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    Robot cells from häwa - the solution for safe, automated working

    Robots are already an integral part of industrial production when it comes to automating work processes. The use of robots increases productivity and manufacturing flexibility. Yields also increase due to more efficient work on the part of the robot.

    To ensure safety when working with robotics, protective enclosures for robots are needed. The robot enclosure is designed to protect the skilled workers who work around or operate the robots. Because unlike cobots, robots are not designed to work with humans in a direct work environment. Usually robots take on heavier tasks and work at great speed, which is why the work has to take place in a protected area - a robot cell.

    Robot installations can be used for a wide variety of applications. With X-frame, häwa can meet the requirements.

    The structure of an X-frame can be individually manufactured from standardised constructions so that they can be used effectively in any area of a plant. This can significantly reduce weight and costs.

    By combining the X-frame machine frame and robot applications, robotics installations can be used in a variety of ways. häwa develops robot cells with protective enclosures that are individually adapted to your company's production requirements in combination with switching cabinet systems.

    How can X-frame machine frames and robotics be combined?

    With the X-frame machine frame, häwa has developed a solution that can be used for a wide variety of robot applications. There is the option of choosing between different X-frame struts, depending on the load. The horizontal and vertical struts are manufactured in various degrees of stability, which can be combined with each other without any problems thanks to the modular design. The cable routing runs in the struts themselves. Here, too, individual adjustments can be made to avoid overdimensioning.

    häwa offers the following X-frame struts:

    • X-frame Light struts
    • X-frame Standard struts 1.5 mm
    • X-frame Pro-X struts 3 mm
    • X-frame Robot struts 13 mm
    • X-frame welding frame

    What does the structure of the robot protective enclosures look like?

    The structure of the X-frame can be customised from standardised constructions. The three load stabilisers are compatible with each other, so that they can be used effectively in every area of a plant according to the requirements. Weight and costs are thus significantly reduced. If required, high-quality, stress-relieved welded frames machined in a portal milling machine can be integrated into the X-frame system. The panes of the robot cells are usually made of polycarbonate (Makrolon). An optional FEM calculation ensures in advance that the required stability of the machine frame can be implemented - because safety and pick accuracy are top priority.

    Solutions for different types of robot

    Different robots require different solutions. häwa develops robot cells for common robot types: Scara robots, Delta pickers, articulated arm robots and linear drives. The robots can be installed in a wide variety of ways, depending on the requirements, area of application and space. A base adaptation is possible, as well as the robots can be mounted sideways on a wall, hanging or horizontally on a worktop - the X-frame machine frame can be customised. Depending on the level of dynamic load, three different load stabilities are available for the X-frame frame.

    häwa supports you in finding the right solution for your company. The robot cells are built according to requirements. The X-frame modular system saves time and costs in installation and construction while giving you maximum flexibility.

    Application examples for robot cells

    Robot cells are used in a wide variety of industries. Every robot cell looks different depending on the industry and the requirements for the robot. Together with häwa, you can create unique solutions for your company.

    Application examples for robot cells:

    • Complex robot enclosures
    • Turning and sorting plants
    • Robot assembly cells
    • Robot cells in production lines

    Individual robot cells from häwa

    häwa is your robot cell manufacturer for customised solutions that meet your wishes and requirements! In this way, you benefit from the advantages of using robots and make your production even more efficient. The highly functional, safe and individual robot guards made from our patented X-frame machine frames enable you to implement automated processes exactly according to your company's requirements.  Would you like to receive advice and learn more about X-frame and our robot cells? Then find the right contact from your region via our contact page or fill out the contact form.

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