Dummy Title http://example.com en-gb TYPO3 News Thu, 30 May 2024 11:10:29 +0200 Thu, 30 May 2024 11:10:29 +0200 TYPO3 EXT:news news-723 Mon, 04 Mar 2024 08:45:00 +0100 Win-win situation in Wain: local heating for häwa GmbH and Holzwerk Baur /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/win-win-situation-in-wain-local-heating-for-haewa-gmbh-and-holzwerk-baur Wain, March 26, 2024. häwa GmbH has reached a milestone on the road to climate-neutral operations: after around one and a half years of brainstorming, planning, tendering and construction, the biomass-based local heating supply system has now gone into operation. This was an ecological win-win situation between häwa and the neighboring Holzwerk Baur GmbH. Since 2022, the timber plant, which is around 300 meters away from häwa as the crow flies, has been operating a modern heating plant with two hot water boilers, each with a nominal heat output of five megawatts, in which waste wood from its own production is burned. häwa, on the other hand, needs hot water for the heating network and process water for the powder coating plant at its production site in Wain. Until now, hot water generation and hot water supply for the heater and coating process was mainly gas-fired. This will now change at the end of March.

Closed circuit with flow and return

The local heating system functions as a closed circuit with flow and return. The incoming hot water with a temperature of around 90 degrees Celsius is pumped from the sawmill to häwa via an underground pipeline and fed into a heat exchange station. In this station, the hot water releases its heat energy and flows back to the sawmill's heating station as a return flow at around 60 degrees Celsius. The water heated on the secondary side in the heat exchanger is stored in a nine cubic meter buffer tank at häwa. From there, the hot water is distributed as required. Part of the hot water is fed into the heating and hot water network, while another part is used as process water for washing and pre-treatment in the powder coating process.

The heat consumption on the part of häwa amounts to around 1 million kWh per year. In conjunction with the new, energy-efficient powder coating plant currently under construction with new oven technology, modified process control and use of the radiant heat from the heated products, only around a third of the previous gas consumption will be required in future. In terms of the company's carbon footprint, this means an annual reduction of a good 450,000 kilograms of CO2 for the häwa site in Wain.

häwa responds to the need for an energy rethink

The impetus for this project came from the precarious energy price situation that arose in 2022 due to Russia's attack on Ukraine and the emergency gas plan that was finally declared by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection in June 2022. With the gas emergency plan, the risk of gas rationing, even a gas supply freeze, was within reach. In this situation, ideas for energy rethinking were needed.

For companies, the cost of providing heating energy is a significant factor, which is leading to increasing burdens in view of rising prices and CO2 levies for fossil fuels. On the other hand, the supply and provision of heat plays a key role in terms of sustainability and the future viability of the social economy. Managing Director Arno Müller emphasizes: "Using the regional potential of renewable energies to generate heat is not only a way out of the spiralling price spiral and a positive contribution to climate protection, but also an opportunity to strengthen regional economic cycles, resulting in higher regional added value.

news-715 Mon, 04 Dec 2023 11:26:35 +0100 SPS smart production solutions Nürnberg 2024 /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/sps-smart-production-solutions-nuernberg-2024 12.11. – 14.11.2024 Visit us at our stand at the SPS



news-289 Sun, 03 Dec 2023 10:42:00 +0100 Sindex in Bern /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/sindex-in-bern-3 02.09. - 04.09.2025 https://sindex.ch/de

news-712 Mon, 27 Nov 2023 09:00:00 +0100 Robust häwa technology is being used for unloading containers worldwide. /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/robust-haewa-technology-is-being-used-for-unloading-containers-worldwide Wain, 27th of November 2023. When container ships are loaded or unloaded in a harbour somewhere in the world, control cabinets from häwa are usually involved. They contain the entire electrotechnical equipment and electronics and form the technological backbone of the straddle carriers (German: Portalstapler or Portalhubwagen) from Konecranes, a global market leader in lifting businesses. Konecranes is a world leader in the lifting business sector, providing innovative lifting solutions to companies in the manufacturing and process industries, shipyards and ports. With around 400 employees, Konecranes Noell GmbH in Würzburg develops and produces the so-called straddle carriers. They are mainly used in container ports where they are deployed to transport and stack containers incoming and outgoing by ship, rail and lorry. The straddle carriers consist of a frame and a lifting device (spreader), which can be moved vertically by means of hoisting winches, suspended between the frames. The frame is equipped with a chassis with wheels. The operator's cabin is flange-mounted to the top of one end face of the frame. The straddle carrier moves over a container and then the spreader is locked with the four corner fittings of the container so that it can be lifted. Konecranes has been building these vehicles for more than 50 years and can look back on a total volume of more than 3,600 straddle carriers delivered worldwide.

Konecranes has worked with häwa since 2004

Over the years, the straddle carriers have undergone continuous further development, particularly in the field of electronics. As the enclosures are mounted on a vehicle they are subject to considerable loads which had to be taken into account in the design. The company was therefore looking for a manufacturer with the technical know-how that could offer a reliable solution so that the end product could be used reliably and long-lastingly, even under the toughest conditions. It was, and is, important to Konecranes to find a manufacturer that produces high-quality control cabinets. This is where häwa GmbH, with whom Konecranes has been working successfully since 2004, came into play.

13 to 15 häwa enclosures are installed per straddle carrier

Konecranes Noell straddle carriers perform tasks ranging from horizontal transport and stacking in container stacks to loading and unloading trains or lorries. Operating companies can choose between two heights (one-over-two or one-over-three high-cube containers) with load capacities of up to 60 tonnes. Straddle carriers are also suitable for transporting special goods. They are powered either by diesel-hydraulic, diesel-electric or a particularly efficient and environmentally friendly hybrid system.

The devices are equipped with the latest technology in order to cope with the various processes in everyday terminal operations. Consequently, 13 to 15 enclosures from häwa are installed per straddle carrier. These control cabinets contain the entire electrotechnical equipment and electronics. All cabinets are manufactured in stainless steel and are in part air-conditioned. As the enclosures are mounted on a vehicle and used in all weathers, the sturdy construction is particularly important. This particularly robust construction is achieved, among other things, by reinforcing the cabinets at the corners.

More on the Internet at: https://www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/straddle-carriers-from-konecranes



news-710 Mon, 20 Nov 2023 12:17:02 +0100 Leading SPS Trade Fair in Nuremberg: häwa GmbH reports an absolutely positive outcome after three days. /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/leading-sps-trade-fair-in-nuremberg-haewa-gmbh-reports-an-absolutely-positive-outcome-after-three-days Wain / Nürnberg, 17th of November 2023. The 32nd staging of the SPS, Smart Production Solutions, trade fair in Nuremberg made an impressive return in 16 exhibition halls with around 120,000 square metres of exhibition space and over 1,200 exhibitors from all over the world. Over the past three days, häwa GmbH also presented itself to the specialist public with an extensive range of products and numerous innovations. "After three intensive days at the trade fair, we can draw an absolutely positive conclusion," says Head of Marketing, Kathrin Lay. häwa GmbH, the leading supplier of high-quality electrical enclosures, control cabinets and sophisticated enclosure solutions for the installation of electrical components, drew the public to Hall 3C with an attractive stand and integrated show truck. Kathrin Lay: "Our advisors worked almost non-stop and the positive feedback from visitors, both in terms of our stand and our range of products and services, has fully endorsed us".

Automation in production was the focus of häwa's presentation. Cobot workstations, climate control solutions and special solutions for control cabinets and enclosures were presented. The Multi-Press 500, the Powerlec Vario Plus and the 2678 wiring duct cutter were on show as new products in the punching tool sector. The new Multi-Press 500 has numerous advantages. It is suitable for punching junction boxes, enclosures and cabinet doors. A quick tool change ensures optimised work. The punch can also be used anywhere as it is mobile on castors.

Another special highlight was the presentation of the SOL 704 sensor-operated LED luminaire. The luminaire is suitable for the perfect illumination of control cabinets and fits häwa free standing cabinets and third-party products with a 25 millimetre grid perforation from a width of 600 millimetres. The pre-set proximity sensor is ready for operation immediately after the luminaire has been fitted and switches it immediately when the door is opened and closed, switching it off after a delay of five seconds. By means of the potential-free contact of the opener and closer, it is possible to connect further devices or components such as cooling units, filter fans and signal columns to the sensor-operated LED luminaire. This makes setting up the control cabinet noticeably easier. The on / off function is controlled via the sensor of the luminaire. As soon as it has been connected it also switches the applications on and off when the door is opened or closed. Up to ten luminaires can be cascaded in series. This makes the product particularly user-friendly as large production areas are illuminated homogeneously and uniformly.

More on the Internet: http://www.haewa.com/


news-706 Tue, 17 Oct 2023 08:32:34 +0200 häwa sets its course for growth: Stefan Kaufer heads new project planning department /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-sets-its-course-for-growth-stefan-kaufer-heads-new-project-planning-department Wain, 16 October 2023. Häwa GmbH sets its further course for future growth and restructures sales. Since the beginning of October, Stefan Kaufer has been in charge of the new project planning department. With the establishment of the new project planning department, the leading manufacturer of control cabinets and sophisticated enclosure solutions for the installation of electrical components aims to expand its technical consulting expertise. The new department is intended to help streamline processes and is primarily responsible for the technical clarification and feasibility of projects. In particular, häwa has its sights set on shorter distances – both externally to customers and suppliers as well as internally.

Additionally, consulting expertise, including faster processes, is to be bolstered. In the course of the extensive investments in the new building and the new painting plant at the headquarters in Wain, häwa is focusing on growth and the restructuring will now strengthen the sales department. häwa was able to recruit Stefan Kaufer (53/picture), who was previously the company’s deputy sales manager for the southern region, as the new department head.

You can find out more at: www.haewa.com


news-699 Mon, 25 Sep 2023 11:41:39 +0200 Sensor-operated LED luminaire provides optimum illumination in the control cabinet /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/sensor-operated-led-luminaire-provides-optimum-illumination-in-the-control-cabinet Wain, 25th of September 2023. Optimum illumination is important for the creation of a suitable working environment at the control cabinet. Lighting must function reliably, especially in the event of malfunctions or failures of a system, the technician on site is dependent on it. With the brand-new SOL 704 sensor-operated LED luminaire, häwa now offers the optimum solution. The SOL 704 sensor-operated LED luminaire is suitable for the perfect illumination of control cabinets and fits häwa standard cabinets and third-party products with a 25-millimetre grid perforation from a width of 600 millimetres. The preset proximity sensor is ready for operation immediately after the luminaire is mounted and switches it on immediately when the door is opened and switches it off with a delay of five seconds on closing. By means of the potential-free contact of the opener and closer, it is possible to connect further devices or components such as cooling units, filter fans and signal columns to the sensor-operated LED luminaire. This makes setting up the control cabinet noticeably easier. The on / off function is controlled via the sensor of the luminaire. As soon as it is connected, it also switches on the applications when the door is opened and closed.

Up to ten luminaires can be cascaded in series. This makes the product particularly user-friendly as large production areas are illuminated homogeneously and uniformly. Especially with modular cabinets, use is made much easier. The luminaire with IP 20 protection is available in two voltages with 24 V DC or 120 V - 230 V AC, the AC versions are optionally equipped with a power socket. The power consumption is between 12 and 16 watts. Thanks to the use of LED technology, the luminaires have a very long service life. The enclosures can be mounted using screws or magnets. Models with magnetic fastening are suitable for häwa wall-mounted Series 33 enclosures.

More on the Internet: https://www.haewa.com/sensor-operated-led-lamp-sol-704

news-694 Tue, 18 Jul 2023 10:08:00 +0200 Multi-Press 500: häwa presents the all-rounder among the punching tools /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/multi-press-500-haewa-presents-the-all-rounder-among-the-punching-tools Wain, 18th of July 2023. To ensure smooth workflows, tools for processing control cabinets and enclosures must function faultlessly and reliably. With the brand new Multi-Press 500, häwa GmbH is now complementing its range of punching tools and at the same time presenting an all-rounder among punching tools. Punching a hole in sheet metal - the principle does not sound complicated at first. However, punching holes in sheet metal can result in sharp edges. Also, when positioning the punch, it is important to make sure that the hole is punched in the right place. That is why you need tools for control cabinet construction that are precisely tailored to this application. This optimises workflows in control cabinet construction and makes them as effective as possible. The Multi-Press 500 now complements the häwa range of punching tools. Like the existing products, the brand-new punching tool ensures accurate punching of metal.

Many new advantages with the Multi-Press 500

Compared to the Maxi-Press 500 and the Quick-Press 300, which are already established on the market, the new Multi-Press 500 offers numerous advantages. It is suitable for punching junction boxes, enclosures and cabinet doors. A quick tool change ensures optimised working. The punch can also be used regardless of location as it is mobile on castors. And: Follow-on punching with slitting tools makes cut-outs for filter fans and panels possible. The punching of cut-outs is possible in steel, stainless steel and polyester. The punch can be used for round, square and rectangular punches respectively up to 92 millimetres in diameter. At a machining depth of 500 millimetres, the maximum operating pressure is 96 bar. The weight of the new Multi-Press 500 is 270 kilograms. The scope of supply includes a punching bracket with a hydraulic unit and movable stand, length and depth stops with dimension scales as well as swivelling door overlays on castors. A built-in laser punch centre display, protection against accidental contact and a collection container for punching waste are further highlights of the Multi-Press 500.

More on the Internet at: www.haewa.com/multi-press-500


news-682 Thu, 04 May 2023 09:23:33 +0200 New at häwa: The perfect solution for the customized cobot workstation /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/new-at-haewa-the-perfect-solution-for-the-customized-cobot-workstation Wain, 2nd of May 2023. Cobots (collaborative robots) are increasingly being used in industry and production to automate processes. Due to their low weight, cobots are also known as lightweight robots. They are flexible and easy to transport. häwa GmbH has recognized the trend and offers its customers perfect solutions for customized cobot workstations. Unlike robots, cobots are designed to work together with humans. They are used in the immediate vicinity of employees and do not require a protective enclosure. Special sensors ensure that the work of the cobots stops immediately if a human reaches into their working area. This opens up new avenues in industrial production. Cobots can support skilled workers by taking over simple, repetitive tasks.

Perfect coordination for cooperation between humans and cobots

In order to ensure a smooth workflow, the working conditions and the working environment must be geared towards the cooperation of human and cobot. The special cobot workstations required benefit from häwa's decades of experience in the field of machine enclosure, control cabinet and housing construction. Because every manufacturing and production process is structured differently and cobots take over different activities. That is why häwa offers individual, functional and innovative cobot workstations that can be customized and adapted to the specific requirements of a company. This includes both stationary and mobile robot bases.

The häwa experts have identified three different types of cobot frames and offer these variants that cover almost all conceivable requirements. This is, as the simplest variant, a cobot underframe and a modular cobot underframe: sturdy control cabinets that can be extended as required. As a second variant, robot benches for cobots from the successful X-frame modular system. And finally, as a third option, cobot workstations which are made completely to individual specifications. The patented X-frame machine frame is used and installed in the robot benches for cobots and the individual cobot workstations. The cobot subframes and the modular cobot subframes are sturdy and certified control cabinets with the desired IP requirement and can also be expanded modularly if required.

häwa GmbH offers the right frame for every requirement

The cobot base frame made of a sturdy control cabinet from häwa is particularly impressive due to its simple design and low costs. It is designed in protection standard IP 55, has doors on the front and rear and is equipped with filter, fan and mounting plate. The interior space is separated from front to rear due to the IP 55 requirements. The body is reinforced at all corners and edges. With freely selectable dimensions, the frame is available with locking castors or parking feet and, on request, with handles. The worktop can be ordered in aluminium, aluminium groove profile, wood or another type of construction material. The modular Cobot underframe can be extended by a base, a transport segment for a lift truck or an operating segment underneath the worktop. Additional functional levels can be designed according to customer requirements.

The häwa robot bench for cobots is a workstation from the X-frame modular system. The construction is in accordance with the components from the current X-frame system, the dimensions result from the standard dimensions of the horizontal and vertical struts. These housings also have a mounting plate, fan and filter and are manufactured to protection standard IP 55. Various door systems, plug-in doors, panels and Makrolon panes are in the range. Full struts and compact struts ensure easy side assembly. The dimensions and the material of the worktops are also freely selectable for these models, as is the design with either locking castors or adjustable feet. The third solution, an individual cobot workstation, also comes from häwa. In addition to standard solutions, häwa also offers completely customisable solutions that are planned according to the customer's requirements. With this individual offer, machine enclosures can be completely customised, as with X-frame.

More on the Internet: www.haewa.com/solutions-products/x-frame-machine-housing/cobot-workstations

news-685 Wed, 19 Apr 2023 11:25:00 +0200 Groundbreaking ceremony for new 15-million building: häwa GmbH is investing heavily in the future /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/groundbreaking-ceremony-for-new-15-million-building-haewa-gmbh-is-investing-heavily-in-the-future Wain, 19 April 2023. For häwa GmbH, the future starts now with a classic groundbreaking ceremony: Over the next two years, new headquarters will be built at the company's head office in Wain at a cost of 15 million euros. With the start of digging work, and with it construction, häwa is taking an important step into the future. Managing Director Arno Müller: “We are investing around 15 million euros in a new administration building including a canteen, a new final assembly line and a brand-new paint shop. In doing so, we are outfitting our company for the challenges of the coming years and making a clear commitment to the site."

Together with Mayor Stephan Mantz, architect Dirk Hübner and Karl and Georg Schließer from the construction company Gebrüder Schließer GmbH und Co. KG, Arno Müller got to work and broke ground on the major project that will accompany the leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosure solutions into a new era. Thus, the new coating system focuses, in particular, on energy efficiency and speed. Arno Müller: “Especially with the massive rise in energy prices, this is of great importance – not to mention the major issue of climate protection. A value that we absolutely live up to. A photovoltaic system, charging stations for electromobility, as well as efficient building management play an essential role in this.” A significantly larger administration building will provide future capacity for further growth and more space for employees. The construction will be completed in various phases so that there will be no interruptions in either administration or production. Mayor Stephan Mantz and häwa Managing Director Arno Müller are particularly pleased about the company's commitment to its headquarters in Wain (district of Biberach), which goes hand in hand with the new building.

news-637 Fri, 31 Mar 2023 10:41:57 +0200 From Bad Wörishofen out into the world: häwa GmbH's 2023 roadshow kicks off /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/from-bad-woerishofen-out-into-the-world-haewa-gmbhs-2023-roadshow-kicks-off Wain/Bad Wörishofen, 31 March, 2023. From Bad Wörishofen out into the world: häwa GmbH's big 2023 roadshow kicked off with a press conference in häwa’s Bavarian factory; over the coming weeks, the show will take the control cabinet specialists all over Germany, as well as to numerous other European countries. The theme of this year's roadshow is “Automation in manufacturing” and häwa will be presenting the latest solutions for cobot applications. Häwa also outlined the goals of the new roadshow at the press conference. Following on from its outstanding success in previous years, häwa's international roadshow will be held once again in 2023. The truck will again be rolling through Central Europe from Monday and until mid-November, bringing the latest innovations from the leading control cabinet specialists directly to customers and interested companies. This year's roadshow is entirely dedicated to the theme of “Automation in manufacturing” and will be presenting the successful X-frame model and cobot workstations in the truck. Häwa supports its customers with automation and develops individual solutions for cobot and robot workstations according to their needs. Häwa will be presenting various versions of the cobot racks as a new, stand-alone product. In addition, the truck will feature the latest housing exhibits, such as an air-to-air heat exchanger, stainless-steel housing for the food sector, and the KF 400 control cabinet cooling unit.

Häwa's head of sales Joachim Pfeiffer, head of marketing Kathrin Lay, and construction and project planning specialist Tobias Hölderle told audiences about the content and goals of the roadshow, both in the truck and at a presentation in the factory. The häwa truck will be heading off on a big tour through Europe on Monday. Häwa has now been driving directly to customers and presenting itself on site for four years running, with great success. In addition to stops throughout Germany, the itinerary also includes Denmark, Sweden, Finland, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria. In addition, the truck will also be visiting important trade fairs, such as the Sindex in Bern at the beginning of September and at the SPS in Nuremberg in mid-November. Interested companies can arrange an individual visit to get an exclusive experience of the häwa truck. The truck is completely self-sufficient, it doesn't need either electricity or other connections, and it offers an exhibition area of around 30 square meters. For appointment enquiries and all information about the 2023 roadshow, simply visit our website at: www.haewa.com/roadshow


news-634 Mon, 06 Feb 2023 09:17:00 +0100 häwa GmbH fills management positions /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-gmbh-fills-management-positions Wain, 6 February 2023. As of 1 February, häwa GmbH has filled two new management positions internally, thus setting the course for a successful future in terms of personnel. Joachim Pfeiffer, previously head of the Maintal branch, took over the position of sales manager across all sales territories on 1 February. Managing Director Arno Müller: "Due to growing sales and our current customer structure, we have appointed a sales manager to achieve better networking in sales and thus make the best use of synergies and increase customer satisfaction. We are pleased to have found Joachim Pfeiffer, a long-time 'Häwaian', for this challenging task."

Simultaneously on 1 February, Andreas Maier took over management of the Maintal branch. Until now, 51-year-old Andreas Maier worked as a field sales representative in Maintal at häwa GmbH.

news-1 Thu, 19 Jan 2023 08:02:00 +0100 About REACH /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/about-reach Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern With regular update ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) publishes a candidate list of substances of very high concern. We are currently in contact with all our suppliers to check to what extend our products contain substances from the candidate list.
According to our obligation within the supply chain according to REACH article 33 regarding consumer information we aim to provide our customers with up-to-date information on our website within 45 days of receiving the request.
We appreciate your understanding that häwa responds this way to customer requests.
Link to the current candidate list: https://echa.europa.eu/candidate-list-table


REACH Customer information
Self-declaration of conformity REACH

news-625 Mon, 16 Jan 2023 10:56:00 +0100 Full order books, huge investments, but also concerns about the global situation /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/full-order-books-huge-investments-but-also-concerns-about-the-global-situation Wain, 16 January 2023. Häwa GmbH is in a brilliant position at the beginning of 2023. Full order books, upcoming investments in the millions, such as a new building at the headquarters in Wain, and a further increase in personnel in the planning all mean the company can look to the future with confidence. However, the leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosure solutions is concerned about global developments, which have led to significantly increased costs, including in the areas of procurement and energy supply. We spoke to Managing Director Arno Müller about the outlook for the 2023 financial year. Question: Mr Müller, the German economy is currently caught between hope and fear. Worldwide crises, rising energy prices and supply problems are on everyone's lips. What is the situation at häwa?

