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    Cutting tools for control cabinet manufacture

    When working on the control cabinet, it is important to work as safely, precisely and space-savingly as possible. That is why cutting different workpieces such as cable ducts, profile rails or copper cables is an integral part of control cabinet manufacture. In the häwa range, you will find a selection of products such as our cable shears, cable duct cutters and wiring duct cutters, as well as other tools for cutting steel, copper and aluminium. Find the right cutting tool for your company now.

    Cutting metal with the right tools

    Depending on which workpieces you process during the manufacture of the control cabinet, you have different requirements for the cutting tools used. häwa offers you high-quality, durable tools for different areas of application for cutting metal in control cabinet manufacture. These are not only tools for your workshop equipment, but also mobile devices for flexible working.

    Cutting tools for your workshop equipment

    You will find a selection of cutting tools at häwa for the convenient cutting to length of ducting and profiles used in control cabinet manufacture. These tools are operated manually or hydraulically. For the latter, you will, of course, find the appropriate electric and air operated hydraulic pumps for the drives in the häwa range.

    Wiring duct cutter

    With the wiring duct cutter from häwa, you can cut PVC cable ducts and the corresponding cable duct covers with little effort. The tool is also suitable for cutting halogen-free wiring ducts to length. The wiring duct cutter with a shear blade is a noise-, emission-, chip- and dust-free alternative to cutting the ducts using a saw. The machine's spring-loaded length stop ensures longer shear blade use. The transparent cover fitted on both sides guarantees safe protection against accidental contact when cutting the cable duct.

    We recommend our Lamella cutters for cutting off individual lamellae of the wiring ducts.


    Cutting copper and aluminium profiles using profile shears

    Rely on our profile shears to cut steel as well as copper and aluminium profiles - quietly, burr-free and precisely. You can obtain different shear plates in standardised sizes to fit häwa profile shears, but they can also be individually adapted to your rails to be installed. In addition, you can not only cut metals such as copper with this cutting tool, but also punch holes in the rails. You can find various shear plates and punch sets for the profile shear cutters in our cutting tool accessories.

    Cutting tools for cutting cable ducts

    Use our duct cutter to cut steel and stainless steel ducts and covers to length. The hydraulically operated device is suitable for cable ducts with a maximum profile dimension of 200 x 60 mm. The cutting tool shortens the ducts quietly and without burrs or waste. The shear plates of the tool are easy to change. In addition, two profiles can be accommodated in one set of shear plates - ideal if you are working with different cable duct cross-sections.

    Mobile cable cutters: Hand tools for cutting

    Cut cables and profile rails: with tools from häwa, also portably! Use the cable shears to cut cables to length - manually and cleanly. The special cutting edge geometry also makes the cable shears ideal for stripping sheathed cables.
    The häwa Profile Cutter is suitable for cutting steel profile rails with the dimensions 35 x 7.5 x 1 mm or 15 x 5 x 1 mm in accordance with DIN EN. The cutting tool is ideal for mobile use and enables the low-noise, chip- and burr-free cutting to length of steel profiles.

    Control cabinet manufacture: Cutting metal using tools from häwa

    Whether cutting steel rails or aluminium profiles, cutting cable ducts to length or shortening cables - with the cutting tools from häwa you can carry out your cutting work on the control cabinet quickly, cleanly and with little effort. You are not sure which tool is the right one for your requirements? We would be happy to advise you personally. Contact us today, find your personal häwa advisor and discover your ideal cutting tool.

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