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  • We bring your ideas to life: häwa cabinet systems

    Our customers turn to häwa for the most demanding and sophisticated cabinet and console requirements. At häwa these individual requirements are at the centre of every consultancy; because we are firmly convinced that this is the only way to offer the best possible solution for your application purpose.

    Freestanding and modular cabinets are available in sheet steel, stainless steel or – upon request – in any other suitable material.

    Central locking
    Simultaneous locking and unlocking of main and adjacent cabinets.

    Sanitary Environment Cabinet
    häwa sanitary environment cabinets are particularly suitable for the application in the foodstuff and sanitary field owing to their high protection class (IP66/69).

    PC protection and deployment at public and industrial locations.

    häwa's sturdy console designs are used in a wide array of applications, e.g. also as workstations.

    The basis of all our individually customized designs is our time-tested and well-proven standard range of cabinets, enclosures and consoles. Impressive in both design and functionality, solid and extremely loadable, already our standard cabinet range offers numerous possibilities through a big variety of sizes, different protection classes, UL/GL approvals and extensive accessories.

    Based on this we will find together with you and the experience gained in an array of projects the perfect solution for your requirements: from a simple adaptation for a better use of space or an optimized ventilation of your technical application up to a complete custom-built development of a cabinet system; from different dimensions up to individual material requests. At häwa, we make nearly everything possible for you.

    Well thought-out in every detail: Your advantages using the example of häwa's modular cabinet systems.


    • The multi-folded bars, additionally welded on the corners, form a solid and very torsion resistant frame.

    • Loadable up to 1,400 kg independent from the position of the mounting panel or use of mounting rails.


    • The mounting panel is galvanised and depth-adjustable in 25 mm increments. Quickly, safely and easily mounted by means of lock fitting brackets; continuous mounting area in last but one position.


    • Three-dimensionally bordered with square and round perforations in 25 mm increments for universal interior installations.
    • Screwed in reinforcement and mounting frame with 25 mm increments made from solid galvanised square tubes.


    • The top metal sheet is screwed in place; the transport lugs correspond to the current edition of the DIN 580 standard.
    • Protective earth connection with earthing possibilities on all movable and detachable parts as well as the base and roof frame of the cabinet.

    • Sturdy base frame with easily accessible three-part and adjustable cable entry panel.
    • Protection class IP55 or IP56 with enhancement kit – as well as type 12.

    • Excellent and environmentally friendly surface protection for sheet steel with improved pre-treatment using iron phosphating and chromium free post passivation as well as environmentally friendly powder coating; according to DIN 50021 – 500 hours salt spray test – suitable for outdoor use.

    • Bar lock and hinges for H375 modular cabinets completely made of stainless steel (galvanized buckle)

    • Concealed hinges 120°, developed for 1 man handling; alternatively easily exchangeable for 180° hinges.
    • Baying can be done by direct bolting or by means of attachment brackets depending on the application.

    Equipment you can rely on: the technical standard of häwa’s cabinet systems

    • Made from stainless steel with protection class IP56 as per DIN EN 60529 (Nema 12)
    • Made from sheet steel with protection class IP55 as per DIN EN 60529 (Nema 12) 
    • Protective ground connection according to DIN EN 61439-1

    • Edged frame forms a gutter to prevent dirt or water from entering when the door is opened
    • Right or left hinged doors with seamlessly foamed gasket; with re-enforcement frame made from solid square tubes with fixing holes of 4.5 mm in 25 mm increments.

    • Standard doors are right hinged; opening angles of the concealed hinges are 120° with the option to upgrade to 180°.
    • Bar lock for single or double door design.

    • Standard actuation: 3 mm double-bit; exchangeable with numerous other internationally known actuation types.

    • Top is removable.

    •  4 pieces transport lugs M 12 as per DIN 580
    • Floor made up from a three-part adjustable cable entry panel with fixing holes of 10.6 mm.

    • Mounting panel is depth-adjustable in 25 mm increments, easy installation through häwa locking brackets.

    • Surface: sheet steel with improved pre-treatment using iron phosphating and chromium free post passivation as well as environmentally friendly powder coating; as per DIN 50021 – 500 hours salt spray test 
    • Suitable for outdoor use; Attention: depending on the usage; exposure to direct UV radiation should be avoided.

    • Stainless steel mat. no. 1.4301, polished.

    Fields of application for häwa free-standing and bayed cabinets

    Häwa cabinet systems are used in the automation technology, in food laboratories, in medicine technology, and in plant engineering. The products are not only applied as the conventional free-standing or modular cabinet, as RHL-cabinets for sanitary environments, or as PC cabinets, but also as ergonomically designed consoles for user-friendly operation of machining systems. What are your plans?


    Contact your personal häwa advisor today to discuss your specific requirements.


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