Arno Müller: First of all, we are very satisfied with the 2022 financial year that has just ended. Our forward-looking approach, which focuses on solid long-term growth rather than short-term effects, has paid off. We will continue this philosophy in the new year. We have full order books and will continue to increase our workforce in 2023. So far, cost increases have only been passed on in part, and our approach to this is transparent and fair to all customers and suppliers. I continue to assume that inflation will be (too) high. Sheet metal prices, for example, were already affected by massive cost increases in 2022, and other suppliers will also massively increase costs in 2023. This must be clearly stated. I would also like to take this opportunity to expressly thank all our employees and customers. Our employees are our greatest asset and we are grateful to our customers for their loyalty despite what was sometimes a difficult delivery situation. In 2023, we will continue to rely on trusting partnerships.

Question: Will häwa GmbH have any special highlights in 2023?

Arno Müller: Oh yes. First and foremost, there is the new building at our headquarters in Wain. We are investing around 15 million euros in a new administration building including a canteen, a new final assembly line and a brand-new paint shop. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for the end of March – undoubtedly a real highlight for häwa and Wain.

Question: Nowadays, a new building does not have to be just "beautiful" or functional, but must also meet clear requirements. For example, in terms of energy efficiency. What is the planning like at häwa?

Arno Müller: That's right. Especially with the current massive rise in energy prices, this is of great importance – not to mention the major issue of climate protection. A value that we absolutely live up to. A photovoltaic system, charging stations for electromobility, as well as efficient building management play an essential role in this. Likewise, the new paint shop will be significantly more energy efficient than its predecessor. All this is not just a nice effect but is now a significant cost item for companies to keep track of. We have good reason to pay close attention to this, for example through an annual energy efficiency report comprising around 60 pages. This shows us exactly where we still have room to improve.

Question: Up and down the country, there are complaints about a lack of (specialist) personnel. How does häwa meet this challenge?

Arno Müller: First of all: We have increased our headcount by around five percent in 2022. Further hires are also planned for the new year. häwa is an attractive employer in this respect. Following wage increases in 2022, we will also implement the collective wage agreements agreed with IG Metall in 2023. We paid a premium to compensate for inflation, and employees also receive subsidies for lunch at a local provider here in Wain, for example. And we will have a great canteen of our own in the future.

Question: And what about the topics of young talent and recruiting? What is häwa doing in these areas?

Arno Müller: In 2022, we further upgraded training for construction mechanics, brought a new training manager on board and purchased a new machine for the trainee workshop. We increased trainee compensation on 1 September. And: If they have a good report card with a grade of 2.0 or better in their school year-end report card, we pay our junior staff a bonus. But of course, we also focus on further training among our core workforce. We support our employees and invest generously in training every year. There are some employees who, after completing their training with us, go on to become technicians or continue their commercial training. There is a great need to acquire knowledge to stay on top of things. We invest a lot of money in training every year. That is why we have invested, among other things, in a training platform that we will adapt to our needs and that our employees can use.

Question: What is the situation like on the product side at häwa? Is there anything new in this area?

Arno Müller: We have had X-frame in our portfolio for more than ten years. Oriented to the needs of the market, the X-frame is constantly being further developed. Thus, the functional frame now also has UL approval. Customers appreciate the functionality and design of X-frame solutions as part of their process optimization. The X-frame solution has a special stability that clearly distinguishes it from products of all other manufacturers. On the one hand, the fact that competitors are copying X-frame is a tribute to our development work. On the other hand, it is of course annoying when others simply copy our successful model. But believe me: Nothing is as good as the original! And the original is X-frame by häwa.

Question: What else can be expected from häwa in 2023?

Arno Müller: We will continue to increase our efficiency in the new year. Ongoing modernizations are planned, as are further developments of our machine fleet. For example, a fully automated punching machine is being purchased, as are two new bending machines for production in Wain. And our customers – existing customers and new prospects alike – can also look forward to many a highlight in 2023. We will be presenting our roadshow, which has been highly successful across Europe in recent years, in a new guise. I'll only reveal this much: This is something customers can already look forward to.

news-621 Mon, 09 Jan 2023 10:23:00 +0100 Perfect finishing of fine pastry products thanks to the Combino conveyor belt system from häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/perfect-finishing-of-fine-pastry-products-thanks-to-the-combino-conveyor-belt-system-from-haewa Wain, 09. January 2023. High-quality components as well as entire systems from häwa GmbH can be found around the globe wherever top-level industrial production takes place. A particularly "delicious" variant from häwa is the Combino conveyor belt system from Frisch Spritzmatic GmbH: It ensures the perfect finishing of fine pastry products and performs its duties reliably in many leading bakeries throughout Germany. Frisch Spritzmatic GmbH based in Öllingen, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for the refinement of fine pastries. Thanks to its own roots in the bakery trade, the medium-sized company supplies innovative and high-quality equipment for mechanical production in the premium quality sector. Frisch continuous conveyor belt systems are in the premier class in professional finishing technology. The craftsman's steps of apricotizing and glazing are perfectly reproduced. A heating tunnel enables the refinement of fine pastries in just one operation. In order to be able to manufacture its equipment in the best possible quality, the company sought a supplier that would be able to produce the individual and customized systems.

Combino Conveyor Belt System made by häwa GmbH

A central commitment of Frisch Spritzmatic is consistent quality in the premium range at all times. The top model, the Combino conveyor belt system, ensures the best results through the perfect finishing of fine pastry products. Even ambitious challenges such as the coating of "Danish pastries" or "doughnuts" are easily mastered by the Combino. The modular design of the Combino conveyor belt system is particularly important for bakeries.

And this is precisely where one of häwa GmbH's core competencies lies. After initially exclusively delivering the enclosures required for the systems, the cooperation has intensified over the years. Today, häwa supplies complete frames and thus all components made of stainless steel. The decisive factor for Frisch was not only the excellent advice provided by häwa's field service but also, among other things, the geographical proximity to the supplier as well as the ability to meet every customer requirement with the shortest response times.

Typical häwa: Modular Systems of the Highest Standard

The Combino conveyor belt system 2100, "made by häwa", provides not only a modular,

investment-friendly design but also the possibility of simple, fast product changeover. It offers interchangeable spray / coating stations as well as heating tunnels for best results. The product has IP65 protection and has, therefore, full protection against accidental electrical contact. Dust cannot penetrate and it is protected against water spray from all directions. The units have been designed in accordance with the principle of hygienic design. Food safety is thus guaranteed, the highest hygiene standards are met. At the same time, energy efficiency is increased and cleaning processes are simplified. In addition, downtimes are reduced. Particularly practical for Frisch Spritzmatic: Enclosure dimensions are adapted to customer requirements, drilled holes and cut-outs for displays and switches are already integrated. Thus, häwa supplies customised systems in consistently high quality.

More on the Internet at www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/refinement-of-fine-pastries


news-615 Tue, 04 Oct 2022 10:18:00 +0200 CoasterKart running in amusement park rides thanks to a robust electronics housing from häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/coasterkart-running-in-amusement-park-rides-thanks-to-a-robust-electronics-housing-from-haewa Wain, 05. October 2022. High-quality control cabinets and housing solutions from häwa for the installation of electrical components can be found in demanding products around the globe. This mostly involves professional technical solutions, for example, in industry. However, few people know that häwa also enables fun for young and old in amusement parks. For it is an electronics housing from Wain in Swabia that enables rides in the CoasterKart from the internationally successful WIEGAND company. JOSEF WIEGAND GMBH & CO. KG, based in Rasdorf, Hesse, is known worldwide as an established manufacturer of toboggan runs and suspended rides as well as children's slides, event slides and water slides. The innovative products are found in Chinese mountains, European amusement parks, American ski resorts, shopping malls, numerous playgrounds and even on cruise ships. For its latest product, the electrically operated CoasterKart, a housing for the electronics was needed that is suitable for permanent outdoor use as well as for the very different requirements on different continents. The CoasterKart is a combination of roller coaster and toboggan run.

Customised solution from häwa enables driving pleasure

After the WIEGAND company had initially experimented with conventional "off-the-shelf" housings, it quickly became clear that what they provided was in no way sufficient for the CoasterKart. And so the specialists from häwa GmbH came into play. In the CoasterKarts, with space for two people, passengers race along a track with curves, roundabouts, jumps and waves and can actively control the speed of the vehicle themselves using the accelerator pedal. This requires sophisticated electronics - and it is precisely for this reason that Wiegand needs customized housing solutions from häwa that can cope with the demands of continuous operation, even in wind and weather.

The use of aluminium significantly reduces weight

This presented even the design engineers at häwa with very different challenges. For example, UL approval had to be secured for the first joint project for delivery to the USA. For this reason, the housing for a park in Pigeon Forge/Tennessee was made of stainless steel and delivered in accordance with American safety regulations. Then, by using aluminium in the subsequent projects, the total weight of the CoasterKart was reduced by around 15 kilograms. The housings are completely prefabricated by häwa with cable holes, air inlets and all relevant features so that they can be installed directly in the vehicles at Wiegand. These are impressive with integrated distance control, front and rear lights, a contactless LIM (linear induction motor) drive, TÜV approval and DIN certification.

ln the meantime, WlEGAND and häwa have already jointly developed several other projects. In addition to the first project in the USA, the CoasterKarts are already in operation in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, in Wales and in the 17-hectare Thüle amusement park near Oldenburg. The ride in Thüle is 550 metres long and has four tunnels. It travels past dinosaurs, the theme of the park's spectacular ride being "Lost World". For this reason, the vehicles as well as the installed electric housings have a sophisticated special paint finish. This is the first, and so far only, CoasterKart installation in Germany. Further projects of this kind are already being planned at Wiegand and häwa.

More on the Internet at: www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/coasterkart

news-609 Tue, 16 Aug 2022 09:22:00 +0200 Vocational training at häwa: Always the right start to your own career /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/vocational-training-at-haewa-always-the-right-start-to-your-own-career Wain, 16th of August 2022. häwa GmbH is not only a leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosures, but also offers attractive and future-proof apprenticeship / training and employment positions. A start as an apprentice / trainee in the industrial sector is always the right way for young people to begin their own careers. If you do not just want to pile on the theory, but also want to get to grips with it and hold the results in your hands, then an apprenticeship as a construction mechanic offers the best possible opportunities. If you like to tinker, design and build and are interested in machines and sheet metal working, this is the right apprenticeship for you. Craftsmanship, an interest in innovation and the fun of working together with colleagues are the most important prerequisites for applying for an apprenticeship in this field.

In May 2022, Manuel Weiß took over the management of industrial training. Manuel Weiß is himself an excellent example of a career at häwa GmbH. He completed his training as a construction mechanic in the company in 2013 and now passes on all his know-how to the new trainees. His impressive CV shows that the qualification of trainees is particularly close to his heart. In addition to various additional qualifications, the 29-year-old was awarded his master's degree as early as 2018. Under his guidance, the current apprentices learn manufacturing processes such as stamping, pressing and milling as well as repair and packaging work. In order to further increase the quality of the training, a new, modern milling machine has recently been purchased.

At the Bad Worishofen site, too, häwa supports its future employees in the best possible way with training and further education. Niklas Eisenman is an excellent example of a successful start to a career at häwa. His training as a construction mechanic was shortened from three and a half to three years. He graduated with a grade of 2.1 and was pleased to receive a vocational school leaving certificate with an overall grade of 1.1. He was also taken on permanently after his apprenticeship and has been working in the welding department ever since. With the start of his part-time training as a mechanical engineering technician, he will be taking the next step in his professional career at häwa GmbH from the 12th of September.

After a long absence from the trade fairs due to Corona, häwa was recently able to talk to young people again at the Future4you training fair in Biberach. This was a complete success for häwa. The new training manager for the industrial sector was there in person and was able to answer specific questions about training as a construction mechanic. häwa GmbH also provides training in the commercial and IT sectors - the interest shown by school leavers in these areas was also high.

news-604 Mon, 11 Jul 2022 09:01:00 +0200 In Memory of Kristin Heinrici /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/in-memory-of-kristin-heinrici There are people you miss after just one day. Because you miss their kindness, their subtle humor, their passion for inspiring others. Kristin Heinrici was one of those people. She died last Wednesday - and what was the relief from a serious illness for our colleague is the beginning of a great emptiness for us. It is the beginning of the unimaginable: No longer hearing her voice on the phone, no longer listening at our management meetings when she pointed out exactly what was important to häwa, no longer being inspired by her commitment, her confidence, her visions.

Kristin Heinrici joined our company in 2014 and already in 2015, she became the managing director of häwa Corporation in the USA. She traveled across the continent to visit customers, organized deliveries from Germany to overseas with a team of eleven staff members and, thanks to her charm, she even convinced such a native American company as Coca-Cola to buy control cabinets from Wain.

On weekends, Kris loved to go to the beach with her husband Clemens, her children Lina and Finja, and their two dogs, where she could clear her head by water skiing. Kristin Heinrici could read the sea, let herself be carried by the waves, enjoy every single drop on her skin. Or in the silence of the desert, she could think about new projects, the joy of life and happiness.

Now our thoughts are with her and her family - and they will always remain with them. We have lost a colleague and friend we will never forget. People of the heart remain forever, even if you can't hold them in your arms right now. Anyone who knew Kristin Heinrici knows that she never did things by halves. Giving up before reaching the goal? Unimaginable. It seems all the more unfair that she had to resign herself to fate in the first half of her life.
The things that comfort us now are the many memories she left behind. Memories so inspiring and loving that they will last a lifetime and more. This is exactly what Kris wanted. Never do things by halves. Thank you, Kris!


news-597 Mon, 04 Jul 2022 09:01:00 +0200 UL Approval: häwa responds to the requirements of the international markets /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/ul-approval-haewa-responds-to-the-requirements-of-the-international-markets Wain, 4th of July 2022. The international market has always been of great importance to häwa GmbH, the leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosures. häwa products can be found all over the world - with the USA, where the company has its own representation, representing an important mainstay. UL approval of devices and components is of fundamental importance for the North American market. Reason enough for häwa to continuously develop its control cabinets and enclosures to meet this requirement. The Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® (UL) works with other organizations to harmonize international safety standards and also writes its own product safety standards. Unlike IEC standards, for example, which only define a minimum safety standard for a device, UL certification is a genuine quality mark. UL inspects the product and any components in detail and also gets a picture of the production process. In this way, they also, and above all, meet the strict guidelines of the American market. Today, UL is one of the world's most important independent institutions for the testing and certification of materials, components and end products in the area of product safety. In keeping with its founding history, the focus is still on the potential for the occurrence of fires and personal injury. UL is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, USA, with offices in many countries around the world.

As a manufacturer, but also as a supplier of control cabinets and enclosures for its customers, häwa GmbH is active worldwide. The company has recently extended its UL approval. Control cabinets are upgraded to the additional Type 3R for outdoor use. This can be done either by converting stock variants or directly in the customised production of cabinets and enclosures. Further type ratings of the cabinets are Type 1 and Type 12, for enclosures Type 1, Type 12 and Type 4/4X

The RainKit conversion kit for the cabinet product category includes a rain rail. Ultimately, however, the complete cabinet is converted to optimise the corrosion resistance for the outdoor area. häwa offers ready-built cabinets ex works for this purpose. The supplementary accessories UL Type 3R, 12 consist of filter hoods, a rain cover and a rain rail for the cabinet.

In the case of an enclosure, on the other hand, the conversion kit is not required as the enclosures are already approved for outdoor use. All external fittings and fastening parts, therefore, comply with the increased corrosion protection requirements for outdoor use.

Visible features are the 3R top panel or the 3R rain rail additionally mounted on the standard top panel. These models can be powder coated in RAL 7035 or RAL 9010.

news-601 Fri, 24 Jun 2022 08:17:04 +0200 häwa invests close to 15 million euros in a brand new headquarters in Wain /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-invests-close-to-15-million-euros-in-a-brand-new-headquarters-in-wain Wain, 24th June 2022. häwa GmbH, a leading manufacturer of control cabinets and housings, has big plans with its eye on the future. This company from the region of Upper Swabia is investing close to 15 million euros in a spacious new building at its headquarters in Wain. The official ground-breaking ceremony for the new headquarters, two production halls, and a final assembly area is already planned for the end of 2022. “Our long-term strategy is paying off, especially in times of crisis. We don't make decisions ‘overnight’, but plan our investments for the long term,” says Managing Director Arno Müller. The new building is an important milestone in the history of häwa. A new, highly efficient and resource-saving paint shop and a modern administrative building are planned. Significant measures will be undertaken to increase efficiency and customer friendliness with modern production, spacious offices, and meeting rooms.

The figures alone are impressive. häwa GmbH will invest around 15 million euros over the next two years in its new company building at its headquarters in Wain (Biberach district). The floor area of the new building is around 15,000 square meters - a good 50 percent more than before. In addition to a generous 2500 meters of office space, a completely new, ultra-modern paint shop will also be built.

Environmental aspects also play a major role at häwa. The new building will be built according to the energy standard EN40. The entire roof is planned as a solar area. As part of this measure, ten charging stations will also be built for electric vehicles. The new building will also feature a new facility for company employees: an in-house canteen. Arno Müller: "The ground-breaking ceremony for this major project is planned for November or December of this year, and we want to start using our remarkable new premises in the autumn of 2024."

news-593 Wed, 11 May 2022 16:58:39 +0200 Roadshow in demand in Switzerland: There are dates still available in October. /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/roadshow-in-demand-in-switzerland-there-are-dates-still-available-in-october Wain/Widen, 11th of May 2022. Following the launch of the 2022 Roadshow at its headquarters in Germany at the end of March, the control cabinet specialist häwa is now coming to Switzerland. In mid-June and mid-October, the brand new show truck will be touring through the cantons, bringing everything worth knowing about the patented X-frame machine frame to customers and interested companies. Following the positive response in previous years, with many dates in several European countries and the success of being one of the finalists for a marketing award with the roadshow "häwa on Tour", the häwa tour is continuing in 2022.  Since the end of March, the truck has been rolling through Central Europe again, bringing the latest innovations of the leading control cabinet specialist directly to customers and interested companies. The focus is once again on the successful X-frame model.

The show truck will be in Switzerland in calendar weeks 25 and 42. The period from the 20th to the 26th of June is already fully booked, with dates in the regions of Solothurn, Zurich and Thurgau, among others. For those who have made up their minds at short notice, there is still a chance to book the truck for an individual visit: on Thursday morning, the 23rd of June. For the period from the 17th to the 23rd of October, dates can already be booked throughout Switzerland, and those interested still have the opportunity to choose from various available dates.

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news-588 Tue, 03 May 2022 11:30:00 +0200 häwa Perfects Bread Slicing with a Specially Modified Cooling Unit /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-perfects-bread-slicing-with-a-specially-modified-cooling-unit Wain, 3th of May 2022. Baking bread is undoubtedly not part of the core competence of a leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosure systems. However, häwa GmbH always comes into play when technologically sophisticated solutions are being sought by a wide range of industries. And thanks to a modified cooling unit, the specialists from Wain have now even perfected bread cutting. A leading manufacturer in the food industry was faced with a complex problem. The company cuts large quantities of bread using bread slicers. The bread particles produced during the cutting process regularly led to contamination of the cooling circuit of the cooling unit used. The challenge for häwa was to find a cost-effective solution that would prevent contamination of the integrated cooling unit and enable the customer to have a continuous and problem-free cutting process.

A Special Additional Filter Prevents Contamination

The specialists at häwa accepted the challenge and developed an optimal technical solution for the customer. For this purpose, an additional filter was developed to prevent contamination of the cooling unit. The easily removable additional filter made of stainless steel is easy for the customer to clean and reassemble. This involves a stainless steel fleece installed in front of the cooling circuit. To achieve the desired solution, the tried-and-tested häwa KF 400 V2A standard unit was modified. The control cabinet cooling unit can be used as a stand-alone unit up to an ambient temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. It has two separate IP 54 sealed air circuits, each with a fan. Cooling or heat transfer from the inside of the cabinet to the outside is by means of active cooling (compressor). This means that the control cabinet can also be cooled below ambient temperature. The refrigerant used is the ozone-friendly, CFC-free refrigerant R134a. In the modified model, the filter cassette is now installed via a cut-out in the lid.

Result: The customer can use the bread slicer continuously on an industrial scale without the integrated cooling unit being polluted again and again by contaminated air. Production is thus considerably simplified - and costs are saved. Once again, with a technical specification, häwa has modified a standard device in such a way that it represents the optimal solution for a very specific application at the customer's site.

More on the Internet at: www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/cooling-unit-modified-for-applications-with-polluted-ambient-air


news-582 Fri, 01 Apr 2022 08:33:55 +0200 Launch of the 2022 Roadshow: In Bad Wörishofen, everything revolved around X-frame. /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/launch-of-the-2022-roadshow-in-bad-woerishofen-everything-revolved-around-x-frame Wain/Bad Wörishofen, 31st of March 2022. "Full house" at the häwa plant in Bad Wörishofen: To launch the 2022 Roadshow, the control cabinet specialist invited not only a customer delegation from GROB-WERKE but also the press. In the brand-new show truck and in the factory halls, the guests learned everything about the best-selling X-frame and the forthcoming roadshow across Europe. After the outstanding success in previous years, with many dates in several European countries and winning a marketing award, the häwa roadshow will be continuing in 2022. Starting on Monday, the truck will once again be rolling through Central Europe, bringing the latest innovations from the leading control cabinet specialist directly to customers and interested companies. The focus will once again be on the successful X-frame model. Even before the actual start of the roadshow, the new truck passed its baptism of fire: A delegation from GROB-WERKE visited the häwa plant in Bad Wörishofen and was the first group to experience the brand-new show truck. With around 7,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than one billion Euros, GROB-WERKE, with its headquarters in Mindelheim, occupies a leading position in the construction of highly innovative production and automation systems.

häwa had also invited the press to the launch of this year’s roadshow. To begin, the Head of Marketing, Kathrin Lay, and the design and project planning specialist, Tobias Hölderle, presented information about the planned roadshow. Kathrin Lay: “After the outstanding successes in the last two years, we decided to go for our own roadshow again in 2022. From next Monday, the brand new show truck will be on its way and will cover approximately 3,000 kilometres each month across the whole of Europe”. In addition to the tour throughout Germany, planned stops in Austria, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and Great Britain are also included the programme.

The press representatives also learned from Tobias Hölderle everything worth knowing about the best-selling X-frame. The unique machine rack, patented by häwa, is the modular solution for maximum flexibility. From the small solution right up to the large production line, the X-frame programme offers a solution for every customer requirement. In the coming weeks and months, companies all over the continent will once again be able to inform themselves about the advantages of X-frame on site. Next Monday, this means: Bye-bye Bad Wörishofen – Hello Europe!

