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    Notching tools for rework on the control cabinet

    When working on the finished control cabinets and housings, it may be necessary to subsequently enlarge or adjust holes that have already been punched. Notching tools from häwa allow you to enlarge and adjust cut outs without burrs on sheet metal made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Discover now the high-quality, durable notching tools from häwa.

    Notching sheet metal using special notching tools

    No matter what types of rework you need to perform on the control cabinet - with the notching tools from häwa, the notching of metal or the processing of PVC cable ducts runs smoothly and cleanly. Accordingly, you will find a selection of different tools in our product range.

    Manually operated hydraulic notching tools for sheet metal: The Powerman Mini

    Above all, the Powerman Mini from häwa is the optimal notching tool for rework on the finished control cabinet. Different processing tools can be easily accommodated with the M10 thread of the Powerman Mini. This allows you to carry out the following rework operations:

    • Extending holes with diameters of 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 9 and 11 mm to elongated holes.
    • Changing round holes from a diameter of 22 mm into rectangular cut outs.
    • Enlarging existing square cut outs from 17.5 x 17.5 mm.

    With the Powerman Mini, you can rework punched holes in steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets without burrs. In addition, the tool enables a particularly fast and clean working method when notching metal. In contrast to filing, no dust is produced. Instead, the notched punching waste remains in the tool and does not fall into the control cabinet.

    Keyway pliers for the production of keyways

    With our manually operated keyway pliers you can process already existing holes. With the help of the special punch of the pliers, you can expand existing holes to a keyway with the dimensions 3.2 x 2 mm. The maximum sheet metal thickness for the keyway pliers is 2.5 mm. This notching tool is mainly used for processing and notching sheet metal when a component with anti-rotation protection is to be inserted into the already punched hole. Due to the universally adapted size of the keyway, the anti-twist device engages perfectly in the keyway preventing the component from twisting.

    Lamella cutters for the processing of cable ducts

    In addition to punching and notching sheet metal, cable ducts made of PVC also have to be processed during control cabinet manufacture. With the help of our lamella cutters, you can quickly and easily cut off individual lamellae of the cable ducts, for example if cable runs are to be routed into or out of the cable duct. For easy and clean cutting of cable ducts to length we recommend our cable duct cutters.

    Discover the professional notching tools from häwa

    Process punched holes quickly, cleanly and without chips and burrs using our notching tools for sheet metal and our keyway pliers. Or modify PVC cable ducts with our lamella cutters. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Our experts are ready to help. Find your personal häwa contact today and optimize your work on the control cabinet using our notching tools.

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