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    Swiveling Control Cabinet

    Standardized control cabinets are an integral part of the X-frame machine rack system. Control cabinets are part of the patented cable routing in the X-frame rack. häwa, one of the leading manufacturers of customized control cabinets, offers special solutions to meet every individual requirement. One of numerous other examples are UL-approved standard control cabinets fitted in a swivel frame, which can be laterally pivoted from the rear side of the machine rack to provide free access to an otherwise concealed area.

    Thus, service and maintenance relevant areas become quickly and easily accessible for an effective inspection of the installed machine elements. Control cabinets pulled out of a plant, cabinets with supporting rollers and other variants are also possible. 

    Solutions for swiveling control cabinet applications

    Standardized control cabinet

    The major advantage of this design is the free space behind the machine rack provided when swiveling the cabinets to the side. Thus, large control cabinets can be flanged to the machine. If required, direct and free access to the machine rack is still available for maintenance work or for resetting the systems.

    Printhäwa GmbH