More on the Internet at: www.haewa.de

news-576 Mon, 14 Mar 2022 07:32:00 +0100 Staff expansion and investments: häwa has made IT a top priority /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/staff-expansion-and-investments-haewa-has-made-it-a-top-priority Wain, 14 March 2022. Digital transformation has changed the role of the IT department at the company. Tasks are steadily becoming ever more complex and new challenges are arising in ever shorter spaces of time. häwa GmbH is facing up to the challenges and plans to massively strengthen company’s IT department by increasing staffing levels and making investments to make it fit for the future. "We want to move towards a highly modern, efficient and proactive IT department," emphasises Christian Wolf. The 51-year-old took over responsibility for IT at the control cabinet specialist company based in the Swabian town of Wain just under a year ago. And initially found a few ongoing projects. Christian Wolf: "We are gradually working on these and are now able to look positively towards the future. In addition to the technical side, daily employee interaction at häwa-IT has also changed significantly thanks to Christian Wolf. An open culture of discussion, internal and external training opportunities and the promotion of employees are topics close to his heart – and are now being put into practice. The fact that the "IT boss" regularly brings a basket of fruit and sweets is also very well received at the department.

"The IT department has a great responsibility because it is the heart of digitalisation in the company. Its tasks are correspondingly diverse. At häwa, we work in two units. On the one hand, there is the infrastructure division. The other unit is the merchandise management system. Since the middle of 2021, häwa has been making targeted investments in modernisation, for example, the IT infrastructure for the branch in the US was completely overhauled. Key tasks in the view of the experienced IT specialist include the establishment of modern application areas such as multifactor authentication or cloud applications. Christian Wolf also wants to ensure smooth operations for employees who work from home.

The IT manager sees the support within the company as absolutely positive. "The management is behind us and supports our plans one hundred per cent. The corresponding budgets are therefore available. The search for qualified personnel, for IT specialists and administrators, is more complicated. But häwa has a lot to offer. Christian Wolf: "We are a solid, healthy medium-sized company and have just had the most successful business year in the company's history. In our young IT team, you have room to manoeuvre and the best prospects for the future. If you are looking for a secure job in an exciting company, IT at häwa is the right place for you.


More information on the website: www.haewa.com

news-572 Mon, 07 Mar 2022 08:19:00 +0100 häwa builds the perfect machine frame for the JetCell and significantly reduces noise pollution. /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-builds-the-perfect-machine-frame-for-the-jetcell-and-significantly-reduces-noise-pollution Wain, 7th of March 2022. In the electronics industry, the number of processes that are carried out in clean environments is constantly increasing. The highest demands are also placed on the machine frames that accommodate the high-quality technology. For acp systems AG's new JetCell, an innovative cleaning cell, häwa has developed an enclosure that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the complex technology. One highlight: the reduction of the process noise level from around 120 db inside the JetCell to a value well below 80 db outside the cell. acp systems AG, headquartered in Swabian Zimmern ob Rottweil, is a global technology leader in advanced clean production, related process automation and system integration. Its core technologies are snow jet cleaning with quattroClean technology, micro-dispensing and smart handling solutions for flexible materials and foils. Since its foundation in 1997, the company has been supporting its customers in the development, planning and integration of highly automated processes in production, for example, in the electronics, medical and automotive industries.

Wanted: The perfect machine frame

For the standardised JetCell CO2 snow jet cleaning cell, which is used in inline, stand-alone and application-specific configurations in flexible, automatic production, a machine frame was sought that met all the requirements necessary for optimum operation. This advanced technology from acp systems AG cleans component surfaces using a dry, environmentally friendly and residue-free process. It offers optimised, precise and repeatable cleaning results with minimal CO2 consumption. The biggest challenge for häwa was the need to reduce the enormously high process noise level of around 120 db inside the JetCell to a value well below 80 db outside the cell. In addition, optimal cable routing and the use of lifting doors were desired. Furthermore, the product also had to have an attractive appearance, not least in order to be visually impressive when used at trade fairs.

An häwa machine frame as the basis for high-performance technology

The specialists at häwa took up the challenge and, as is usual with such requirements, developed the optimal technological solution - which also impresses with its attractive appearance - step by step. Thanks to double walls with special noise insulation, the process noise level was reduced from 120 db to 76 db outside the cell. In the process, air is extracted through an insulated labyrinth in the upper area. Other features include integrated control cabinets in UL (Underwriters Laboratories) design, vertical cable ducts on the sides and an integrated drawer. This drawer serves to integrate the cooler and can optionally also be used as a place for the robot controller. A lifting door with double-walled Makrolon and an inflatable seal ensures optimal handling, as does the height-adjustable control panel. Minimal screw connection points also make it easy to clean the inside of the process chamber. Sideways interchangeable elements allow the standard cell to be variably adapted to different component sizes. The häwa solution impressed the customer not least because of its straightforward, elegant design.

The development of the process enclosure is a classic example of häwa GmbH's capabilities when it comes to developing the optimal solution for a complex technological application. The machine frame from Wain serves as the basis for acp systems AG to perfectly implement its technology and the associated process. As a fully automatic cleaning cell, JetCell is operated using quattroClean snow-jet technology based on CO2. The quattroClean® cleaning process itself comprises four stages: impulse transmission, rapid cooling, sublimation and solvent rinsing. JetCell is used in the automotive industry for CMOS camera sensors and in medical technology to remove metal machining residues. In the electronics industry, solder and flux residues on printed circuit boards are removed. JetCell is also used for the laser structuring of printed circuit boards and the removal of laser soot traces.


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news-569 Tue, 25 Jan 2022 11:19:00 +0100 Record year for häwa and committed employees still sought in 2022 /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/record-year-for-haewa-and-committed-employees-still-sought-in-2022 Wain, 25 January, 2022. häwa defies the Corona crisis! 2021 was the best financial year in the company's history, with growth rates of 20 percent. In the interview, Managing Director Arno Müller expresses optimism about the future and promises: "We are still looking for committed employees – and we will continue to provide training to actively combat the shortage of skilled workers". Question: Mr. Müller, the coronavirus is still the dominant issue, especially in the German economy. häwa has come through the crisis well so far. How would you rate the past financial year – and what are your forecasts for 2022?

Arno Müller: Despite all the adversities, 2021 was a very good year for häwa. Thanks to our strict hygiene concept, we had very few absences due to Covid and thus hardly any noticeable loss of capacity. We are very satisfied with the financial year as a whole. All in all, incoming orders and sales were even at record levels with growth rates of around 20 percent. A good sign that allows us to look to 2022 with optimism. However, we can currently see potential material delivery bottlenecks as a possible problem. If we get this global trend under control, I'll feel very positive about häwa's future. Here, too, we are still in a relatively good position thanks to our forward-looking purchasing policy.

Question: häwa is constantly investing in staff and machinery. What specific measures are planned for 2022?

Arno Müller: Our long-term strategy is paying off, especially during the crisis. We don't make decisions overnight. Instead, we plan our investments for the long term. We will reach important new milestones again in 2022. We are planning a new, highly efficient, and resource-saving paint shop and a modern administration building. Both are important measures to make our business even more efficient and customer-friendly. In terms of human resources, we not only increased the workforce in various departments in 2021, but also filled two important management positions: one in IT and one in human resources. Both undeniably important areas for the future that we are actively tackling.

Question: When it comes to human resources, häwa relies on its own training and on bringing in young people to fill management positions. What are the plans for 2022?

Arno Müller: That's right. We consistently rely on in-house training and run a modern training workshop for this purpose, which we are constantly expanding. This pays off not only for us, but also for our junior staff. The best example is our new production manager in the main plant. For us, the model of recruiting younger staff and offering the best opportunities for ambitious, young skilled workers doesn’t exist just on paper – we put it into practice. In addition, thanks to our good order situation, we are planning to increase staff in various areas of our company.

Question: In 2022, there will probably be hardly any trade fairs again. How is häwa responding to this and staying in touch with customers and interested parties?

Arno Müller: The lack of trade fairs is a difficult issue for the entire industry. In my opinion, we made the best of it – and the feedback from our customers says so too. With our 2020 and 2021 roadshows, which took us through several European countries, we were able to keep in touch with customers, suppliers, and interested parties. Further confirmation of our strategy came when we recently received the renowned Ulm Marketing Prize. For 2022, we are planning to continue the roadshow, as well as to hold completely new, digital events that will undoubtedly set standards again.

Question: häwa is excellently positioned in the market with a well-established range of products. Are further innovations to be expected for 2022?

Arno Müller: Our successful products and accessories are constantly being further developed; it doesn't always have to be a 'big innovation' – a very good example of this is X-frame. The machine frame is a modular system that offers maximum flexibility. This concept has been successfully implemented since 2008. In 2022, we will be further expanding the UL certification. Because if products – like X-frame – are exported to the USA and Canada, they have to be certified, especially when it comes to machine frames. This means that our customers in the USA and Canada can be sure that they are not taking any risks with a häwa product.

Question: Looking to the future, what do you see as häwa's greatest strengths?

Arno Müller: häwa is very well positioned overall. If we can take something positive from the Coronavirus crisis, it’s that, on the one hand, we have managed to keep the virus at bay with our hygiene concepts. And on the other hand, thanks to our strong products and performance, we have come through this period very well overall and have also achieved good financial results. My special thanks go to the committed employees in all areas of our company – without them, this success would not be possible!

news-565 Mon, 10 Jan 2022 10:04:48 +0100 Customized program from häwa puts FOPPA AG in the fast lane to success /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/customized-program-from-haewa-puts-foppa-ag-in-the-fast-lane-to-success Wain, January 10, 2022. Who should a well-known Swiss company contact when they require various different control cabinets and enclosures for its own products and solutions? They simply contact häwa! The Swabian specialist has developed an individual, customized standard program for FOPPA AG, giving them quick access to cabinets and enclosures which are required to implement large-scale projects throughout Switzerland. FOPPA AG is an independent family business with more than 80 employees and is one of the most efficient suppliers of smoke exhaust systems, RWA, RDA, MRWA, NRWA, gas warning systems, fire brigade equipment, mobile extinguishing equipment and fire protection products. Special solutions and customized products are one of FOPPA’s specialties. High-quality and sustainability characterize their products and services. In their field, FOPPA AG is a leading supplier in Switzerland, recognized for their innovative and high-quality products. They require many different control cabinets and enclosures for their products and solutions. In the past, FOPPA purchased standard enclosures and machined them in their own factory at high costs and in a time-consuming manner. Therefore, FOPPA AG was looking for a flexible partner who could offer a variety of standard enclosures and cabinets, but who also offered the flexibly to provide the required customized solutions.

Customized standard program from häwa

Together with FOPPA AG, häwa (schweiz) ag started to compile a comprehensive solution. häwa has designed an individual, customized standard program for FOPPA. häwa uses its standard stock enclosures, which are upgraded by fitting them with bases and diagram pockets. The bases are always factory-mounted, same as the side panels of the modular cabinets.
After this assembly, the customer has further extension options for the cabinets. He can optionally order a mounted LED lamp with connecting cable, and/or he can also request machining of the roof to mount a special cable entry plate from the product range of häwa (schweiz) ag. FOPPA can choose from a total of four configuration options and can therefore act flexibly to meet the requirements of the individual project. häwa's own service and assembly department makes the cut-outs for the cable glands in the roof before the cable plates are installed.
Each enclosure solution starts with the standard häwa housing and a set of wall attachment brackets, as well as a diagram pocket. The second extension level includes the cable entry, comparable to that of cabinets. The advantage of the enclosure is that the cable entries are already included in the housing and only need to be replaced. The housing is always turned 180 degrees "upside down" so that the cable entry plates are always at the top "in the roof". The third extension level offers a mounted LED lamp with corresponding connection cable in addition to the cable entry plates.

Optional additional machining is possible at any time
Additionally, FOPPA can order optional finishes for the enclosures as well as for the free-standing and modular cabinets. In individual cases, the cabinets and enclosures must be supplied in a special color. In this case, häwa offers the customer a wet painting surface finish of the housings. The advantage is that the coarse structure of the powder coating remains and the wet paint offers a high-quality finish. Furthermore, the customers often require cut-outs for a small screen in the doors of the enclosures or cabinets. häwa has pre-defined two cut-out size options with the customer.

häwa also offers a whole range of standard junction boxes. Together with the customer, häwa developed additional types of these junction boxes with different cut-out patterns. Such häwa can offer the optimum solution to the customer and, in most cases, can guarantee that the cabinets, enclosures or junction boxes are available within a few weeks - with the special finishing required for the various projects.

This means that FOPPA AG can always be sure to receive high-quality cabinet and enclosure systems at a competitive price and at significantly shorter delivery times. The successful cooperation has enabled FOPPA to carry out highly successful projects throughout Switzerland to the absolute satisfaction of its customers during the past two years.  Examples are steel cabinets systems for a large high-rise building complex in the canton of Aargau, specially painted free-standing cabinets for the Triemli Hospital in Zurich and Zurich Airport, as well as different sizes of enclosures for the new Swiss Life Arena in Zurich.

You can get detailed information at: https://www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/cabinets-and-housings-with-varying-degrees-of-individualization

news-560 Mon, 06 Dec 2021 11:06:00 +0100 New production manager for the main plant: Thomas Kauer succeeds Rupert Mahle /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/new-production-manager-for-the-main-plant-thomas-kauer-succeeds-rupert-mahle Wain, 6 December 2021. häwa GmbH is not only coming to the end of a year that was as turbulent as it was successful. The New Year will also mark the end of an era. Rupert Mahle, Production Manager at plant 1, who has been with the company for 35 years, is retiring. He is succeeded by 27-year-old Thomas Kauer. häwa GmbH not only managed to defy the pandemic in 2021; it is well on its way to achieving a record result. After 35 years with the company, Rupert Mahle (64) is taking his well-deserved retirement. As Production Manager at plant 1 in Wain, he has made a significant contribution to the successes achieved over recent years. Rupert Mahle joined the product development department on July 1, 1985, where he was responsible for the tooling area, the H90 consecutive furniture department and for planning, organising and setting up and dismantling häwa's trade fairs. Thanks to his dedication and professionalism, he continued to climb the career ladder in the years that followed. As early as 1986 he became head of the newly founded HSM (häwa Service and Assembly), managing director of HS (häwa System) in 1991 and managing director of HFG - B1 (Blechbau Wain) in 2002. After 35 years with the company, he is taking his retirement at the end of the year.

His successor is 27-year-old Thomas Kauer. He joined the company in September 2013 and successfully completed the 'Ulm Model' – a skilled worker training course as a construction mechanic with parallel studies in "Production Technology and Organisation" at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences. He completed this dual training with a bachelor's degree in March 2018. His training and studies brought him into contact with various specialist departments at häwa, with a focus on welding/final assembly and design. Since April 2018, he has been the contact person for production appointments and, as such, responsible for interfacing between sales and production at plant 1. As head of work preparation, he has been setting the tone since September 2020 and has also taken on the role of deputy project manager for the introduction of the new ERP system abas, which is currently in the implementation phase.

In the words of Arno Müller, Managing Director of häwa GmbH: "We would explicitly like to thank Mr. Mahle for his outstanding work over the past 35 years. His name is inseparably associated with the rapid development of häwa and the successes of the past years and decades. We wish him all the best for his well-deserved retirement. At the same time, we are pleased to have found a committed successor in the person of Thomas Kauer. His career path shows that with diligence and commitment, it is possible to take on a post with enormous responsibility even at a young age. We look forward to continuing to work with him in this new, important leadership position."

More information at the website: www.haewa.com


news-556 Wed, 03 Nov 2021 09:36:00 +0100 häwa and Green Way Systems Make German Roads Safer with OPTIMUS<sup>®</sup> /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-and-green-way-systems-make-german-roads-safer-with-optimus Wain, 3rd of November 2021. Road works are annoying. For every motorist. All the more important, therefore, that traffic guidance systems with state-of-the-art technology are available to make driving easier and thus the roads safer overall. In doing so, the most diverse of systems are regulated in the background by high-tech. This is where the OPTIMUS® outstation comes into play: Green Way Systems GmbH, together with häwa, has already put around 1,000 units into operation nationwide. Green Way Systems GmbH works for one goal: More safety on the roads. Since 1998, Green Way Systems GmbH, with its headquarters in Frankfurt/Oder and subsidiaries in Baden-Baden, Amt Wachsenburg near Erfurt and Erkner near Berlin, has developed innovative products and systems for road traffic technology. This includes the planning and realization of demand-oriented system solutions including project management and systems service. This specifically concerns the collection of traffic data in temporary traffic situations and the control of mobile traffic systems.

Small, light, robust: The heart of every traffic control system

About six years ago, Green Way Systems was looking for a partner that would be able to supply a small, lightweight yet robust control cabinet - effectively the heart of any mobile traffic control system. Matthias Müller, Managing Director of the company: "At häwa, we noticed immediately: This is a medium-sized company that operates just like we do. This has been confirmed in the extremely constructive cooperation over many years – today, there are around 1,000 of our OPTIMUS® outstations in operation, and that all over Germany".

OPTIMUS® has been designed for temporary traffic technology applications. For this, the outstation was designed as a pole cabinet and developed for mains-independent operation. The components used are solar-optimized and conserve energy . The communication for the monitoring and control of the system is wireless and based onthe latest mobile radio technology. OPTIMUS® has been designed so that a large number of different actuators and sensors can be connected quickly, easily and without errors by means of a plug system. The conventional cabling and insertion of the cables through cable glands are, therefore, completely eliminated. Thus, OPTIMUS® is a compact "all-in-one device" and ideally suited for the operating and installation conditions of temporary traffic technology.

häwa shines once again with a customer-specific solution

Torsten Ross, field service employee at häwa: "The requirements for the development of the housing were demanding. We are talking here about superstructure frames, some of which are mounted attached to fixed posts at a height of 4.5 metres and / or also next to the road. At the same time, the devices have to perform their service in the truest sense of the word 'in wind and weather." häwa guarantees an operational range from minus 20 to plus 60 degrees Celsius. By using aluminum for the mounting plate, a total weight of only 21 kilograms has been achieved and the housing tray is completely welded. OPTIMUS® is supplied ready to use, a special highlight is the mains-independent operation thanks to solar optimisation. Torsten Ross: "Here, häwa has shown once again how individual customer solutions can be realized thanks to decades of experience. Around 1,000 OPTIMUS® outstations from Green Way Systems, which are in use nationwide, have a housing from our company as their 'heart' - a remarkable success story."

More on the Internet at: www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/optimus-roadside-outstation


news-551 Fri, 10 Sep 2021 07:35:09 +0200 Robust, safe and easy to use: häwa swiveling door support for bow punches /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/robust-safe-and-easy-to-use-haewa-swiveling-door-support-for-bow-punches Wain, September 7, 2021. Fast, variable punching with exact positioning of the workpiece? häwa makes it possible! Thanks to the new swiveling door support for bow punches, the specialist based in the Swabian town Wain offers an efficient and practical solution for sheet metal processing. Maximum performance for the user through first-class quality and well thought-out details - this is a distinguishing feature of all häwa tools. Optimized workflows in the workshop are a basic requirement for efficient work, especially for the variable use of bow punches.

The swiveling door support for bow punches has been designed for one-man operation and sets standards with regard to assembly and punching of round, square, rectangular, or shaped cut-outs in control cabinet doors. The universally designed attachment unit can be mounted either directly to the bow punch or to the work surface. Sheet metal panels flanged up to 35 mm can be placed with the flange facing upwards or downwards. Two height-adjustable, mobile supports for supporting large and heavy workpieces ensure optimum mobility. Thanks to the attached rubber plates, the supports smoothly move along with the workpiece during positioning.

With a dead weight of 20 kilograms, it is possible to process workpieces weighing up to 45 kilograms and with dimensions of up to 800 by 2,000 millimeters. The working height is adjustable continuously from 1,000 to 1,200 millimeters. Two folding swiveling arms ensure maximum ease of operation. A special highlight of the product: It can be attached to and used with all common bow punches.

Product Manager Martin Dreyer: "The basic idea of the product's development is häwa's claim to be a full-service provider. After customers asked us for a solution, we decided to fill this niche as well. Previous models were significantly more expensive and required a lot of space even when not in use - we now offer an optimized solution. Compared to more favorable products in the market, our solution offers the major advantage of being very robust and also able to process larger workpieces.”

For detailed information, please visit: www.haewa.com/swiveling-door-support


news-536 Wed, 04 Aug 2021 12:00:00 +0200 "Today, state-of-the-art machine racks are the basis for industrial robotics" /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/today-state-of-the-art-machine-racks-are-the-basis-for-industrial-robotics Wain, August 4, 2021. Along with computer science, robotics is one of the leading disciplines and an engine of industrial progress in the 21st century. State-of-the-art robot applications are a driving force in this context - especially for the global success of German mechanical engineering. But just as important as the robot systems themselves are machine housings as the basis for safe and trouble-free operation. Volker Ott, head of the X-frame machine rack department at häwa: "Over the last 80 years, robots have transformed from a futuristic utopia into an integral part of the modern world thanks to enormous technological progress. Currently, the largest application area is industrial robotics." The first modern programmable "robot" was patented by US inventor George Devol in 1954. Just one year later, this invention was used for particularly dangerous welding work in a General Motors production line, paving the way for the fully automated production lines that we know from many industrial sectors today.

German mechanical engineering is leading the world thanks to robotics

Together with computer science (including AI) robotics has developed into one of the leading disciplines of the 21st century. Industrial robots have become an integral part of production. The integration of various approaches from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science is a key issue, especially for companies in the German mechanical engineering sector - advancing automation with highly developed robot systems. The number of worldwide installed industrial robots has more than tripled in the years from 2010 to 2019. The most recent figure was 381,000 units per year. The digital transformation of traditional industrial sectors is still continuing.

Every robot application requires a reliable machine rack

"Machine racks, ensuring safe and trouble-free robotic applications are of great importance for all relevant applications," explains industry expert Volker Ott. The mostly sensitive industrial robots are exposed to high torques and therefore require protection by particularly stable robot cells. Such machine racks are used today in almost all technology sectors. In the age of Industry 4.0, increased wiring of the cells as well as highest demands on the functionality of the frame play a central role. häwa has picked up these ideas and developed a new concept in which not only the load-bearing function for a stable machine rack is provided, but above all, the focus is on the sophisticated cable routing. Combined with the goal to reduce assembly times by up to a third, this results in high-performance racks.

X-frame: Optimum performance with an excellent price/performance ratio

Volker Ott: "The decision for a machine rack is dependent on several factors. Simple racks are favorable in price, but are not comparable with first-class products with regard to functionality and stability. The same applies to racks made of aluminum profiles. Structures with functional struts provide a significantly higher quality - exactly this characterizes the X-frame racks from häwa. Our racks provide optimum performance at an excellent price/performance ratio. Cable-routing struts, control cabinets as a component of the machine rack, as well as customized special machine racks based on a standardized modular construction system and pre-constructed struts can be described today as 'state-of-the-art'. One reason for the excellent market success of the X-frame machine racks.

news-519 Fri, 30 Jul 2021 09:34:00 +0200 häwa looks ahead and invests heavily in state-of-the-art machinery /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-looks-ahead-and-invests-heavily-in-state-of-the-art-machinery Wain, 28. July 2021. The global economy is currently suffering from the effects of the Corona pandemic. According to the PwC Mechanical Engineering Barometer, the economy is picking up and the prospects continue to be positive. On average, machine manufacturers are expecting an increase in sales - the first positive forecast since the beginning of the pandemic. By purchasing a state-of-the-art Trumpf BendMaster, häwa has made the right decision for the future at an opportune moment. "Optimum performance for our customers combined with perfect working conditions for our employees - this long-term strategy is always our focus, even in times of crisis," explains häwa's Managing Director Arno Müller. Despite the current weakened demand and long lasting unclear future prospects, the leading manufacturer of control cabinets and customized enclosure solutions has now made an enormous investment. häwa has purchased a fully automatic Trumpf BendMaster for a high six-figure sum and has just put it into operation.

