the following lifting door systems including all necessary safety technology.

    • Mechanical lifting door systems with counterweights, which can be mounted in front of or between the vertical corner struts.
    • Mechanical lifting door systems with spring balancers no longer require counterweights. Spring balancers and guides are integrated space-savingly into the X-frame rack thereby providing a wider access area. Due to an optimized guide system we can offer doors with increased strokes.
    • Pneumatic lifting doors are used according to customer requirements. It is also possible to integrate existing customer systems.
    • We usually buy electric lifting doors, roller doors and other systems from our long-term suppliers.


    Hinged doors

    We offer classic hinged doors in all common designs. You can choose the dimensions to fit your requirements.
    Larger doors are supplied with reinforced frames for increased stability, ensuring safe closing of access areas. Standardized doors can be equipped with any security system. The doors are fitted with solenoid switches, interlock switches, contactless switches and other systems according to your requirements. The windows are usually made of polycarbonate, single-pane safety glass ESG and laminated safety glass VSG. Colored windows and other designs are also possible.

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