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    We build your enclosures – individually according to your requirements

    How does your enclosure have to perform, which special challenges are we faced with? Answers to these and many further questions form our basis in building the ideal enclosure for your specific requirements. We have already accompanied many satisfied customers this way. How do you want your enclosure to perform?

    Wallmount enclosures
    UL- and GL-approved, made of stainless steel or sheet steel up to protection class IP66/Type 4x, EMC enclosures and keypad enclosure. With concealed 180° hinge.

    The compact69 series with GL-protection class represents secure and flexible solutions if you need a high protection class IP66/69K, a variety of sizes and corrosion protection.

    Explosion-proof enclosures ATEX / ECEX
    Optimal protection when used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

    Junction boxes
    Sheet steel or stainless steel up to protection class IP66/Type 4x, UL and GL authorized.

    Small enclosures
    Made of sheet steel, aluminum and plastic
    What makes a clockwork a clock? A machine with wheels a car? Electronic components a PC? It is the enclosure, which determines the effect.

    Hygienic Enclosure
    Enclosures for the use in food processing and pharmaceutical industries in accordance with the strictest standards, with easy handling and high robustness.

    Already our standard housing range scores with its well-conceived diversity – be it EMC, SN enclosures, explosion-proof enclosures, small enclosures or junction boxes: every häwa housing has already proven its practicality in many applications.

    Often it is enough to make minor adaptions, for example in the dimensions, accessibility, protection class, load bearing, air-conditioning technology or the internal structure, to change the häwa standard into an individual and at the same time low-cost solution. However, sometimes complete customization is necessary in order to create the perfect housing for your application purpose. Either way - we fully concentrate on your requirements and shape your ideas!

    Well thought-out in every detail: Your advantages at a glance

    • Protection class up to IP66/69K

    • Swapping of the door hinges without drilling 
    • High stability

    • Big choice of materials from plastic (PC, ABS, Polyester) and sheet steel to stainless steel

    • Suitable for use in aggressive environment and extreme environmental conditions
    • Great variety of accessories

    • Installation of attachments or mounting parts on request
    • Flexibility in case of modifications

    Protection classes provided by enclosures to IEC 60529

    The primary task of enclosures is to protect persons or installed equipment. The standard defines the protection classes for enclosures. Definitions help to find the required protection classes. Classifications of protection classes always refer to the testing conditions of the standard, however, they do not provide any information about the application purpose.

    • Indoor / Outdoor use

    The standard IEC 60529 do not provide any information about the installation site, external influences or conditions. Additionally, further measures might be necessary for outdoor use (e.g.: corrosion protection, increased UV-resistance …) häwa enclosures are designed to IEC 62208.  Your häwa enclosure consultant will be glad to provide you with full details.

    • Protection classes provided by enclosures to IEC 60529

    “This standard provides a system for classification of the different protection classes through housings of electrical equipment.”*

    The code letters IP (International Protection) are followed by two digits. These digits indicate the protection degree of an enclosure with respect to contact of hazardous parts or ingress of foreign bodies (first digit) and ingress of humidity resp. water with harmful effects (second digit). If one digit does not need to be stated, it is replaced by the letter “X” (XX, if both digits are omitted)

    • Empty enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – General requirements IEC 62208

      “This standard applies to empty enclosures, supplied by the enclosure manufacturer without installed equipment.”**

    *Protection classes provided by enclosures (IP-code) IEC 60529: 1989 + A1:1999 + A2: 2013
    **Empty enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – General requirements IEC 62208:2011

    Further information on the IP protection classes can be found here

    A complex framework: häwa housing solutions in place

    häwa housings are suitable for installation in most different environments – for indoor as outdoor use, in quite harsh environments and in areas with high humidity, moisture or risk of explosion. We also supply the suitable housing for offshore-applications: Series compact 69, for example, has been approved for use on ships. How will you use your housing?

    Contact your personal häwa advisor today to discuss your specific requirements.


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