The TruBend Cell 5000 bending machine with TruBend 5230 and BendMaster 150 replaces the current Trumpf bending machine at häwa, heralding a new era. The new bending machine with ACB laser is equipped with a contactless, optical angle measurement system for processing both, thin and thick sheet metal parts with high angular accuracy. Also the entire tool handling is automated. Thanks to the automatic set-up of the bending press, various orders with different parts can be carried out in sequence without the need for any intervention by the operator. Therefore, the machine can be used without an operator, even at night, for example. Clear advantage for häwa customers: Orders can now be processed even faster.

The new model impresses also with its high load carrying capacity. Automated machining of sheet metal parts is possible up to approx. 100 kilograms. A considerable advantage: heavy parts (even in small quantities) must no longer be bent manually, avoiding thereby unnecessary physical strain on the operator. The working area has been enlarged to 16 meters by an extended floor track and the area for depositing finished bent parts has been increased as well.

Managing Director Arno Müller: "Despite the difficult economic situation at the time of the decision, we considered it a worthwhile investment - and indeed it seems that we were right. With this top machine, we are well positioned for the future. I am very pleased about the significant physical relief for our employees. After just a few days, we can say that even long-established colleagues are impressed by our new system."

news-540 Mon, 19 Jul 2021 09:39:54 +0200 Technology fair SINDEX from August 31 in Bern: häwa will participate with the show truck /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/technology-fair-sindex-from-august-31-in-bern-haewa-will-participate-with-the-show-truck Wain/Widen, July 19, 2021. Finally a trade fair in presence: When SINDEX opens its doors on August 31, häwa GmbH will be present with its subsidiary häwa (schweiz) ag. Until September 2, the specialist for electrical enclosures, control cabinets and sophisticated enclosure solutions designed for installing electrical components will be exhibiting its products and services in the BERNEXPO exhibition halls. The SINDEX Bern trade fair is the leading Swiss trade fair for industrial automation. Numerous exhibitors show current trends, innovations and key technologies of tomorrow's industry. Products and services from the fields of automation, robotics and material handling, fluid technology, electronics, electrical and production engineering as well as on education, research and development of individual components and total solutions are waiting for the visitors and thus offer a comprehensive overview of the technology industry.

An eye-catcher is already waiting at the main entrance: Here, the häwa show truck opens its doors on all three days of the trade fair. The häwa truck incorporates a showroom that presents the company's current solutions, which are characterized particularly by their individual customization options. This means, for example, that machine housings of all kinds can be adapted to almost any customer requirement. Solutions presented in the show truck can be used for all industrial applications - fully convincing the customers even under the most challenging conditions. All products are explained by an expert team and the customers will have enough time to experience all them - of course, in compliance with the current hygiene regulations. The patented X-frame machine rack is one of the highlights of the presentation. The concept is based on extraordinary versatility. Each machine rack is functionally different, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to your specific requirements and must be able to grow with your demands. That's why we developed X-frame – a modular system providing maximum flexibility. Result: Since 2008, häwa successfully manufactures customized machine racks based on the patented X-frame components. Meanwhile the X-frame racks are used in almost all areas of technology: Robotics, the medical field, clean rooms and laser. At SINDEX, häwa will present all the features that distinguish X-frame: Lifting doors, swing frames with control cabinets, robotics applications, laser technology applications and much more.

Oliver Peter, Managing Director of häwa (schweiz) ag: "We are very pleased to finally get a taste of real trade fair air again at SINDEX and to be able to present our products and solutions to our customers and all interested parties. Many innovations and highlights are waiting for the guests in the häwa show truck".

news-535 Thu, 08 Jul 2021 14:01:00 +0200 Long service life, robust and cost-efficient: häwa non-filter cabinet air conditioners /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/long-service-life-robust-and-cost-efficient-haewa-non-filter-cabinet-air-conditioners Wain, July 08, 2021. Electrotechnical components in control and switch cabinets produce heat. In order to protect the sensitive components from excessive temperatures, the heat must be efficiently dissipated from the control cabinet. With non-filter control cabinet air conditioners, häwa GmbH has the right solution for almost all requirements: They are robust, have a long service life and reduce costs. Electromechanical components installed in a control cabinet are usually designed for a maximum operating temperature of 50°C. The service life of the components, is much depended on the temperature: a 10°C lower temperature doubles the service life. The highest efficiency is achieved by active systems, i.e. air conditioners installed in the control cabinets.

Compact design and high cooling capacity

Our non-filter air conditioners of the 3120 series with thermostatic or electronic control are characterized by their compact design and high cooling capacity. The units are suitable for installation in enclosures and control cabinets for various applications, e.g. indoor use in factory buildings, server and technical rooms for cooling enclosures and switchgear. The cooling units are even suitable for outdoor use if they are supplemented by add-on parts. Examples of this are models we designed for a crane manufacturer and cooling units for outdoor telecommunication systems and water pumping stations.

The cooling or heat transfer from the inside of the cabinet to the outside takes always place with active cooling (cooling unit). The air circuit, leading to the inside of the cabinet or enclosure, meets IP 54 whereby the cabinet can also be cooled below the ambient temperature. häwa air conditioners use an ozone-friendly, CFC-free refrigerant R134a. The “certified company" häwa is also authorized to carry out the disposal and recovery of the used refrigerant.

Ambient temperature influences cooling capacity

Of course, the cooling output depends on the ambient temperature: The cooler the ambient temperature, the higher the cooling capacity. The normal operating range is plus 15 to plus 60 degrees Celsius. The power ratings of our inhouse-manufactured units range from 400 to 2600 watts. But we can also provide ratings of up to 6000 watts. A further plus of our air conditioners: The external fan operates only in cooling mode; thus, noise and pollution can be avoided. The temperature is factory-set to +35 °C. It can be field-adjusted after removal of the cover panel, or for devices equipped with a display, from the outside. A control line for the door switch, separately connected for units with a cooling capacity of 800 W or more, permits remote ON/OFF switching of the unit without power disconnect.

A capillary thermostat controls the compressor and the external fan (for small air conditioners directly, for larger units via a contactor). The switching hysteresis is about 6 K. For models KF800 to KF2400 any condensed water is evaporated in the external circuit. The evaporation process does not require an additional component, which is a decisive advantage of our units. In case of excessive condensation e.g. due to open doors or an extremely high air humidity, excess condensation is drained off via a fitting through the slots in the bottom of the housing cover, or it can be led directly to the outside by connecting a hose to the drain fitting.

For models KF800 to KF2400, the power connection is done via a plug-in terminal at the rear side of the device. The mating connector is included in the scope of delivery. The power cord for the LF400 is fed through the rear of the device. The häwa devices are extremely sturdy. When used in accordance with standards, they have a very long service life. Based on our extensive experience, our devices can be in operation for up to 15 years, at which time they can be returned to the factory for evaluation and repair.

For detailed information click here: https://www.haewa.com/cabinet-air-conditioners


news-529 Mon, 21 Jun 2021 10:42:43 +0200 Much more than just a machine rack: experience X-frame in the show truck or on your own PC /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/much-more-than-just-a-machine-rack-experience-x-frame-in-the-show-truck-or-on-your-own-pc Wain, June 21, 2021. X-frame, the patented solution which can be used for versatile applications, is a top product from häwa. Used in a wide variety of technological areas, X-frame is more than just a machine rack. häwa uses new ways to introduce its bestseller to customers. You can experience X-frame either live in our show truck or online by means of our web application. With over 450 employees, häwa manufactures annually more than 80,000 large cabinets and 120,000 enclosures. The patented X-frame machine rack is one of the great success stories of the last few years. The concept is based on extraordinary versatility. Each machine rack is functionally different, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to your specific requirements and must be able to grow with your demands. That's why we developed X-frame – a modular system providing maximum flexibility. Result: Since 2008, manufactures highly successful customized machine racks based on the patented X-frame components. Meanwhile the X-frame racks are used in almost all areas of technology. Clean rooms, laser, robotics or the medical field.

As it was not certain at the beginning of the year whether trade fairs would take place or not, häwa found other ways to present their solutions and products to customers and potential prospects. One of them is the häwa show truck, which has been on tour through Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland for the second time since May. The concept of the roadshow: Customers can register via a separate page on the website - there, you can specify both the preferred date and the desired location of the presentation. The truck will visit the customer directly and exclusively, together with the häwa experts. It includes a showroom that demonstrates the company's latest solutions. The häwa experts will explain all products on site and the customers will have enough time to experience them - of course, in compliance with the current hygiene regulations. (Information and registration: www.haewa.de/roadshow).

Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to get easily an impression of the possible applications of the X-frame system on your own PC. Information is available, among other things, via a 3D animation on the häwa homepage.  The one-minute animation shows the different applications of the machine racks, which meet any requirement and can be configured for almost every application. Another brand-new feature is our web application, allowing customers to experience the modular concept of the X-frame system online. For example, the customers can select between different door systems, colors and materials and they can experience and test the function of the different enclosure elements online. According to Kathrin Lay, Marketing Manager at häwa: “Our show truck visits the customer directly upon request - and in addition, you can experience our X-frame program online.  Thus, every interested customer can conveniently get an impression of the diversity of our products".

news-528 Mon, 14 Jun 2021 09:50:00 +0200 Christian Wolf appointed new IT manager at häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/christian-wolf-appointed-new-it-manager-at-haewa Wain, June 14, 2021. Christian Wolf is the new IT manager at häwa GmbH. He will be heading a young and highly motivated team, taking on the challenge of setting up the IT infrastructure of the internationally successful control cabinet manufacturer for the future. "With Christian Wolf, we have found a specialist for the increasingly important IT department of our international company. We are looking forward to our cooperation," says häwa Managing Director Arno Müller. Christian Wolf (50) has a wide range of experience from various jobs. After graduating as a state-certified business economist, he started at a medium-sized company in Ulm (Germany), where he was involved in the planning, development and operation of the entire IT infrastructure for almost 20 years. Afterwards, he worked on integration projects for a large global company as head of the infrastructure team with projects in the USA and France. Further IT projects followed in well-known companies where he was responsible for larger teams and for the central issues of security and availability of the systems. Since March, Christian Wolf is responsible for the IT management at häwa.


Following  inventory of IT infrastructures at all locations and the licensing and contractual situation, a wide range of implementation measures are now in focus. These primarily affect the Wain and Bad Wörishofen sites as well as the  office in the USA, where häwa is planning a complete renewal of the IT infrastructure. For the sustainability of häwa GmbH, the experienced IT specialist is reviewing new application areas such as multifactor authentication, cloud applications and workflow processes;  furthermore he will ensure a smooth workflow for the employees working in the home office.

news-527 Fri, 11 Jun 2021 08:27:09 +0200 The häwa tool truck visits Swiss high-tech apprentices /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/the-haewa-tool-truck-visits-swiss-high-tech-apprentices Widen, June 10, 2021. häwa has been working closely with libs, the leading training company in the Swiss high-tech industry, for many years. Libs provides apprentices with a solid foundation for their future careers on behalf of more than 130 companies. And this is where häwa comes in: at various locations in Switzerland, hundreds of junior technicians are trained to handle häwa tool safely. There are up to seven training lessons, each with four trainees, per day. Due to the current situation, the groups were reduced, but in joint agreement, häwa and libs decided to make up for the trainings this year after they had to be cancelled in 2020. The headquarters of libs is in Baden (AG), where most of the apprentices start their training. This year, additional trainings are also scheduled in Heerbrugg and Zurich-Oerlikon.

The company libs as a training center

libs trains over 1,000 apprentices in various professions throughout Switzerland. Polymechanics, automation technicians, production fitters, automation fitters, design engineers, IT specialists, commercial apprentices and plant engineers receive a solid basic training and the important first step into the professional world. Depending on the training period, the time at libs is limited, as the company works with large partner companies where the acquired basic steps can be further intensified and put into practice. The long-term partners - including häwa - are operating in various fields. For example, an apprenticeship as an automation technician lasts four years, starting with a two-year training period at libs, followed by a transfer to a partner company for the second half of the apprenticeship.

Cooperation with partner companies must be well-planned.

Currently, about 40 automation technicians and almost the same number of trainees are being trained as polymechanics at the site in Baden. The partner companies schedule the apprentices' positions in various professions. Design engineers and computer scientists also get to know other companies. Long-term planning and a guaranteed employment of apprentices for five years enable libs to recruit hundreds of apprentices each year in various professions and to promote their professional development. It is very important to work closely with the partner companies. Many apprentices find a job in one of the partner companies after completing their basic training, or have been able to fill a "backpack" with valuable information to help them succeed in the working world.

häwa, as a medium-sized company, has also been contributing for years. Oliver Peter, Managing Director of häwa (schweiz) ag stated: "For many years, we have had the pleasure of training several hundred apprentices in sub-areas of mechanical processing and can thereby demonstrate our products and their advantages to future control cabinet builders, electrical planners, design engineers, as well as project managers. On one side we supply the company libs with wall-mounted enclosures and tools - on the other side we provide many young people with the know-how for safely working with tools".

About häwa (schweiz) ag

40 years of häwa (schweiz) ag (*1981)! häwa (schweiz) ag, located in Widen, Canton Aargau, is a subsidiary of häwa GmbH, with headquarter in Wain (Southern Germany). häwa is a quality supplier of electrical enclosures, control cabinets and well-designed enclosure solutions for the installation of electrical components. The comprehensive service provided by häwa ranges from the initial consultation, conception, design, production and assembly to sophisticated logistics. häwa produces at three locations in the South of Germany with a qualified team of approx. 450 employees and a capacity of around 80,000 large enclosures per year. Apart from Switzerland, the company is represented in various European countries and the USA. The worldwide customers are serviced by häwa through subsidiaries and local partners.

news-518 Mon, 10 May 2021 08:10:22 +0200 The right tool at the click of a button: Thanks to KROMI cabinets made by häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/the-right-tool-at-the-click-of-a-button-thanks-to-kromi-cabinets-made-by-haewa Wain, May 10, 2021. The right tool at the click of a button: This has become a standard at many large companies. You can find tool cabinets from KROMI Logistik AG all around the planet. The housings of the cabinets are made in Wain (Germany). häwa has been working successfully with KROMI for many years and is significantly involved in the continuous refinement of the technically sophisticated cabinets. Everyone knows the practical vending machines that can be found at train stations, for example, and from which you can easily draw drinks or sweets. The same principle can be applied in the professional sector. The company KROMI Logistik AG in Hamburg is a pioneer in optimizing tool availability. KROMI consistently sets new trends and stands for Industry 4.0. Using IT-networked tool management and controlling systems, the company enables efficient digitalization of the tool management for optimum processes.


Typical for häwa: Our cabinets are not an off-the-shelf product

One of the top products is the fully automated tool cabinet, which is used all over the world by companies in a variety of fields to provide 24/7 tool availability. In practice, the technical employee simply has to walk to the cabinet, uses an RFID chip via a touch display to request items such as drills, countersinks, milling cutters, reamers or indexable inserts, and immediately receives the required tool. Various processes such as statistics data collection and transmission, consumption control, reordering and filling of the vending machines are carried out in parallel. KROMI has been working with häwa GmbH since 1998. The key of success is also a continuous improvement and optimization of the cabinets, which häwa plays a leading role in. The cooperation with KROMI is typical for häwa. The leading control cabinet and enclosure specialist is renowned worldwide for its customized solutions. And also in this case, KROM did not require an off-the-shelf cabinet. After KROMI had contacted the specialist in Wain, providing rough ideas about appearance and functionality, häwa started with developing a concept and design. All wishes and requirements were mapped out by the sales department followed by a detailed CAD design with the help of häwa’s mechanical engineers. Thus, possible problems could be identified at an early stage and alternative solutions were discussed with the customer.


häwa applied long-term know-how in customized machine construction

häwa's specialists used their long-term know-how in customized machine construction for the following steps. First, they purchased the required parts and materials and programmed machines for cutting and bending. The metal sheets were processed in a state-of-the-art, fully automated bending center, then the individual parts were welded together and painted in the required color. The customer's logo was lasered into the sheet metal, and threaded bolts were fitted to attach the translucent, colored Makrolon window, which is illuminated with four sequentially controlled LED segments. After final assembly and inspection, the finished cabinet is either shipped directly to the customer or, if desired, temporarily warehoused at häwa to allow just-in-time production. The materials used for the construction were chosen to minimize the environmental impact and the costs. Furthermore, for the output flap a scratch-resistant, transparent plastic was used to ensure a permanent view of the ordered tools.


Solutions for requirements imposed on series production

One of the difficulties to be solved was to ensure a noiseless and undamaged cushioning of the tools when falling into the output flap. For this purpose, we used a special soft foam with knobs. Furthermore, we fitted the individual shelves with telescopic rails to allow for easy filling of the cabinet. The operator simply pulls out one of the shelves and can then easily fill the cabinet. Additional filter fans provide optimum ventilation.

For easy mounting of the fans, we equipped the cabinet, with a pre-lasered cut-out with small bars that can be easily removed if required. Once the cutout is completely removed, it is possible to mount a häwa FixCool filter fan. Another special feature of the cabinet is a compartment for the return of tools to be sharpened or repaired which can be reused after maintenance or repair.


About 700 KROMI cabinets made by häwa are in use worldwide. Andreas Klinke, Head of KROMI Tool Center: "The success of our products is based on the excellent cooperation with häwa. Together, we have continuously refined the automatic tooling machine for many years and made it what it is today."

news-517 Fri, 16 Apr 2021 07:30:10 +0200 „If customers can't come to us, we'll come to them“ /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/if-customers-cant-come-to-us-well-come-to-them Wain, April 12, 2021. After its highly successful premiere last year, the häwa show truck is on the road again in 2021. The leading manufacturer for machine enclosures, control cabinet and housing systems is presenting its cross-industry solutions in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland in a face-to-face meeting. häwa Managing Director Arno Müller: "If the customers can't come to us, we'll just come to the customers". häwa has always placed great emphasis on a close customer contact. However, there will be no trade fair this year either - thus there will be no central opportunity to meet prospective customers and to introduce the latest innovations as well. For this reason, already in 2020 häwa designed a concept for maintaining contact with customers and implementing the trade fair feeling on a small scale: The häwa roadshow. An idea that has proven to be successful will therefore be continued in 2021.

häwa comes to the requested location on the desired date

The concept of the roadshow is as remarkable as simple: Customers can register via a separate page on the website - there, you can specify both the preferred date and the desired location of the presentation. The truck will visit the customer directly and exclusively, together with the häwa experts. It includes a showroom that demonstrates the company's latest solutions. The häwa experts will explain all products on site and the customers will have enough time to experience them - of course, in compliance with the current hygiene regulations.

In the previous year, the häwa roadshow has been a total success. Volkmar Adler, Managing Director of Cadkon GmbH based in Walldorf, visited the show truck in 2020. He summarizes: "We were very surprised about the professional and extensive equipment of the truck. The specialists especially focused on our requirements and questions". A conclusion shared also by Michael Thomas, CTO of Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH: "The roadshow offers us, as manufacturers of customized machines, the opportunity to provide our staff with information and conversations that they otherwise could only get at trade fairs. It is most beneficial that our own time expenditure associated with the roadshow can actually be minimized". Dirk Fuchs, Managing Director of Dirk Fuchs Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, also confirms: "As a customer, I see a very big advantage in the time saved by the pre-arranged appointments. The hygiene concept was also very well worked out; we had no concerns here at all."

What's new at the häwa Roadshow 2021?

In the new show truck, which will go on tour in May and remain in use until October, häwa is increasingly focusing on three central issues: Individualization, special approvals and resilience. Background: "Many companies know us as a standard control cabinet manufacturer," says Managing Director Arno Müller, "but häwa is much more than that." The company has specialized in customized solutions. This means, for example, that machine enclosures of all kinds can be adapted to almost any customer requirement. This is followed by the second issue: special approvals. Regardless of the industrial sector, the new show truck presents solutions that are relevant for a variety of industrial applications - and are specifically focusing on robustness - to prevail even under the toughest conditions. Arno Müller: " With the new show truck we want to demonstrate quite clearly: Our customized individual products are always the right solution for every challenge and every application."

Read more on our website: www.haewa.com/roadshow


news-513 Fri, 19 Feb 2021 10:03:28 +0100 Intelligent disinfection in a few seconds: Shopping cart “washing-bay" /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/intelligent-disinfection-in-a-few-seconds-shopping-cart-washing-bay Wain, February 18, 2021. Dozens of different people use the same shopping cart in the supermarket every day. Especially in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, questions arise about hygiene and how surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected to avoid health risks. The frequent touching of the handles makes them a veritable reservoir for pathogens such as bacteria, germs and viruses. The solution: a compact „washing-bay" to disinfect within a few seconds the hands of the user as well as the surfaces of the cart. The current conventional solutions in the supermarket, such as the use of disinfectant wipes, are cost-intensive and neither environmentally-friendly nor customer-friendly. The company SAIKO Maschinentechnik GmbH from Herford (Germany) has tackled the problem and developed a sophisticated and spectacular device for disinfecting shopping carts as well as users' hands in just a few seconds. However, before the "washing-bay" for shopping carts could be realized, numerous technical problems regarding the spraying process, the refueling of the disinfectants and, in particular, corrosion protection had to be solved due to the outdoor installation and use of the equipment. The engineers at häwa quickly recognized the ingenious idea and the benefits of the product and used their know-how for the perfect implementation. Meanwhile, häwa is not only responsible for the complete mechanical production, but also for the final assembly of the system.

Since the systems are installed and operated outdoors, corrosion protection of the used materials is of the utmost importance. The problem was solved by using high-quality stainless steel wherever there is contact with the disinfectants. The engineers were thus able to kill two birds with one stone. In addition to corrosion protection, the smooth surfaces also impress with their clean, high-quality appearance.

Two separate disinfectants are used for disinfecting shopping carts and hands, and the tanks are significantly different in size. The arrangement of the pumps underneath the tanks enables a trouble-free pumping process. All lines are protected in sheet metal ducts. The disinfectants are filled via nozzles that can be reached from the outside without any problem, but which are also protected against sabotage by special locks.

Other solutions make the product a real highlight. The punched and edged sheets do not require any welding seams. The housing roof is stabilized with cross edging to provide lateral drainage of rainwater, preventing it from penetrating into the unit. Once the shopping cart is placed in the DESO CUBE, it is also secured against possible rolling away.

With dimensions of 1,050 x 1,350 x 1,400 millimeters, the DESO CUBE is space-saving and transportable. Thanks to the innovative spraying process and a special nozzle technology, the device also saves on operating costs: one filling can disinfect approx. 3,500 shopping carts. The use of the DESO CUBE is very easy for the end user: The shopping cart is pushed into the DESO CUBE and within a few seconds the hands of the user as well as the surfaces of the cart are disinfected and ready for a carefree shopping.

news-510 Mon, 08 Feb 2021 09:44:32 +0100 Jürgen Litz new Human Resource Manager at häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/juergen-litz-new-human-resource-manager-at-haewa Jürgen Litz has started in January as Head of Human Resources at häwa GmbH. He is responsible for all areas of personnel management and leadership at the international leading control cabinet manufacturer. Wain, February 8, 2021.  "We are very glad to have found in Jürgen Litz a proven professional for the management of our human resources sector," says Arno Müller, Managing Director of häwa. The 50-year-old Jürgen Litz has many years of experience in human resources and divisional management in medium-sized industrial companies. After studying business and human resource education at the Universities of Augsburg and Stuttgart-Hohenheim in Germany, he completed various diplomas for organizational development, business coaching and human resource management. Litz is also an honorary judge and district councilor for the health insurance company AOK.

news-506 Thu, 28 Jan 2021 11:42:00 +0100 How banknotes become counterfeit-proof: häwa supplies the perfect stainless steel cabinet /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/how-banknotes-become-counterfeit-proof-haewa-supplies-the-perfect-stainless-steel-cabinet häwa GmbH is always the right partner when customized solutions are required in control cabinet construction. Even in highly sensitive areas: Thanks to the highly sophisticated technology of the company Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG based in Eschwege (Germany) and the solution for a customized control cabinet from häwa, it is possible to print counterfeit-proof banknotes all over the world. Wain, January 26, 2021. When two market leaders cooperate, extraordinary results are guaranteed. häwa GmbH, the worldwide highly acclaimed supplier of control cabinets, and Georg Sahm Maschinenfabrik have already been successfully co-operating for many years. The latest joint product is the basis for worldwide safe payment transactions. Leading technologies for printing counterfeit-proof banknotes, for example, are also made in Germany.

Around the globe, banknotes of almost all currencies are secured against counterfeiting with security strips and holograms. Security features, which require high precision manufacturing. Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Eschwege, Germany, is not only a world-wide technology leader in the field of automatic precision winders for high-performance fibers, but has also been a long-term customer and partner of häwa GmbH when customized solutions in special cabinet construction are required. For Georg Sahm Maschinenfabrik, short development times and clearly defined budgets together with häwa's comprehensive know-how play a significant role. 

häwa received an extremely challenging inquiry for the printing of banknotes from an international banknote manufacturer. The cabinet housing had to meet extremely high requirements regarding cooling and tightness to allow maintaining the specific manufacturing conditions for security strips to be inserted into the future banknotes. High humidity, excessive temperatures and aggressive chemicals in the ambient air are challenging factors in this process.

“Thanks to our long-term cooperation and häwa’s decades-long experience in customized cabinet manufacturing, we designed the optimum solution for our customer together”, explains Martin Schmidt, Head of Purchasing at Georg Sahm. The cabinet had to be made of stainless steel, with a height of 2,000 millimeters plus a 100-millimeter-high base, a width of 800 millimeters and a depth of 600 millimeters. A cooling unit also had to be integrated. Therefore, häwa first had to determine the required power consumption of the cooling unit. The door is equipped with a built-in cooling unit type KF1200. The cooling unit is covered with a protective hood, which ensures the separation of the air circuits (air inlet/outlet) and thereby allowing the use of a non-filter cooling unit. The customer also required a hinged door with a viewing window to protect the installed terminal as well as a roof with holes for the cable routing and a completely machined mounting plate with about 150 threaded holes and other specific requirements.

The technical features were optimized in joint project work before häwa submitted a detailed offer. Based on the standard stainless steel cabinet type H370, whose protection rating was increased to IP65 by adapting the locking system and seal, häwa finally designed a customized cabinet made of stainless steel V4A, which has meanwhile been delivered several times. The result: a customized solution that meets the highest standards, ensuring that people all over the world can make their purchases with counterfeit-proof banknotes.    

news-507 Fri, 22 Jan 2021 11:00:00 +0100 häwa starts the new year optimistically with investments in personnel and machinery /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-geht-mit-investitionen-in-belegschaft-und-maschinenpark-optimistisch-in-das-jahr Wain, January 20, 2021. häwa, the leading international control cabinet specialist based in Wain (Southern Germany), is optimistic about the financial year 2021. The Managing Director, Arno Müller, explains in an interview why his company is well positioned despite Corona and the existing turbulence in the entire mechanical engineering sector and that they are currently implementing an investment program to prepare for further growth. Question: At the beginning of the year you can' t, of course, ignore the world-wide dominating topic. How has häwa weathered the Corona crisis so far?

Arno Müller: "So far, we came relatively unscathed through the crisis and, of course, we are doing everything possible to ensure that this will remain unchanged. Thanks to a strict hygiene concept, we had a very low rate of corona infections in our operating environment. We felt the effects more in how we could communicate with our customers. Trade shows were completely canceled, and many customer appointments were either postponed or completely canceled. However, we managed to make the best out of the situation - for example, with a roadshow which we will continue in 2021.“

Question: It is well known that every crisis is also an opportunity. häwa has recently invested heavily. What exactly are you planning for the company?

Arno Müller: “Our prime objective is to advance our technical innovation to be always close to the market. One example is a completely new, fully automatic bending center which we will put into operation in February. With our investments in new machinery and production processes, we are continuing our course of being able to work as efficiently as possible for our customers.“

Question: You are not only investing in machines, but also in your employees. Can you give us an idea of what this means?

Arno Müller: "Our employees are our most important asset! As we always expanded in recent years, for us it’s an important matter to continuously focus on improving working conditions. Ergonomic and back-friendly assembly stations provide a healthy working environment to relieve our production employees. A brand-new extraction system in the welding shop ensures clean air. Soundproof rooms make work more comfortable. All in all, we have recently invested a mid-six-figure euro amount in these areas."

Question: An excellent example of an investment in the future is also the company’s own training workshop.

Arno Müller: "Yes, indeed. Our own training workshop has definitely proven to be successful. In times of an impending shortage of skilled workers, we consciously selected this path. Two employees are dedicated to looking after our trainees and many of our currently more than 30 apprentices find a safe job with us after their education. We are happy - and very proud - of this."

Question: What is your general assessment of the current economic situation and political conditions?

Arno Müller: "The entire Central European machinery market is marked by economic challenges, primarily coming from the automotive industry. At the moment, no one can foresee exactly where the journey is heading. This topic will definitely occupy us over the next twelve to 24 months. This is compounded by the substantial uncertainties caused by the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the German mechanical engineering sector has a very healthy basis. I’m am optimistic and, despite the fragile general conditions, we are well positioned for the future. After some interim declines, häwa is currently recording further stable growth rates. Although still on a rather cautious scale - we look positive into the future."

Question: One last question to conclude: As Managing Director of häwa GmbH, what are your personal wishes for 2021?

Arno Müller: "That's no question - I wish for our employees, their families and for our customers that we all stay healthy and that we will soon find our way back to a certain normality, as far as this will be possible. We will then work out everything else together on a daily basis."

news-494 Mon, 09 Nov 2020 07:30:00 +0100 Interview häwa Bad Wörishofen /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/interview-haewa-bad-woerishofen Lutz Georgi (51) has joined häwa 21 years ago and as operations manager he is responsible for the Bad Wörishofen site. We talked to him about the company and the location in the industrial area of the Kneipp health resort in the German region Unterallgäu. Question: What does häwa manufacture at the Bad Wörishofen site?

Lutz Georgi: häwa is a manufacturer of electrical enclosures, control cabinets and customized enclosures for housing electrical components. One of the great häwa success stories of the recent years is the patented machine rack X-frame, which is mainly manufactured here in Bad Wörishofen. X-frame is a modular system for implementing customized machine racks and enclosures. Many of our products are individual solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our customers come from various industries - and from all over the world.

Question: How many employees do you currently have at the site in Bad Wörishofen?

Lutz Georgi: We have currently about 70 employees in the production, shipping, calculation and engineering departments. You can say that the heart of X-frame beats here in Bad Wörishofen.

Question: What are the advantages of the Bad Wörishofen site?

Lutz Georgi: Bad Wörishofen is not a strategically chosen location. The company was originally founded by Maschinenfabrik Härdtle KG in Wain, and Hans Springer in Bad Wörishofen. In 2000 the Bad Wörishofen site became an integrated part of häwa and has been continuously expanded and modernized during the last years. We have a very good connection to the freeway and we have no problems to find skilled workers and trainees in our area. And I would like to emphasize that we are lucky to be located here in such a beautiful area.

Question: How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect your company?

Lutz Georgi: The really positive thing is: thanks to our sophisticated hygiene concept, Corona was and is actually no problem for our staff members. Luckily, none of our employees was infected. The fact that we received more notifications of illness than usual is due to caution - we recommended our staff members staying at home even with normal cold symptoms. Of course, we are also affected by the economic impact of Corona. No trade fairs, considerably less customer appointments and, after years of growth, a small decrease in business development.

Question: Do you have a prognosis for the year 2021?

Lutz Georgi: Our top product X-frame places us in a strong position. We are generally continuing with our plans to further expand the Bad Wörishofen site but realistically have to face two challenges at once: First, the crisis in mechanical engineering, which was already apparent independently of Corona, and then, of course, the Corona crisis itself.  At the moment, no one can make a forecast for the coming months and whether we will actually achieve a return to normality by spring 2021 - as we hope. However, we are sticking to our growth strategy and hope to achieve a significant double-digit percentage growth for our special products in the financial year 2021.

news-487 Tue, 03 Nov 2020 08:57:35 +0100 häwa Case – Control Cabinet USA /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-case-control-cabinet-usa When the leading control cabinet manufacturer invests his entire know-how to develop a customized solution for one of the world's leading electrical and electronics companies, the aim of both partners is no less than to develop an optimum product that meets all requirements and sets new standards. Starting in 2018 with the initial inquiry from the U.S., this project turned into a great success story for the diligent Swabians. More than 450 employees worldwide produce over 80.000 large control cabinets and 120,000 housings per year, making häwa the premier address for customized, flexible solutions based on a well-designed standard product range. This is precisely why the U.S. subsidiary of one of the world's leading technology companies contacted the German specialists from Wain (Baden-Württemberg) and their U.S. subsidiary in Duluth, GA about two years ago. All customized solutions are based on häwa’s free-standing and modular cabinets which have been proven in thousands of applications.

The standard range of enclosures and cabinets with its ergonomic designs and impressive functions, its stability and very high load carrying capacity, provide a strong basic offering. With various sizes and configurations, different protection ratings and global accreditations like CE and UL, and a wide range of accessories, the possibilities to adapt to the specific application are sheer endless.

During the last two years, häwa has lived up to its reputation of being the Number 1 in control cabinet production for complex requirements of a major customer who is looking for the perfect solution without compromises. The modular cabinet combination consists of a sheet steel cabinet with RAL 9010 polyester surface finish for outdoor installation with special features such as a projecting rain roof and a stainless steel base, powder coated in RAL 9005.

Furthermore, it is equipped with transport rails which are removed after installation. The cabinet interior is protected against extreme temperatures and noise; additional grounding studs provide improved EMC shielding. The cabinet is equipped with customized components and has filter fans and rain covers installed. It is based on UL-Type 12 and then upgraded by the customer to Type 3R for use as a transformer cabinet for electrical charging stations. What began in 2019 with the delivery of 30 cabinets to the USA has since evolved into an optimized version that is now produced and delivered in large quantities.

news-486 Fri, 23 Oct 2020 06:42:35 +0200 häwa road show creates new networks /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-road-show-creates-new-networks The machine rack X-frame is on tour. The truck made a pit stop at the company Beck Automation in Würzburg (Germany). The innovative machine rack impressed the guests at the demonstration to a small group of customers. Wain/Würzburg - 22.10.2020 - Shortly after 7 a.m. the häwa show truck arrived at the Beck-Automation premises in Würzburg. The trailer was parked, the side walls of the showroom were opened and through the large windows you could clearly see the illuminated interior of the X-frame demonstration cell. Since early September, the control cabinet manufacturer häwa has travelled through Germany, Austria as well as Switzerland to showcase their machine racks - and what was originally intended as an alternative to the cancelled trade fairs is now proving to be an innovative and communicative way to meet interested customers directly.

At many stations, including Beck Automation in Würzburg, the companies use the presentation day to invite their own customers and partners. "I thought that was a great idea of häwa", says Beck’s managing director Bernd Baumgartner, "and a good opportunity to form new networks with our contacts". This morning, for example, the häwa expert, Andreas Maier, introduced the X-frame system to two designers from a major automotive supplier in the region, showing them the whole demonstration cell, equipped with a variety of extensions and accessories. He also explained to them the principle of the cables fitting into the struts, the effective laser protection, the flexibility of the modular system, as well as the stainless steel construction option. "We have already heard a lot about X-frame," said the guests, "but when you see such a construction directly in front of you, it is really impressive.“ They told us that they had manufactured their own robot racks in their factory in the past, but had often reached technical limits: "X-frame will be a real alternative in future.“

To illustrate their capabilities, häwa equipped the demonstration cell with a robot arm and a monitor, that displays the additional program of the control cabinet manufacturer - especially the customized solutions. Exactly these customized solutions are one of the reasons why Bernd Baumgartner, managing director of Beck Automation, has relied on häwa as a supplier for many years. "Whenever we cannot use standard products or, for example, need stainless steel constructions, we, as a traditional company, could count on häwa for many years, and together, we have always found optimum customized solutions," he stated - and afterwards he explained the latest Beck innovation to a show truck visitor. For example, Beckmann mounts used electric car batteries in solar power systems to temporarily store the energy.

Just in time for the end of the working day, the walls of the häwa truck are closed and the journey continues towards the Dutch border, where new networks will be created on the following day - and the X-frame machine rack conquers further customers. "Well, on a real trade fair there is certainly more space for exhibits and also a higher visitor frequency", says häwa marketing consultant Kathrin Lay, "but our new truck concept in corona times offers the possibility of an intensive, personal and, above all, technical expert advice. In addition, the customer saves the time for the journey".

The häwa show truck is on tour until early December. A few more dates can be arranged at www.haewa.com/roadshow-x-frame

news-477 Thu, 08 Oct 2020 11:10:00 +0200 “We find solutions for you " – Interview with Kristin Heinrici, häwa USA /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/wir-sind-loesungsfinder-interview-mit-kristin-heinrici-haewa-usa Kristin Heinrici is häwa's representative in the United States. Every week we receive a container with control cabinets. Because: "Americans love German products." Who buys häwa products in America?
We have a very diverse range of clients. We are very active in the food industry, in the pharmaceutical sector, in Texas also in the oil and gas industry, but of course mainly in mechanical engineering. In agriculture, we are very well represented in chicken farms, which are fully automated in the United States. You can also find our hygiene cabinets in many large bakeries.

Do you know any of these companies?
Of course, Coca Cola, for example, uses many häwa products.

Why do Americans like German products?
„Made in Germany" is always synonymous with top quality - continuously and over a very long period of time. This applies in particular to häwa products - which set us apart from our competitors. American customers appreciate the customer service and the clever technical details of many German products.

What's a häwa bestseller overseas?
Very large control cabinets sell really well. This distinguishes ourselves clearly from our competitors and our prices are very competitive. 

Can you describe the day-to-day work of the häwa representative in the United States?
My job is divided into two parts. Half the time I'm in our Duluth, Georgia office. The other half, I travel across the continent to personally support important clients. 

When visiting customers, what do you tell them about häwa?
I tell them that for me, häwa is more than just a manufacturer of control cabinets. häwa is a customer-focused company producing solutions for the customers’ individual requirements.

Are there any questions about the origin of häwa?
Yes indeed, and when I tell them that the häwa's headquarters is situated in the south of Germany, most of them are happy and answer: "Aha, that's where the beer and brass music comes from"!

How do you deliver a control cabinet from Wain, for example, to Wyoming?
We always have control cabinets in stock in the United States because every week, we receive one container per sea freight from Bremerhaven to Savannah. From there it is transported to our warehouse by truck - about 450 kilometers. We modify 90 percent of these cabinets on site and deliver them afterwards to the customer. We have a total of 11 employees in Duluth. If things have to be done very quickly, we also use air freight, because a container has a transit time of about four weeks from door to door.

How does the Corona pandemic affect American businesses?
The United States is currently severely affected by the Corvid 19 pandemic and häwa USA cannot emerge completely unscathed from the crisis. But our industry still has a lot of work to do. The evolution of the pandemic will be decisive for the future of the US economy.


news-475 Tue, 15 Sep 2020 09:38:00 +0200 X-frame impresses the experts /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/x-frame-begeistert-das-fachpublikum The häwa machine rack is a success story in functionality, flexibility, practical relevance and sophisticated design. It’s applications possibilities are expanded continuously. häwa will go on tour this fall with the X-frame machine rack in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. As requirements for machine racks in different application areas become more and more sophisticated and versatile, häwa reacts and makes its X-frame machine rack even more flexible. The modular system, patented since 2008, features easy opening flaps on the struts, thereby providing quick access to all installed cables and lines. häwa has extended the modular design, which now makes on-site assembly even more convenient, faster and cost-effective. Time savings of up to 30 percent are possible.
häwa designs and manufactures every X-frame machine rack according to the customers’ requirements. Thanks to the close contact between the end users and the manufacturer, the rack has been optimized continuously over the years. Project Manager Volker Ott: "We have developed our machine racks and adapted them to future requirements consistently, and we will continue to make them even better, more efficient and safer. Our goal is to find the perfect solution for every requirement". He emphasizes that ergonomics and corporate design are becoming more and more important for many companies: "We can adapt our solutions to these requirements and thus create a high degree of individuality.“
X-frame currently is mostly appreciated in areas where robots are used. From hanging and standing robots to lateral adaptations, everything is possible. Depending on the requirements, the customer can choose between three different load carrying capacities when designing the X-frame rack: Frame struts made of 1.5 mm sheet steel, Pro-X struts made of 3 mm sheet steel and highly robust robot struts made of 13 mm sheet steel. The struts are compatible with each other so they can be combined within one system, thereby providing ideal adaptation for uses in all areas of the plant with reduction and optimization of weight and costs. During the planning phase häwa offers an optional FEM calculation, ensuring an optimized pick accuracy and vibration behavior. The windows of the robot cells are made of polycarbonate, whereby the thickness of the material can be freely selected. Other materials can also be used for customized designs.  

With the X-frame system we have developed a laser protection standard that is used up to laser protection class 4. We offer pre-fabricated laser components, which are combined to a highly effective protection system, including for example, overlapping door systems, frame labyrinths and corresponding windows. For high-power lasers we offer protective cells with active laser protection, like for example LaserSpy. On this basis, X-frame can also be used to design light-tight systems that have proven particularly successful in welding and bonding systems where there is a risk of harmful UV light being emitted to the outside. Light-proof systems are also used in optical measuring systems. In order to eliminate even the last reflections, the inside of these cells can be coated in matt black.  

For hygienic areas, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industry, häwa offers stainless steel X-frame racks either in V2A or V4A. These cells are also successfully used in clean rooms for the production of photovoltaic systems and in wafer manufacturing. häwa also offers painted stainless steel versions for different clean room classes. Other materials for the construction of a machine rack are possible, for example in electroplating or coating systems that require a high degree of cleaning. The X-frame surfaces in hygiene areas are processed to the required standards and all control cabinets are equipped with appropriate seals.  

At häwa we have standardized on different door systems for the X-frame models, including normal hinged doors, sliding and lifting doors, folding doors as well as pneumatic and electric door systems. Furthermore, the customer can choose from a wide range of handles, hinges and door locking systems. Lifting door systems have proven particularly successful in the past, because they provide fast, safe, continuous and free access to the system. Project manager Volker Ott: “We have developed a cost-effective and space-saving system with integrated mechanical feeder. This eliminates interfering and space-consuming counterweights. The required guides are mounted intelligently and space-saving in the vertical corner struts.” Thanks to the hidden cable routing and individual coating options, X-frame is a real eye-catcher that offers high functionality.  

In order to present the innovative X-frame machine frame in detail, häwa has built a sample cell that will go on tour this fall in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This cell will be presented in a show truck directly to customers and prospective customers on site. Please contact häwa's sales partners or www.haewa.com/roadshow-x-frame to arrange an appointment.

news-474 Wed, 19 Aug 2020 07:20:59 +0200 From Wain to the World /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/von-wain-in-die-welt häwa is one of the leading manufacturers of control cabinets, enclosures, machine racks and components. The company is specialized in manufacturing customized solutions based on the company’s innovative spirit. Wain. If you visit the Swabian village Wain with its beautiful castle, surrounded by forests, you will probably see the company häwa. The large production halls and warehouses in the industrial area can be clearly seen and many people, living in Wain, also work there. "We attach great importance to regionality", says managing director Arno Müller, "a lot of our employees have been working in our company for many years and have contributed to our great success”. The staff comprises more than 450 people at three locations in South Germany, which manufacture about 70,000 large control cabinets per year. About 250 employees are currently working at the headquarter in Wain.

At the beginning of 2020, Arno Müller was still optimistic but with Corona, things have developed quite different than expected. Of course, häwa is also affected by the economic impact of Corona, but they used the time to develop a marketing strategy for the innovative and patented X-frame machine rack system. Since September, a show truck has been travelling from Wain through Germany, Austria and Switzerland to present the X-frame machine rack - one of the company's bestsellers - directly to customers on site. "Since our most important trade fairs were cancelled or will only take place on a smaller scale", stated Müller, "we had to develop a new sales concept".

Ideas are the core business of häwa – according to the company’s philosophy "Living ideas". Most of our products are customized solutions to meet the specific requirements which are planned, designed and manufactured in close cooperation with the customer. In the manufacturing process, the company focuses on consistent environmental protection: The roofs of the company buildings in Wain are equipped with solar collectors and in spring a team of four trainees researched further energy-saving possibilities. The result of these "energy scouts" has convinced the management and currently all neon tubes and light bulbs are being replaced by LED lights.

"The location Wain offers great advantages", says Arno Müller, "because the Swabian virtues such as diligence, tinkering and inventiveness have always prevailed here". This is exactly what makes the "Made in Germany" trademark so valuable for him. häwa customers appreciate not only the reliability, but also the high quality of the products which are produced here in the area between Ulm and Allgäu. häwa has always looked beyond its own nose in its more than 100-year old company history: Today the medium-sized company has sales offices in many European countries and even in the USA. Every week at least one complete shipping container filled with control cabinets and enclosures made of sheet steel, stainless steel and aluminum leaves the village in the German region Oberwaben to begin its journey across the Atlantic. Arno Müller considers häwa well prepared for the future: "The requirement for flexible and modular solutions is unlimited. While Corona may result in a decline in some industrial sectors, the demand is growing in other fields", since control cabinets, enclosures and machine racks are needed everywhere. They are the so-called casing for the brain of an industrial plant, i.e. for sensitive computers, measuring and control technology. If required, this enclosure can be air-conditioned, completely illuminated or designed to ensure that liquids and cleaning agents can drain off easily. Today, the X-frame machine rack is already used wherever robots and lasers are in operation. Arno Müller is convinced, that this industry will become more and more important in the future. Do you think that you are an encourager? "I am a person who bravely steps forward and if I can inspire and motivate others, then I'm sure, that I'm a real encourager."

news-473 Tue, 11 Aug 2020 09:13:00 +0200 X-frame machine rack on tour /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/x-frame-machine-rack-on-tour With modular machine housings from häwa In February, Managing Director Arno Müller was still optimistic about the new year. But then Corona came and everything changed. Almost everything. But häwa, the control cabinet manufacturer, is still looking optimistically into the future. The company demonstrates with the modular X-frame machine racks its know-how on all levels. Wain - 11.8.2020 – Normally, häwa presents their latest products at major trade fairs. Since this is not or only partially possible due to Corona, the manufacturer of control cabinets, enclosures and machine racks reacts with a creative concept and presents its modular system for machine housings directly to the customer via a roadshow. "The idea seemed obvious, since we have been using our modified truck for many years to visit interested companies and to present our tool program directly on site. The truck is several weeks a year on tour for demonstrations at the customer sites - why not with other häwa products as well", asked Managing Director Arno Müller and recognized immediately two advantages of the idea: "First, we can meet our customers directly and then have - much better than at a trade fair - the possibility of showing and explaining our innovations and discussing new projects directly with the customer". He added that this is particularly beneficial to häwa's traditional principle of developing individual solutions together with the customers. The company from Wain (Germany) is well-known for manufacturing control cabinets, enclosures and machine housings not only off-the-shelf, but also for designing, producing and delivering each product according to the specifications of the end user.   

From September to the beginning of December, the show truck will travel through Germany, Switzerland and Austria and present the X-frame machine rack with its versatile application possibilities, including for example, laser protection, robotics, door systems, applications in the hygiene sector and swiveling control cabinets.

X-frame has become a synonym for functionality, flexibility, practical experience and sophisticated design in the customized machine construction sector. Häwa's system is designed to install all attachments and cables inside the frame of the machine rack. "We are very proud of these results," says Managing Director Arno Müller, "we have consistently optimized the machine racks and adapted them to meet future requirements”. It is not only a great pleasure to be able to explain this principle directly at the customers' company door, but also offers the opportunity to refine the X-frame product. Arno Müller: "With every contact with the experts from the field, we get new suggestions, ideas and valuable tips to make the machine rack even better". 

The häwa Roadshow will start on September 14. Dates can be arranged at www.haewa.com/roadshow-x-frame.

news-452 Fri, 19 Jun 2020 10:10:00 +0200 Control Cabinets Produced with Green Electricity /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/control-cabinets-produced-with-green-electricity Trainees become "energy scouts" at häwa. First projects result in significant electricity savings. The goal: production of control cabinets with 100% green electricity. Vanessa, Maren, Jan and Lukas are trainees at häwa. During the 3 years of their apprenticeship, the trainees pass through all administrative, manufacturing and warehousing departments and gain a complete overview of the company's business procedures. But what about energy management? "Somehow we didn't take this topic into account," says Maren, "we just pressed the button and the light turned on”. But for a power-intensive company such as the control cabinet manufacturer häwa, every kilowatt hour is important. For many years häwa has been installing solar collectors on the company roofs, which produce about 1 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year - that's as much as required for 400 single-family homes. "We have already achieved an impressive result," says Jan, "but we think there is still room for improvement.

So they formed the häwa energy scout team and organized two workshops in six months on the topics of climate change, greenhouse gases and raw material reserves. They concluded that the first thing to do was to replace the old neon tubes in the punch and bend shop and training workshop with LEDs. Therefore, they counted the lamps, marked them on the hall plans and measured light intensity, efficiency and energy consumption.

At the häwa site in Bad Wörishofen, which has already been converted to LEDs, they documented the amount of heat generated by the neon tubes compared to LEDs using thermal cameras. "We worked very hard on this," said Lukas, "because it's the only way to understand the context. The four trainees are now even allowed to present their results to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Ulm.

"I am very proud that we are training such committed young people," says Dr. Georg Härdtle, member of the häwa board of directors and responsible for energy management. "This is also a very important topic for us, as we have a growing number of customers who specifically ask, for example, for the C02 footprint of our company or a specific product and this is often a determining factor in the purchasing decision.”

The team of Energy Scouts is currently and in the coming months implementing many other projects. For example, the installation of presence sensors for light control, the coupling of ventilation systems to light switches, but above all the sensitization of employees to environmental issues.

For example, a common goal could be to produce control cabinets entirely from green electricity. "We still need 300,000 kilowatt hours per year to achieve this goal," said Dr. Härdtle," which would be possible with an additional 3,000 square meters of solar collectors. Would that be possible? "I am convinced that we can realize this in the medium term".

news-447 Fri, 29 May 2020 10:10:00 +0200 Extensive certification program at häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/extensive-certification-program-at-haewa The control cabinet manufacturer häwa in Wain (South Germany) is continuously optimizing its quality management. Two recertifications in 2019, followed by two more in 2020 häwa, the quality supplier for control cabinets and machine racks from Wain (South Germany), can look back on two recertifications. On one hand, the company has been certified several times according to DIN EN ISO 9001, the most important standard in quality management. On the other hand, häwa meets the requirements of DIN EN 15085-2 CL4, which is decisive for companies dealing with welded components in the railway engineering sector. "We are very pleased to meet these diverse and very high requirements," says Marcel Pahnke, häwa's representative for quality management, enabling us to provide sophisticated products and services". An accredited certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001 not only guarantees customer confidence, but is also a sign of häwa's enormous innovative strength and an award for modern manufacturing technologies and the traditional company concept, which offers customers added value through intelligent, customized solutions. For this purpose, häwa has established a permanent work team at the Bad Wörishofen site. This quality assurance system primarily dealed with the handling of complaints in interdisciplinary teams, but shortly it has proven to be an extremely effective and versatile optimization instrument for the customers' benefit. The high level of adapting standard products quickly and economically to customer requirements is the result of the improved availability of resources and processes within the häwa company. "Today we are able to develop, produce and distribute our products under constantly optimized conditions", says Marcel Pahnke. "Feedback from our customers is implemented directly in the improvement process.

The DIN EN 15085-2 certification entitles häwa to supply welded assemblies to Deutsche Bahn or its partners which are subsequently used in rail transport. Thus, häwa can now serve customers who, for example, manufacture or equip railcars or wagons. Marcel Pahnke said: "Another success for us, which is particularly due to the high motivation of the teams at the headquarters in Wain and our office in Duisburg".

Since March 2014, the site in Wain has also been certified according to DIN EN ISO 3834-3 - and in 2020, recertification was completed. This standard includes quality requirements for the fusion welding of metallic materials and the processing of the special material S355.

A revision of the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard for energy management, which häwa has been implementing since 2014, has resulted in the establishment of a binding framework, defining the basic conditions for the optimization of the energy-related performance and the required processes.

häwa has installed solar collectors on the building roofs, which currently produce about 1 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. häwa's trainees are working on a project to reduce energy consumption.

news-441 Fri, 08 May 2020 10:10:00 +0200 One sensor, several functions /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/one-sensor-several-functions häwa optimized their "Sensor Operated LED" control cabinet lights. Close cooperation with end users pays off once again. Wain – 30th April 2020 – The häwa “sensor operated LED“ cabinet lights are based on a simple working principle: When opening the cabinet door, an optical sensor is activated and the cabinet light illuminates the cabinet interior. No toggle switches, no buttons, no motion sensors - a very simple principle which can be mounted extremely quickly and easily, even in case of retrofitting. "In the past months we have received a lot of praise from our customers for this innovation", said Stefan Kaufer, Sales Manager of South Germany at häwa, " since the lack of lighting in control cabinets often gave reason for complaints, especially from fitters". The motion sensors often used in the past, required regular waving movements to reactivate the light.

This problem could partly be solved with the introduction of the sensor operated LED lamp, but if the cabinet was equipped with a filter fan or an air conditioner, a door contact switch was still required to activate or deactivate them. “We were able to replace this last mechanical element by additional contacts which perform this function”, stated Stefan Kaufer. "By integrating the sensor, it is possible to operate the devices directly between 230V and 24V, fulfilling thus two working steps in one step".

Thanks to this innovation, it is possible to eliminate a further, often time-consuming processing step during assembly and maintenance. Most of the häwa control cabinets
are customized solutions, designed in close cooperation with the customer. It is precisely this close proximity to practical applications that leads to solutions that seem very simple at first glance, but which offer considerable advantages. For example, the recently modified FixCool filter fans, which provide now significantly more performance with less energy consumption.
The new Sensor Operated LED lamp is expected to be approved before the end of 2020. Delivery will be effected immediately after receipt of the approval.

news-437 Wed, 01 Apr 2020 10:24:00 +0200 Scholarship for Annika Thanner /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/scholarship-for-annika-thanner The häwa employee is entitled to participate in a training program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Annika Thanner trained as an industrial manager at häwa and passed her exam in 2018 with an excellent result of 90 out of 100 possible points. Max-Martin W. Deinhard, Managing Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), presented Annika Thanner for her excellent exam results with a scholarship certificate at the trade and training fair in Ulm.
Only 19 people from the district of Alb-Danube, the administrative district of Biberach and the city of Ulm have received this award and are now benefiting from a comprehensive training program. "After having completed this further training, young people will have exactly the same future prospects as with an academic degree," said Deinhard.
Each prizewinner will receive up to 8,100 euros for the duration of three years for his or her professional qualification. Annika Thanner already knows how to invest the money: From September 2020, she will start an additional training as an industrial business administrator in Memmingen. We at häwa congratulate her on this success and are very pleased that our traditionally first-class training is now also being honored nationally.


news-433 Mon, 09 Mar 2020 10:24:00 +0100 A success story /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/a-success-story The sales office of the control cabinet and enclosure manufacturer häwa has been located in Duisburg for 50 years and currently employs 18 staff members Exactly 50 years ago, in 1970, häwa decided to open a sales office in Duisburg. "Our decision to expand towards the north has proven to be correct and good, since the site developed very well”, stated the Managing Director Arno Müller. häwa is the brand manufacturer of control cabinets, enclosures and machine racks based in Wain near Ulm (South Germany). The office started in 1970 with three employees in the Gehrstraße in the district Neumühl in Duisburg.Only ten years later, the employees moved into an own building in the new industrial area called “Neumühl”, Theodor-Heuss-Street. “We feel at home here” says branch manager Sebastian Gebhardt. "In the meantime, our team has grown to 18 staff members and we currently have an annual turnover of approximately 10 million euros".The office in the Ruhr area is responsible for the sales and logistics for the customers from the west and north of Germany. Managing Director Arno Müller commented: “We have been able to establish successful business relationships for decades, proving that our business philosophy of working out customized solutions in close cooperation with our customers is successful”. He expressly thanked the colleagues in Duisburg for their outstanding efforts and exceptional commitment, which had contributed to this success. "häwa will continue to be a reliable partner for customers and suppliers at this site." 

news-428 Wed, 12 Feb 2020 10:24:00 +0100 Expansion in New Sectors /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/expansion-in-new-sectors The cabinet manufacturer häwa in Wain has big plans for 2020. ”With us, you get everything from one source”, stated the managing director Arno Müller in an interview. "Owing to this major advantage we will be able to score in the highly competitive market." Wain – 10th February 2020 – Mr. Müller, häwa looks back at a successful business year 2019. What do you think were the most important success factors of the last year?
The last business year was extremely exciting and challenging and we owe our success mainly to the excellent work of our staff members. We always focus on meeting our customer requirements and demands and in return our customers place their trust in us, appreciate our reliability, our high level of professionalism, our requirement-oriented production as well as our punctuality in project implementation.
Last year, we concentrated our efforts on adapting häwa to the changed market situation and on developing what has always distinguished us from our competitors: being innovative, continuous development and above all our personal contact to those who deal with our products every day.

In many sectors there are signs of an economic slowdown. What steps will you take to master the current year successfully and profitably?
Although the prospects for economic growth degraded also in our sector, we expect a positive year 2020. We are open for new ventues and will focus on those sectors which we expect will further expand, including the building automation, medical technology and the packaging and food industries. As a single source, we will provide everything from conception and design to production and logistics. This distinguishes us from our competitors and will help us to strengthen our economic position in the future. In the beginning of the new year we were already able to successfully implement the first interesting projects. Furthermore, the whole team is highly motivated – and everyone knows, this motivation is the key to the success of being better than others.

How important are the regional roots of häwa in this case?
Regional roots play a major role and are a decisive factor for the success of our company. ”Made in Germany“ is actually more important than ever. Our Swabian virtues such as diligence, creativity and innovation help us to remain successful in the tense market. Our customers appreciate our constantly high degree of quality as well as our reliability and flexibility in implementing customized solutions. Whether in Germany, Europe, the USA or anywhere else in the world, we are always close to our customers. I’m convinced that our decentralized-regional position is exactly the reason why our customers do not only appreciate our products, but also value our comprehensive support from the first conversation to the final delivery. Comprehensive, personal support and professional know-how are always the focus, when you call häwa.

What innovations do you plan for 2020?
If I revealed our innovations in advance, they would no longer be surprising. But I can reveal the following: In 2020 we will amaze our customers with our innovative sensor-operated LED lights, with interesting new products of our tooling assortment, and our X-frame machine rack system will correspond to the UL regulations. But I hope that you will understand that I cannot reveal any more details today.

Mr. Müller, if you were Minister for Economic Affairs, which impetus would you consider necessary?
I highly respect the work of our Minister for Economic Affairs and I would not presume to think of a reversal of roles. But if he asked me, I would advise him to pay great attention to Germany’s energy security in the medium and above all – in the long term. In an increasingly digitized world, I think we should more than ever before, take advantage of the technological transformation and focus on an increased digitalization and reduced bureaucracy. The subject of protectionism in the foreign trade business is more topical than ever. Based on this situation, I think facilitating the export, the removal of trade barriers as well as the availability of well-trained specialists on the labor market are important factors which shall be implemented. My colleagues from medium-sized production companies will certainly agree with me.

Final question: What are your plans for häwa for the next 5 years? Can you submit a company forecast for 2025?
In five years, häwa will have significantly expanded manufacturing capacities and a standardized use of new technologies. We have already completed the plans for the new paint shop in Wain and in the long term, we also plan to expand the capacities at the Bad Wörishofen location step by step. Our continuously trained specialists and our highly developed outside sales force will enhance our competitiveness and strengthen our market position.  

news-423 Thu, 30 Jan 2020 10:24:00 +0100 häwa family mourns the loss of Tom Keizer /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-family-mourns-the-loss-of-tom-keizer There are days when the world seems to stop. Days full of mourning, compassion and the inevitable question "why"? On January 22nd, we received the sad news of the sudden death of our Dutch colleague in a tragic accident.

Tom Keizer, 40 years old, leaves behind his wife Martine and his 8-year old son Brent.

Tom Keizer was not only a wonderful colleague, working since 2012 as representative for our company, but he was also a good friend to many of us. No one was so proud to be a father like him. No one could make others laugh and motivate them, no one had such a positive attitude to life as Tom. With Tom, we lose a friend and we will sadly miss him. We offer our deepest condolences to his wife, son and his family.

Rest in peace, dear Tom and thank you for giving us the chance to meet you!


news-419 Tue, 26 Nov 2019 10:24:00 +0100 häwa managing director receives business award /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-managing-director-receives-business-award Arno Müller was honored for his regional commitment – he doubled the financial award and donated the money to two social institutions One of häwa's three locations in southern Germany is Bad Wörishofen. In the hometown of Sebastian Kneipp, häwa mainly produces the X-frame machine racks, one of the successful products of recent years. Now the city, the local savings bank and the local newspaper “Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung” have honored the häwa managing director Arno Müller with the business award 2019. Paul Gruschka, the mayor of Bad Wörishofen, emphasized at the award ceremony häwa’s, high innovative strength and pointed out that companies like häwa are often not the focus, but they are the pillars of our economy. "häwa’s high-quality work is valued worldwide".

Arno Müller was surprised by the award and announced that he intends to expand the Bad Wörishofen location by approx. 30,000 square meters. "There is a great demand for our high-quality products since we mainly produce to our customer requirements.”
The häwa managing director doubled the prize money of 1,000 Euro and donated it in equal parts to the multi-generation house for the compaign "Young people help old people" and to the kindergarten in Bad Wörishofen.

And last, but not least, you will find on the SPS fair häwa’s bestseller – the patented X-frame machine rack. A special demonstration cell will occupy a central position on the booth, showing in details the principle of almost infinite options: developing customized solutions together with the customer, producing high quality on site and guaranteeing upgradability.


news-410 Tue, 29 Oct 2019 10:24:00 +0100 Extensive häwa product exhibition /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/extensive-haewa-product-exhibition Häwa will expose at the SPS trade fair 2019 in Nuremberg the innovations of its extensive product portfolio, including various types of control cabinets, a large range of accessories and components (e.g. lamps and climate control products) and also the compact version of the X-frame machine rack, showing many customized solution examples. Nuremberg – 29 October 2019 – Over the past few months häwa, the brand manufacturer of control cabinets and customized cabinet solutions, has proved once more their knowledge and instincts for customer-focused innovations. Shortly after their presentation and market introduction, the three new and optimized products did not only cause quite a stir in the industry and among customers – but, what is even more important for the company - they resulted in a high degree of customer satisfaction.
The first new product is the internal cabinet lamp. After having already produced the first generation of the sensor operated LED lamp without door switch and motion sensor for the pure light ON/OFF function, häwa could now completely eliminate this door switch.

The second product is the optimized FixCool filter fan which can celebrate its premiere in 2019. For several weeks, häwa has already equipped their control cabinets with the new filter fans, gathering much positive feedback from their customers. With an air flow rate of up to 870 m³ per hour/512 cfm, the filter fans provide a reliable climate control and prevent the formation of so-called hot pockets, which often lead to overheating of individual components.
In optimizing the filter fans, häwa is not only responding to increasing miniaturization of components and small decentralized applications, but makes also a significant and innovative contribution to climate protection and sustainable development.
In the future, häwa will be focusing more intensively on environmentally-friendly energy efficiency – especially in the production site in Wain (south of Germany), where already many areas are supplied with self-generated solar energy.

And last, but not least, you will find on the SPS fair häwa’s bestseller – the patented X-frame machine rack. A special demonstration cell will occupy a central position on the booth, showing in details the principle of almost infinite options: developing customized solutions together with the customer, producing high quality on site and guaranteeing upgradability.


news-415 Tue, 29 Oct 2019 10:24:00 +0100 Rowing against cancer /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/rowing-against-cancer häwa sponsored winner boat at the charity regatta in Offenbach am Main The parents of young rowers got into the boat for the rowing club Wiking Offenbach and took part in the campaign "Rowing against cancer" in Offenbach.
The parents started in the race for the rowing club Wiking Offenbach.

häwa supported this campaign and the boat was spontaneously named "hä-wikinger" and got the häwa slogan "living ideas".

After the victory in the preliminary run in the mixed-boat class (FFMM), the parents succeeded also in the final run. The victory was honored with a trophy and it was celebrated with the obligatory champagne christening.

We thank our Maintal branch manager, Mr. Joachim Pfeiffer, for his commitment.

news-387 Mon, 09 Sep 2019 09:28:00 +0200 Experience, feel and create new ideas /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/experience-feel-and-create-new-ideas Häwa is focusing on two topics on the Motek 2019 in Stuttgart: Everything relating to X-frame machine racks and the optimized FixCool filter fans. Stuttgart – 9th September 2019 – “For many years, the Motek has been a key trade fair for us”, stated Stefan Kaufer, deputy sales manager of the control cabinet manufacturer häwa. “Here we reach specialists, dealing intensively and sustainably with our concepts, searching together with us for customized solutions”.
One of these successful concepts of the past years is the patented X-frame machine rack. häwa designed for the Motek, which will take place from 7th to 10th October in the trade fair halls in Stuttgart, a special demonstration cell, showing all possibilities, advantages and quality features such as the laser safety class, application possibilities in hygienic areas and also particularly solid sheet steel frames, housing all power cables and components. According to Stefan Kaufer, the X-frame innovations result from the direct contact with the customers who deal every day with our products.

Furthermore, häwa will exhibit their optimized FixCool filter fans for control cabinets in different colors and sizes, providing an extremely high efficiency with an air flow rate of 870 m³ per hour/512 cfm. Stefan Kaufer explains: “The improved häwa filter fans ensure maximum protection for small decentralized applications as well as complex high-performance systems. Using our FixCool fans, our customers are perfectly equipped for the future. At this year's Motek, we want to present and explain this valuable practical experience to the specialist audience, says Stefan Kaufer.

news-378 Thu, 09 May 2019 09:28:00 +0200 Many news at häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/many-news-at-haewa The control cabinet manufacturer from Wain will exhibit his products for the first time at the fair “all about automation 2019“ in Essen. häwa will present its new X-frame cell and fans. Wain – 9th May 2019 – The patented machine rack X-frame from häwa is not only an innovative product, but demonstrates also everyday its benefits in practical use with countless customers. Thus, the program has been constantly developed and optimized. For emphasizing the advantages, häwa designed a demonstration cell, including all technical possibilities - from the laser protection class up to an especially solid sheet steel frame for accommodating all power cables and other components. häwa will introduce this demonstration cell to a wide public at the fair ”all about automation“ which will take place from 5th to 6th June 2019 in Essen. "We are now able to show all X-frame possibilities even more clearly and vividly," says Volker Ott, head of department at häwa. ”This is most important for those customers, who attach great importance to customized solutions for the requirements of their machines. You can see at a glance many details and the versatility of the X-frame program. Our customers can concentrate on the technical design while we support them in the construction of their machine frame, saving thereby time and money.”

Apart from the X-frame machine rack, häwa will also introduce their new control cabinet fans in Essen, which are even more effective, quieter and energy-saving as well as a hygiene enclosure with optimized sealing, sim-plifying and shortening the cleaning procedure. Häwa will exemplify the company’s philosophy by means of a customized enclosure - working to-gether is the best method to being an asset to our customers. First, we dis-cuss the individual requirements with our customers and together with our specialists we will then produce and deliver an optimum customized solu-tion.
Volker Ott stated: ”We will present ourselves as an innovative and creative partner of the industrial automation industry. None of our products is just a ready-made standard machine rack, they are all adapted to the customers’ specific requirements.”

news-380 Thu, 09 May 2019 09:28:00 +0200 häwa revolutionizes cabinet climate control /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-revolutionizes-cabinet-climate-control Up to 870 m3 air flow per hour: The new FixCool filter fans impress with extremely high efficiency, a clip-fix system for quick assembly, and by highly economical operation. Wain –June 4, 2019 – The enclosure manufacturer häwa presents his latest filter fan FixCool - setting new standards in the field of electronics protection. From now on, the fans, available in RAL7035 and RAL9005, are offered for all cabinets, junction boxes and enclosures, ensuring a reliable dissipation of heated internal air. The newly developed fans with their innovative air flow system prevent the formation of so-called hot pockets, which often lead to overheating of individual components. Marco Schmid, project manager at häwa, stated: “Our product provides an even distribution of filtered ambient air ensuring maximum protection of sensitive components, whereby the cabinet maintains the protection rating of IP54. “

The häwa FixCool filter fans are equipped with temperature resistant fibrous web pads with progressive fiber construction, an improved filtering capacity, and a relatively low air resistance; reliably removing a wide variety of dust particles. “The constructive design of our filter fans ensures a protection rating of IP 54, including protection against splashing water”, emphasizes Marco Schmid. The protection rating can be easily increased to IP56 by mounting a corresponding protection cover.

The häwa filter fans have an air flow rate of 35 up to 870 m³ per hour – ensuring the right fit and reliable operation for a variety of different operation conditions. “We can ensure maximum protection for small decentralized applications as well as complex high-performance systems without a problem”, stated Marco Schmid.
The FixCool fans are available in two colors and for different sizes; now with the addition of a 177 x 177 mm cutout. The devices are cULus certificated for the North American market and sturdy plastic clips ensure a quick assembly. The filter pads can be easily exchanged thanks to a sophisticated folding mechanism, and the energy efficiency was increased significantly. Marco Schmid: „We are proud that we are able to offer our customers an affordable high efficiency filter and cooling device with very low operating costs. “

news-374 Wed, 13 Mar 2019 11:28:00 +0100 häwa Duisburg breaks the 10 million Euro sales mark /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-duisburg-breaks-the-10-million-euro-sales-mark Although the branch will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the coming year, they already got a first birthday present. The turnover figures from 2018 broke all previous records. Wain – 11th March 2019 – In 1970, häwa, the reliable supplier for high quality enclosures and cabinets opened its first branch in Duisburg. Thus, the brand will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020 – and now they managed for the first time to exceed the turnover volume of 10 million euro.” That is a magnificent success “ stated the brand manager Sebastian Gebhardt “and the customers’ focus proved to be the right strategy”.

16 motivated employees are actually working in the Duisburg sales and logistic department and furthermore, they educate every year new apprentices. The sales office services customers in northern and western Germany and technical salesmen, based in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony provide immediate on-site service and quick assistance regarding assembly, equipment and order placement.

häwa Duisburg has large warehouse capacities, offering their customers the possibility to sign framework agreements, i.e. häwa keeps stocks of finished products available, ensuring thereby short lead times to the customer’s requirements. The häwa company philosophy to find customized solutions to specific customers’ requirements and to offer professional advice and technical expertise for the product design, are always the focus when you call the sales office Duisburg or any other häwa office. Sebastian Gebhard stated: “I am convinced that the closeness to our customers was the key to success in order to exceed the sales mark of 10 million euro. We are really pleased about this success but those who know häwa also know that this is another motivation to pursue our company slogan “Live your ideas” even more intensively.”

news-355 Fri, 07 Dec 2018 09:00:00 +0100 Thanks to all organizers and participants of the SPS fair /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/thanks-to-all-organizers-and-participants-of-the-sps-fair Redesigned booth with accentuated highlights and satisfied visitors The year 2018 is coming to an end and the last SPS trade fair in Nuremberg rounds off the successful trade fair year of the company haewa. At this fair we were able to present our redesigned booth to a broad public for the first time and we received a consistently positive feedback from our visitors.
However, the atmosphere at a booth depends quite decisively on its staff members, who bring it to life, represent the company and conduct not only sales conversations, but also lead the way to a positive company image.
Everyone who has ever been at a fair knows that such days are exhausting. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your enormous commitment, the many contacts and your interesting conversations and for the result that haewa returns once more from a fair and everyone can say: “Yes, we have good products with an excellent response on the market”. Your exemplary efforts in this success has made haewa an even greater asset.
Thanks also to our warm-up representative Jörg Burkhardt, who created together with our visitors and his bike artful pictures, ensuring that haewa is not only present in production plants and assembly halls, but also framed on many office walls throughout Europe.

news-337 Thu, 27 Sep 2018 08:00:00 +0200 The X-frame family is continuously growing /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/the-x-frame-family-is-continuously-growing Häwa presents its new manual workstation at the Motek Fair 2018 in Stuttgart. It was developed by the innovative team that has already designed the successful X-frame machine rack program. Stuttgart – 20th September 2018 – Over the last few years, häwa has not only gained a lot of experience with its patented X-frame machine racks, but has also continuously expanded its application areas. At the Motek fair 2018, which takes place from 8th to 11th October in Stuttgart, the quality supplier for electrical enclosures and control cabinets from Wain shows its new manual workstation and thus emphasizes the claim to combine innovation, highest quality and the realization of customers’ requirements. Volker Ott, head of the X-frame department at häwa stated: “This “little brother” shows that the X-frame system offers an unlimited array of applications. No matter if you require a small mounting area or even large housings, everything is possible with the X-frame machine racks”.

The häwa manual workstation is provided with an easy-to-use and flexible electrical table height adjustment system. Just like all other X-frame machine racks, this type can also be equipped with pneumatic and electric connections, monitors, 19”-slide-in modules or sliding bars for battery-operated screwdrivers to the customers’ individual requirements. In order to make häwa's high quality visible and tangible to the outside as well, the rack surface is finished in a complex process with robust ESD powder coating.

Volker Ott explains: “Our complete machine rack program, including also the manual workstation, do not just roll off a production line, but are individually designed to the customers’ specific requirements. Our customers can concentrate on the technical design while we support them in the construction of their machine frame, saving thereby time and money.”

With the X-frame program, häwa, the quality supplier of enclosures and control cabinets, has not only developed a pioneering product, but has also launched a completely new and patented system to the market.

The program features a modular, extremely robust frame made of sheet steel in various stabilities. The machine rack has lockable flaps for the safe and comfortable internal routing of cables, power supplies or other components. The latest developments from häwa include a new space-saving lift door system, a laser protection and a lightproof version. The X-frame enclosure can be equipped with extremely sturdy struts for the use of highly dynamic robots. If the machine racks are used in food and pharmaceutical industries, in clean rooms and wet areas, they can be provided with appropriate seals, sloping drainage surfaces and glued windows in accordance with the customers’ specific requirements. Control cabinets by häwa can even be mounted directly to a rotating frame on the X-frame cell.

Volker Ott expressed: “I’m looking forward to demonstrating the continuously growing X-frame family to the Motek visitors”. I’m convinced that the manual workstation at the häwa stand will not only attract attention, but will also convince the experts. Our customers appreciate the flexibility of the large X-frame racks for many years, and they will also love our excellent solutions for the small workstations”.

news-353 Thu, 27 Sep 2018 08:00:00 +0200 “No chance for vandals“ /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/no-chance-for-vandals häwa presents at the SPS Fair in Nuremberg new enclosures with specific protection against vandalism: robust frame, high material thickness, washable surface. Nürnberg – 30th October 2018 – häwa, the quality supplier of enclosures, cabinets and machine racks, is for many years also very successful in protecting sensible components against external influence – and in particular against vandalism. For example, häwa developed for the German Bahn AG in Karlsruhe specific display boards for train platforms which are protected against stone damages. Now, häwa is showing on the SPS IPC Drives from 27th to 29th November in Nuremberg its new range of cabinets, providing not only high resistance against outdoor violence but also powerful protection against various scenarios in the factories. Thomas Eglof, product manager at häwa stated: “Our cabinets must be prepared for the Industry 4.0,  that means to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Thus our cabinets must be designed and constructed in such a way that the built-in devices and components are safely protected against dust, water, draught and also against vandalism. Formerly, it was usually no problem to install a normal fuse in a sheet metal cabinet, but today, the cabinet builds a protective cover for digital processes which have become unimaginably complex and highly sensitive. Here, our goal was and is to minimize the risk of damages caused by external influences.“
In fact, vandalism results every year in costs, reaching the million mark – a daily problem of häwa customers.  That is exactly why häwa developed a new cabinet concept, providing high protection against mechanical impacts and an easy-to-clean surface finish  – even when soiled by certain paints and vanishes. Häwa presents this innovative cabinet range exclusively at the SPS Fair in Nuremberg and Thomas Eglof is sure that this is a topic that is not only up-to-date, but also relieves our customers: ”Our cabinets are not only extremely robust, but they can also be extended at any time and are developed from the beginning in cooperation with the users on site.“
In addition to their vandalism concept, häwa presents at the fair its extended range of control cabinets, the new lightening concept for control cabinets and they demonstrate in an exemplary way the unlimited possibilities of the successful X-frame machine rack program – everything from a compact manual workstation to a completely closed enclosure. Thomas Eglof stated: “We present in Nuremberg everything that makes up häwa: intensive planning, outstanding workmanship and the gift to implement innovative ideas both with and for our customers.

news-324 Wed, 29 Aug 2018 10:00:00 +0200 X-frame machine racks /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/x-frame-machine-racks X-frame machine racks are one of the most important innovations from häwa. Flexible, immediately ready for use and individually planned and produced for each customer. To get comprehensive and direct information about this successful product, we have established a section on our homepage for the X-frame system.It contains all important information, advantages and fields of application.


news-299 Wed, 01 Aug 2018 09:10:00 +0200 “Many users annoyed the constant waving“ /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/many-users-annoyed-the-constant-waving An interview with Stefan Kaufer, häwa deputy sales manager for South Germany, about the new LED cabinet lamp, their special features and why motion sensors are simply inconvenient. You offer for several weeks a LED lamp for cabinets. Were the enclosures so far not illuminated?
Of course, we offered light systems already in the past but they were equipped with conventional lamps, actuated either via toggle switch or motion sensor. The disadvantage of a toggle switch, known from refrigerators, is the relatively extensive adjustment work when mounting the door and switch. Many fitters informed us that they had serious problems with the motion sensors.

Can you describe these problems?
Usually, the fitter sits in front of the enclosure, is highly concentrated, often works with a laptop and moves only slightly over a longer period. Thus, the light is switched off automatically and the fitter must wave every five minutes to switch on the light. I know that this is not the major problem of the fitters, but it is simply annoying to move compulsively.

How did you solve this problem?
Our engineers spent a lot of time to find an optimum solution and finally started test runs with a sensor, detecting if the enclosure door is open or closed. That means: door open – light on, door closed – light off. I know, it sounds very simple and many users asked: “Why did nobody think of this idea earlier?“ After trouble-free test runs, we decided to go into production. Meanwhile, the lamp is a big hit.

Is it possible to retrofit the system?
We sell our sensor operated lamps only together with a LED lamp. It is not possible to retrofit an existing lamp with this sensor. This is not possible since we attach great importance to environmental protection and energy efficiency. This applies to all of our plants, our entire production and all products. Our LEDs have an extremely low power consumption, a service lifetime of up to 60,000 hours and they are completely maintenance-free and ensure an optimum illumination of your enclosure. Furthermore, larger cabinets or enclosures can be equipped with up to ten lamps which can be wired in series.

How far could you ease the assembly?
As already mentioned, it is no longer necessary to adjust a mechanical switch or a motion sensor. The standard LED lamp is delivered together with a lockable plug connection and upon request they are also supplied with an integrated plug-in unit. Assembly time: less than one minute. This time saving is very important, since many häwa enclosures are delivered at deadline and they are immediately equipped upon receipt, for example, when opening a new plant. That often means every minute counts.

news-312 Mon, 30 Jul 2018 08:00:00 +0200 “We were able to integrate all X-frame advantages“ /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/we-were-able-to-integrate-all-x-frame-advantages Further enhancements of the patented X-frame machine rack presented at the FAIR SINDEX: häwa introduces the new manual workstation Bern – 24th July 2018 – With the X-frame program, häwa, the quality supplier of enclosures and control cabinets, has not only developed a pioneering product, but has also launched a completely new and patented system to the market. The program features a modular, extremely robust frame made of sheet steel in various stabilities. The machine rack has lockable flaps for the safe and comfortable internal routing of cables, power supplies or other components. The latest developments from häwa include a new space-saving lift door system, a laser protection to protection rating 4 and a lightproof version. The X-frame enclosure can be equipped with extremely sturdy struts for the use of highly dynamic robots. If the machine racks are used in food and pharmaceutical industries, in clean rooms and wet areas, they can be made of stainless steel V2A or V4A and they can also be provided with seals, sloping drainage surfaces and glued windows in accordance with the customers’ specific requirements.

Volker Ott, head of the X-frame department at häwa stated: "X-frame is a modular system that offers maximum flexibility in the implementation of customized solutions."

At the SINDEX fair in Bern, häwa introduces their new manual workstation, which has been designed based on past experiences and know-how. Volker Ott expressed: “This “little brother” shows, that the X-frame system offers an unlimited array of applications. No matter if you require a small mounting area or even large housings, everything is possible with the X-frame machine racks”.

The häwa manual workstation is provided with an easy-to-use and flexible electrical table height adjustment system. Just like all other X-frame machine racks, this type can also be equipped with pneumatic and electric connections, monitors, 19”-slide-in modules or sliding bars for battery-operated screwdrivers to the customers’ individual requirements.  In order to make häwa's high quality visible and perceptible to the outside as well, the rack surface is finished in a complex process with robust ESD powder coating.

Volker Ott explains: “Our complete machine rack program, including also the manual workstation, do not just roll off a production line, but are individually designed to the customers’ specific requirements. Our customers can concentrate on the technical design while we support them in the construction of their machine frame, saving thereby time and money.”

Photo: © häwa  |  design drawing X-frame-manual workstation

news-298 Mon, 07 May 2018 16:04:00 +0200 häwa Summer Special Offer 2018: 12 pieces ”Sensor Operated LED Lamps“ for 10 piece price /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-summer-special-offer-2018-12-pieces-sensor-operated-led-lamps-for-10-piece-price Already last year, the haewa sensor operated LED lamps were real eye catchers at the MOTEK and SPS fairs which is not surprising considering the revolutionary operating principle of these cabinet and enclosure lights: The time-consuming installation of a limit switch or the activation of a motion sensor during operation is no longer necessary, since the lamps are operated when opening the enclosure door. Stefan Kaufer, häwa sales manager of South Germany stated: ”Our customers are impressed by the simple but functional idea. Furthermore, the lamp has a service life of 60,000 hours, is completely maintenance-free and ensures an optimum illumination of the enclosure.“ For larger projects, you can connect up to 10 lamps in series, the installation time being less than one minute per piece. From 4th June, haewa will be offering its customers an LED savings package over a period of four weeks: 12 lamps for 10 piece price. For further information, see https://www.haewa.de/aktuelles/12-sensor-operated-led-leuchten-zum-preis-von-10.html.

By the way: The LED lamps impress with their low power consumption, which corresponds perfectly to haewa's philosophy,  a company placing high demands on energy efficiency at all of itslocations. ”With our saving campaign “12 lamps at a 10 piece price”, we want to convince even more customers to make an active contribution to environmental protection – and to benefit at the same time of an enhanced level of comfort, added Stefan Kaufer.  

news-294 Fri, 22 Dec 2017 12:00:00 +0100 häwa is on expansion course /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-is-on-expansion-course The cabinet and enclosure manufacturer häwa from Wain, in South Germany, can look back on a successful year 2017 due to the good economic situation and thanks to experienced and long-term employees. Some of them have now been honored and some of them retired. When Arno Müller, Managing Director of häwa, informed the employees at the company meeting in mid December about the turnover figures of the last year, he did not have to look into tense faces. The staff members knew that they did an outstanding work during the last twelve months.

Anyway, the manager informs the staff members regularly and transparently about the figures of the company with headquarters in Wain. And these figures are impressive for 2017.  Thus Müller could not only announce a significant increase of the order volume of 15 per cent compared with the figures of the previous year, but also a current order backlog of more than 22 million euros.

Müller stated: ”This is a fantastic performance, which cannot be attributed entirely to the favorable state of economic activity, but also and in particular to the outstanding commitment and creativity of the whole team“.

However, we do not intend to bask in our success, we want to expand with an increased  momentum. We believe the best way to realize this is investing. Therefore, we will not only modernize our entire IT and logistic hardware and software, we intend also to extend our buildings.
The responsible authorities have already approved the development plan for a new painting hall for the plant in Wain and we have already acquired new land for the expansion of the facilities in Bad Wörishofen. Furthermore, we will purchase new machines for our manufacturing operations, two new trailer trucks in modern design and a defibrillator for our plant in Wain. This is a device that can save lives in the event of cardiac arrest – the first device of this kind in the Wain which can of course also be used outside the company premises.
In his outlook for 2018, Arno Müller was convinced, that the economic revival will continue. "On the one hand, this is of course very pleasing, but on the other hand, it presents new challenges for us, such as the reduction of delivery times."

Häwa's greatest strength has always been to be close to the customer and to react quickly and individually to the customers' requirements. "This flexibility, coupled with the highest quality, must be preserved to secure our future."

At the end of the year, Arno Müller took the opportunity during a common dinner with the staff members in Wain to congratulate several employees for 10, 25 and 40 years of loyality. The staff members who retired last year received a collage with photos which reminds them of the time with häwa.  Müller stated: “I hope that you will always keep us in good memory“ In any case, we will not forget you, since we know, what you have done for us.”

news-282 Mon, 23 Oct 2017 11:00:00 +0200 häwa Hygiene Cabinets with Easy-Care Sealing System /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-hygiene-cabinets-with-easy-care-sealing-system The traditional German company häwa in Wain, presents on the SPS Fair in Nuremberg, new enclosure developments for the food and pharmaceutical sector, ensuring a higher degree of protection against germs. The traditional German company häwa in Wain, presents on the SPS Fair in Nuremberg, new enclosure developments for the food and pharmaceutical sector, ensuring a higher degree of protection against germs.

häwa – the enclosure and machine rack manufacturer -  will present this year its latest generation of hygiene enclosures at booth 170/270 in hall 5 at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg. häwa has improved their cabinets which, for example, have already been known for packaging machines in the food and pharmaceutical field for their easy handling and robustness by developing a new sealing system which offers decisive advantages.
Stefan Kaufer, deputy sales manager for South Germany stated: “The sealing of the cabinets was so far a weak point, since germs could accumulate in the course of time between the two silicon beads of the doors." Therefore, häwa will rely in the future on a system which requires only one single sealing. This facilitates not only cleaning, for example with high-pressure cleaners, but reduces also significantly the risk that some niches and corners cannot be reached during the daily care process. “Here, we found together with specialists and the experience from the food and pharmaceutical industry, a solution that is just as insulating as two seals, but much easier to handle," says Stefan Kaufer from häwa, who was personally involved in the development process.

As a longtime volunteer in the Red Cross emergency service, he is aware of the sensitivity to the cleaning of daily used enclosures and has been able to incorporate insights from medical technology into the work of the häwa engineers. “We have now reduced the gaps in our hygiene cabinets to an absolute minimum and are proud to be able to offer our customers a product that meets the strictest standards in the food and pharmaceutical industry. We know that cleanliness in these production areas must have top priority. But cleanliness costs time. Owing to our new system, we can considerably reduce the cleaning process.” Furthermore, the cabinets are equipped with special hygiene locks, which are particularly easy to handle. The roof is mounted in an inclined position to prevent liquid deposits.
All components can be easily and safely mounted on a large mounting plate. "We are glad to introduce the new hygiene cabinets at the SPS fair," says Stefan Kaufer, "and we are convinced that their advantages will also inspire the experienced users." 

news-273 Thu, 07 Sep 2017 07:17:00 +0200 The machine rack of the future will be presented in Stuttgart /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/the-machine-rack-of-the-future-will-be-presented-in-stuttgart häwa created with its patented X-frame system a new standard – and focuses simultaneously on individual solutions The visitors of this year's MOTEK Fair can look forward to the presentation of a unique machine frame (which will be exhibited in hall 7, booth 7406) and which is already regarded shortly after its launch as the new cross-industry standard. häwa, the manufacturer of high-quality enclosures and cabinets, will introduce this completely new innovative product and patented system, the X-frame system, onto the market.
The specific characteristic of this system is a modular, extremely sturdy sheet steel frame available in a variety of different stabilities. The frame itself has lockable flaps, enabling a safe and comfortable cable routing system and all kinds of creative room for component installation.

Volker Ott, manager of the häwa X-frame department stated: “You have to imagine this like a large cable duct designed as a frame in which electrical and pneumatic components can be installed. This is especially appreciated by our customers who already utilize these benefits. They therefore consider the X-frame program not only as a machine rack but as a system. A system which is extremely flexible and always ready to be adapted to the specific machine requirement. This is the significant advantage of häwa, a customized machine rack designed to your specific requirements – with the personal advice from our consultants from the beginning”. Volker Ott says that the customers will have more time to focus on the technical aspects of their applications, since häwa will be there to support the planning and design. “We relieve our customers by designing the complete machine frame – from doors to covers, safety switches, working plates, component surfaces, built-in space for required accessories, safe routing for cables and wiring and ease of access for it all.

”Machine racks have become more and more significant in the mechanical engineering field and häwa's X-frame, regarded as the new comer of the year, is seeing rapidly increasing demand. We are seeing this system used in almost all sectors and industries, from robot cells, laser safety cells, up to clean room cells.

Peter Klement from the company Klement Engineering near Ulm, a robotic expert, stated: “For me, X-frame is the perfect product, since it is a modular system with already realized standards which improves the entire commissioning process considerably. Furthermore, this system enables an easy and cost-effective realization of customized solutions, which is very important for our company, since we do not offer assembly line products”.

news-263 Wed, 16 Aug 2017 09:00:00 +0200 häwa keep the fingers crossed for FCA /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-keep-the-fingers-crossed-for-fca The football club FC Augsburg is started into their seventh season in the first division (Bundesliga) - and is a popular figure in the highest league of German football.
As soon as the major club in Bavarian-Swabia is fighting for points, häwa will be one of the partners within the business area in the WWK-Arena Augsburg. häwa Managing Director Mr. Arno Müller says: the FC Augsburg team suits exactly to our corporate philosophy. There is no football according to a scheme F, the game always brings surprises, innovations and creativity. This is the same way as we develop our products througha clever combination and effectiv chip pass with our customers.


Source: Peter Fastl

news-260 Tue, 25 Jul 2017 09:30:00 +0200 Reinvent the wheel /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/reinvent-the-wheel häwa is well-known for control cabinet and enclosure solutions for robots. But what has that to do with the Tour de France, which runs until July 23rd? In fact, it has a little to do with While the dairy cows enjoy their breakfast in the early morning on the lush green meadows near the small village Seeg in the Allgäu region and the main Alpine ridge in the south is so bright in the sun as if somebody had raised a photo wallpaper, Oliver Rück opens the doors of his häwa X-frame robot enclosure and starts the task program. The components move almost silently and the display at the cabinet bottom shows the message “Everything o.k.” The mechanical engineer at Sematek knows that the KUKA robot will now work automatically with its laser beam and that the blanks must be inserted on one side and the milled parts must be removed on the other side. Round foam parts, precisely machined, recall the rim of a bicycle. These parts are in deed required for the manufacture of carbon rims, explains Rück and when he watches the Tour de France on TV these days, he knows that he, and also häwa, have indirectly something to do with most of the bicycles, used on the Tour de France, since his robots could not work without häwa enclosures.
Carbon rims are the best rims that are currently available on the market because they are extremely light and solid. Such a bike, equipped with a carbon-reinforced
Sematek fine-pore foam core, costs up to 5.000 euros. Actually, about 15.000 bikes are worldwide manufactured each year and the demand is increasingly high. Experts assume soon a demand of 200.000 bikes per month.  
“Since 2007, we have been developing innovative complete solutions for mechanical engineering here in the Allgäu”, says Oliver Rück, “and are mainly supplying modern production plants that are looking for cost-effective and effective production processes for new products”, such like a bike manufacturer from Friedrichshafen.  
When developing such solutions, we as medium-sized company, have the advantage to react quickly and to look for the best solutions while talking with the customer. And that's exactly what he appreciates with his own suppliers. “A perfect machine cell, as we require, cannot be purchased off the shelf, it must be planned, developed and then custom-made. Häwa is the sole manufacturer, who offers such a high degree of quality and flexibility.” The company from Wain has developed with the X-frame program a modular system which can be extended and modified according to the customers' requirements. Owing to its simple design, in which all cables are routed in the struts in a protected manner, further cable ducts and components are not required. “We know that our enclosures are used worldwide in various industries”, says deputy sales manager of häwa, Stefan Kaufer. And we are very happy, if we can currently contribute our success to the success of the Tour de France.”

Further informationen under www.haewa.de and www.sematek.de

news-257 Wed, 07 Jun 2017 09:30:00 +0200 Get ready to Meet the Challenges of the Industry 4.0 /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/get-ready-to-meet-the-challenges-of-the-industry-40 “Industry 4.0 ready“ control cabinets are still made of sheet steel, but their design helps to make the increasingly networked production processes in today's factories more efficient. Thomas Eglof from the cabinet manufacturer häwa presents solutions for the design of the control cabinet 4.0. Industry 4.0 is an absolute trend topic. After the mechanization, the mass production and computers, we now face the fourth major industrial revolution. But, the interaction of cyber-physical systems is mostly still a more or less vague concept. Solutions for “Industry 4.0” and their effects on related business fields are often unclear.

Thomas Eglof, Product Manager with the enclosure manufacturer häwa in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, demonstrates this concept with a pizza order, placed on the way home by smart phone via voice control function. If the software chooses the nearest pizza restaurant, knows about the user's preferences and diet plans, and automatically selects the suitable pizza toppings according to this information, this has a lot to do with Industry 4.0.

Optimization of the value-added chain
A sheet steel cabinet can also be “Industry 4.0 ready”, Eglof explains. “The sheet steel cabinet will certainly remain an empty enclosure, which will be equipped at the customer's site, but häwa's products are designed to help accommodate and protect the intelligent and digitally networked system components required for the realization of a customized production line. They will help to optimize the entire value-added chain.“

häwa control cabinets will be ready to meet the Industry 4.0 requirements. “A cabinet remains a cabinet, but we are optimizing our products in a way that they can also be used in a network environment,” states Thomas Eglof. For example, it is necessary to provide enough space for sensors or to adapt the air conditioning system to an increased energy flow inside of the cabinet. The cabinet must also be sealed to protect the highly sensitive technology from dust, water, drafts or vandalism; also increased safety requirements (e.g. in explosion-proof areas) have to be considered, where necessary. Eglof explains: “While in earlier times it was enough to equip sheet steel cabinets with a normal fuse, nowadays, cabinets are a protective cover for digital processes, which are incredibly complex, extensive and sensitive.“
Machines and storage systems think for themselves
“Ready for Industry 4.0” at häwa doesn't just reflect on the products, but also on häwa's own production processes. “We will not change our production processes overnight, but gradually, just where it makes sense, we will implement machine communication that will improve and optimize our internal operations“, says Thomas Eglof.  “If, for example, the steel for the control cabinet production is delivered, it is not stored randomly for a long time, but the sheets are immediately assigned to a product. “This is possible, because all the machines, storage systems and other equipment communicate with each other and initiate follow-up actions.”

As defined by Industry 4.0, these machines not only know their own functionality, but also the status quo and capacities of other machines – and they share their knowledge. This optimizes capacity utilization and production processes.

For staff members this means work content modification and increased quality requirements. To ensure that technicians, skilled workers and trainees do not perceive this as an additional burden, häwa offers targeted training and further education.

To manage the long-ranging adaptation to “Industry 4.0”, häwa is working in internal teams to compile the necessary steps. “We are carefully reviewing which actions are meaningful and cost-efficient for us, and are also discussing this with our customers”, says Thomas Eglof. “This makes us confident that we will not miss out on any new developments, but also don't compromise our quality and service through hasty actions.“

Reference: all-electronics.de / 06.06.2017

news-256 Mon, 22 May 2017 11:30:00 +0200 Protective Enclosure /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/protective-enclosure New protective enclosure completely designed to the customer's requirements The machine tool manufacturer Kesel looked for a supplier for particularly sealed protective enclosures with short delivery time.

Since Kesel has been cooperating with häwa for many years, when looking for individual control cabinet and enclosure solutions, häwa was also the top address for the FS 1500 bandsaw blade milling machine project. For this project, there was a special challenge: Kesel had problems with the sealing of the protective enclosure of the previous milling machine model. They had problems with water and cooling emulsion leakages, since the seals and the folded edges were unsatisfactorily designed.
Together with the designers of Kesel, häwa redesigned the machine enclosure completely. “Now the protective enclosure is completely tight and clean to the outside, just like our customers wish to have them”, says Björn Natterer, Head of the Kesel Purchasing Department. All flanged edges and seals are designed in such a way that no processing water and no valuable cooling emulsion can leak out. Natterer stated that a further advantage of the new enclosure is the shortened assembly time. It could be reduced from one week to two days. Owing to the new framework contact with häwa, it was possible to reduce also the delivery time from 14 to 16 weeks to 4 weeks, which eases the business planning of both companies for the current year. 

All at once in two packages
The FS 1500 bandsaw blade milling machine is the first machine which is supplied completely, that means that the internal sheet metal components are delivered together with the protective cover. “häwa immediately agreed and delivers now all required parts in two packages. We do not have to store any enclosure part in our production site. The first package for the protective enclosure assembly is delivered at the beginning of the production of the machine and the second package, including all remaining parts, is delivered according to a precise delivery schedule”, explains Natterer. “The first package for the assembly of the protective enclosure will be supplied at the beginning of the production and the second package, including all remaining parts, will be supplied as requested, according to the assembly schedule, explains“ Natterer. Thus, the assembly sequences are optimized and precisely scheduled. häwa stated that owing to their own transport fleet, they are very flexible in regard to the production logistics. Stefan Kaufer, häwa Debuty Sales Manager for South Germany, commented: “Kesel asked us, if we are able to provide the required parts for the protective enclosure as well as the internal parts at an exact date and in two separate deliveries and we answered them, that we are not here to just sell our products, we are here to do all we can do to satisfy our customers and that this is one of our individual customer service”. Kaufer added: “Your individual requirements are always the focus for us and owing to our experienced consultants, our modern factories as well as our own transport fleet, we are able to realize almost every customer solution on time and cost-effectively.“

More cost-effective than the previous enclosure
Due to the framework contract and the order volume, the new protective enclosure for the FS 1500 bandsaw blade milling machine is more favorable in price than the previous version, although it has been completely redesigned and adapted to the Kesel design and divided in two separate deliveries. Natterer says: “We greatly appreciate that häwa does the very best to fulfill their customer's wishes, if possible. Meanwhile, we have established a long lasting good business relationship“.

The next Kesel machine is in the final construction stage and häwa will once more be the partner for the enclosure construction. Kaufer concludes: “We are in the planning phase and are convinced that we will be able to realize also this project“.

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news-248 Thu, 20 Apr 2017 07:17:00 +0200 A closed cell saves costs /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/a-closed-cell-saves-costs Peter Klement develops and builds robot system with great success. The only problem he had, were the enclosures for his machines, since his own solutions were often too expensive for his customers – until he found the standardized solution from häwa in Wain. Peter Klement develops and builds robot system with great success. The only problem he had, were the enclosures for his machines, since his own solutions were often too expensive for his customers  – until he found the standardized solution from häwa in Wain.

When Peter Klement designs a new grip-arm robot, he thinks about how a machine can perform a task with the utmost precision. Looking out of the window in his office in Neu-Ulm, he can see how the birds in the forest near the Danube adapt themselves with a precise plan to each season. “In our dynamic time it is most important to react, for example, to economic fluctuations with flexible work resources”, says the mechanical engineer. “It is essential to capture and implement a new task quickly and effectively, just as it happens instinctively in nature”. Therefore, his company “Klement Engineering” specialized among other things in robotic innovations, which also make the use of robotic systems interesting for small and medium-sized companies – from the optical position recognition through measuring, dynamic tracking up to specific grip-arm designs using 3D printing components. Although many experts in this sector think that the tendency is that people and robots will be working more and more often together on one project, Peter Klement is convinced that this sharing of labor is actually simply too expensive for many applications due to the risks and dangers that could arise from a machine. He stated that one of the biggest challenges in this sector was to look for a cost-efficient enclosure for these machines or, at least, to separate them from certain work areas by means of light grids without having to design and build an individual robot cell for each customer which will unnecessarily increase the non-recurring costs.

The engineer found the solution with the company häwa GmbH in Wain, which is situated only a few kilometers away from his office in Neu-Ulm. häwa is one of the largest supplier of electrical enclosures and control cabinets. häwa designed a patented, modular rack system, called “X-frame” which is consisting of sheet steel frames, offering maximum flexibility and numerous extension possibilities. Due to large cross-sections, the interior of the built-in struts offer a save and from the outside invisible installation of hoses, cables, lines, valves and other components. Even light curtains can be installed quickly and easily in the corner struts. With the “X-frame system” Peter Klement expressed he found the optimum solution for his problems. This system combines the advantages of standardized modules with the flexibility of large cable ducts in the struts. In other words, further machining or welding of frames is not necessary. Furthermore, the system offers the realization of easy and cost-efficient customized solutions at any time which is most important for his company, since he doesn't offer assembly line products. “häwa is a competent partner for all customized solutions and based on the experience over numerous projects, they can achieve quickly the optimum solution for me.” After receipt of the order, häwa creates a 3D drawing and after release, the cells are manufactured.

And so it is not surprising that the managing director of Klement Engineering will also rely on the new häwa product for his next projects. Although there are customer inquiries for solutions without enclosures, the obstacles for the CE documentation and the compliance with the machine guideline are usually so complex that the project will easily become too expensive.

„If a customer component is pointed or sharp, a human-robot collaboration is no longer an option," says Klement. „Except, you make a maximum effort to prevent this risk otherwise, which is usually uneconomical." Quite apart from that, the modern appealing design of the X-frame cells are real eye-catchers in every assembly hall.

Meanwhile, outside his office, along the river banks of the Danube, birds fly back and forth and build nests. Resistant homes, perfectly adapted with the utmost protection. A little bit like a X-frame cell.

About Klement Engineering
Peter Klement founded in 2009 an engineering office for design and development, which is today able to realize the complete construction of customized machines. Particularly in the robotic sector, the company developed fully automatic plants which can also be used by small to medium-sized companies.
This could be realized in particular by the partnership with Sebastian Reger from the compnay “Projetraum Reger”,who has been responsible for software programming, hardware development and e-planning since 2011. Further information is available at  www.klement-engineering.de

About X-frame
The modular system is the present standard for various product ranges, customized products and specific customer requirements. The X-frame system is flexible and can be adapted quickly and easily. All customer requirements, such as drilling, milling and control cabinet positioning, are already considered during the planning phase. Due to the open structure of the X-frame system, cable ducts are not required.

news-245 Mon, 10 Apr 2017 07:17:00 +0200 Functional häwa frame for manual workstations /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/functional-haewa-frame-for-manual-workstations Various additional functions can be integrated directly in the manual workstation Manual workstations play an important roll in production halls and despite of increased automation and industry 4.0, they will further exist for certain procedures. However, it depends on how manual workstations can be optimized and integrated in modern production environments.

The functional frames, for example X-frame from häwa, are perfectly suited for the increasing versatile requirements to manual workstations. Sheet metal workstations offer perfect possibilities for the integration of customer's requests.  X-frame is a functional frame in which complicated processes and workflows can be easily integrated and modifies the manual workstation into a complex assembly unit, which is adapted to the customer's requirements. From simple table racks with integrated cable ducts and cabinets to semi and fully automatic assembly lines, X-frame can fulfill almost every wish. On this basis, we are also very successful in designing cross-sectoral customized machine frames.

With the patented, modular X-frame machine rack for modular workstations from häwa, it is possible to build ergonomic workstations to DIN EN ISO. The complete functional frame offers the users the possibility for an individual and direct positioning of the required functions and components in the workstation! No matter if it is a cabinet, pneumatic or electrical lines or components, with X-frame it is possible to integrate everything quickly and easily into the workstation. Quick assembly and easy access are ensured by flaps, doors or bolted doors, which can be opened and removed quickly and easily and all integrated components are safely protected.

The X-frame system derives from a variable modular system. It is based on a platform concept – similar to the automotive industry. With X-frame, the customer remains flexible during the entire development process and – even afterwards – the customer has the opportunity to modify his manual workstation design. All standard parts, which are required for the manual workstation assembly can be combined in a versatile manner. That means that retrofits and adjustments can be realized easily and quickly. Thus, the X-frame machine rack is a highly flexible frame for manual workstations which grows with the requirements of the user!

The large strut cross sections offer a high torsion resistance of the X-frame system. The strut joints are provided with cut-outs which ensure a simple cable and line routing to the respective adjacent strut.  Cables and components can be installed within a very short time. Customer service, repairs and extensions are possible without any problems. Cables can be installed separately within the frame. Subsequent modifications and retrofits are also possible at any time.

Many other features can also be easily integrated into the X-frame manual workstation. This includes, for example, control panels, monitor holders, canopies for suspending lights or mounting tools, as well as cabinets with protection class according to IP 54. Of course, the workstations offer enough storage space for tools and aids and they are adjustable to height (either mechanically, pneumatically or electrically). 

news-242 Thu, 23 Feb 2017 07:17:00 +0100 Modified cooling system by häwa permitting extremely flexible use thanks to several voltage variants within the same enclosure /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/modified-cooling-system-by-haewa-permitting-extremely-flexible-use-thanks-to-several-voltage-variants-within-the-same-enclosure häwa GmbH has modified their compact and low-maintenance cooling system KF1000RD and now offers several voltage variants (115V AC, 230V AC and 400/460V AC) within the same enclosure. häwa GmbH has modified their compact and low-maintenance cooling system KF1000RD and now offers several voltage variants (115V AC, 230V AC and 400/460V AC) within the same enclosure. This permits worldwide use of the device in the USA as well as in Europe. To mount the air conditioner into or onto a cabinet, only one hole pattern is required for all models. The cooling system with front display for easy control provides an effective cooling capacity of 1,000 W. A compact regulator with display in the front panel ensures easy operation and activates the compressor and the external fan. The internal fan is automatically switched off when the door contact is open.

häwa‘s flexible cabinet cooling systems can be used as independent individual devices for ambient temperatures ranging from +20 °C up to +50/+55 °C. They have two separate air circuits sealed to IP 54 equipped with one fan each. Refrigeration or heat transfer from the interior of the cabinet to the outside is effected via active cooling (cooling unit) permitting the below ambient cooling of the cabinet’s interior temperature. The R134a refrigerant used is ozone friendly and CFC-free.

The external fan only runs during cooling operation thus avoiding unnecessary noise and pollution. The factory-set internal cabinet temperature of +35 °C can be changed manually at the controller. A separate control line for door switch connected to the plug-in terminal ensures external on/off switching of the unit without disconnection from supply (an optional door contact can be connected setting the cooling system to standby mode when the cabinet door is open).

Any condensate that may have formed is evaporated in the external circuit. When the cabinet door is open for a longer time or if the level of humidity is high, excessive condensate may form if no door contact switch is used. Excess condensation water is drained through slots provided at the bottom of the cabinet with the help of a discharge hose. Electrical connection is done via a plug on the rear panel of the unit. The mating plug is included in the scope of delivery.

news-223 Fri, 18 Nov 2016 07:17:00 +0100 häwa certified to the new quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-certified-to-the-new-quality-management-standard-din-en-iso-90012015 Recently, the company häwa GmbH, manufacturer of cabinet and enclosure systems, has obtained the quality management system certificate according to the worldwide valid standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Recently, the company häwa GmbH, manufacturer of cabinet and enclosure systems, has obtained the quality management system certificate according to the worldwide valid standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The certificate which covers the locations Wain, Bad Wörishofen, Crimmitschau, Duisburg and Maintal will be valid until the end of 2019 and will be controlled annually through an authorized certification body.

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is the most popular and recognized standard in the quality management (QM) at national and international level. Certification according to ISO 9001 is possible for companies and organizations of all sizes and in all industries and forms the basis for a continuous improvement process of the company's internal quality management system (QMS).

The standard ISO 9001 specifies the minimum requirements to a quality management system, that must be implemented by the company in order to meet the customers' requirements as well as further requirements for product and service quality. An essential principle of the standard ISO 9001 is the process orientation. A process-oriented quality management system accompanies all essential operational processes and puts them to the test.

Arno Müller, manager of the company häwa GmbH comments: „With the extensively revised modification to the new standard, the quality control and the continuous process improvement continue to be the focus of our company, which means that we can react even more quickly and flexibly to our customers' requirements at a constant high level of product quality.

news-219 Thu, 27 Oct 2016 07:17:00 +0200 häwa presents customized and clever conceived cabinet solutions at the fair SPS IPC Drives 2016 /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-presents-customized-and-clever-conceived-cabinet-solutions-at-the-fair-sps-ipc-drives-2016 This year, häwa GmbH will focus at the SPS IPC Drives in hall 5, at booths 170 and 270, on customized and clever conceived cabinet solutions. This year, häwa GmbH will focus at the SPS IPC Drives in hall 5, at booths 170 and 270, on customized and clever conceived cabinet solutions.

For example, the company will show an enclosure, demonstrating a FEM-calculation for a simulation-based cabinet/enclosure development process. This new service discovers efficiently weak points of enclosure and cabinet constructions and demonstrates all physical characteristics visually. Owing to the FEM-calculation, it is possible to take selective optimization steps to shorten development times and to reduce development costs.

Owing to a sophisticated ventilating and air-conditioning solution, the exhibited outdoor enclosures are perfect for outdoor use in any weather conditions. They are based on a basic cabinet design with different versions and removable, from inside bolted side panels, as well as a special detachable rain cover. The installed fans and air-conditioning units ensure a perfect climate inside the cabinet in any weather. To protect the enclosure against scratching, the bottom is externally fitted with stainless steel sliding plates. The individually required holes and rails for the interior fitting of the enclosure are already provided.

Furthermore, häwa will show hygiene enclosures for packaging machines for the food processing industry. Based on the häwa RHL-cabinet series H450 design, the hygiene enclosures benefit from smooth surfaces, a declined roof and they have no gaps and cracks where product material could be deposited. Therefore cleaning is fast and easy, which is particularly important in the food-processing industry as cleanliness takes top priority in the production process there and they are resistant to high-pressure jet cleaners. Therefore, the enclosure is also equipped with a special hygienic locking device. A large mounting plate reaching to the sloping part of the roof provides plenty of space for housing all component groups inside the enclosure.

In addition, häwa will exhibit its variable X-frame machine rack. X-frame is a modular frame system which offers maximum flexibility in the implementation of individual solutions. Complex machine frames can be built out of few components within the shortest time. X-frame combines the flexibility and modular assembly of aluminum profiles with the stability of sheet steel frames. The patented X-frame is not only a supporting frame, but also a functional frame. The interior of the frame is freely accessible owing to external, lockable flaps and it can be used easily and quickly as cable duct and for housing electronic and pneumatic components. A trouble-free subsequent mounting of cables and other media is possible at any time.

news-201 Mon, 29 Aug 2016 07:17:00 +0200 LED light with reflex light barrier for cabinets and enclosures designed by häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/led-light-with-reflex-light-barrier-for-cabinets-and-enclosures-designed-by-haewa For the use in cabinets and enclosures equipped with electric/electronic components häwa GmbH offers a new LED light with reflex light barrier. For the use in cabinets and enclosures equipped with electric/electronic components häwa GmbH offers a new LED light with reflex light barrier. A specially developed LED-strip and a diffuser with integrated diffusion lens provide a perfect illumination. The quick connection and energy-saving light have an extremely long service life up to 60.000 h (at an ambient temperature of 20°C) and benefiting by a user-friendly sensor-controlled ON/OFF function via reflex light barrier. With a plug connection including lock and an integrated power unit, the lamps can be connected quickly and easily.

It is possible to connect the LED lights up to maximum 10 lamps to each other (cascading). Plug and socket are designed facing to the inside of cabinet and are optionally available with Schuko-sockets. The lights are conceived for a width operating voltage range (AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz), offering a luminosity of 1200 Lm and a radiation angle of 120°, a color temperature of 5000K and a power consumption of max. 10W. The protection class of the light grants IP20 and range of operating temperature is -15°C to +45°C. The dimensions: 440mm x 65mm x 42mm (L x W x H).

news-104 Mon, 08 Aug 2016 08:14:00 +0200 A multifunctional machine frame /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/a-multifunctional-machine-frame häwa GmbH introduces at the Sindex 2016 in Bern in hall 3.2, booth D08 a variable machine frame program by showing new application examples. häwa GmbH introduces at the Sindex 2016 in Bern in hall 3.2, booth D08 a variable machine frame program by showing new application examples. X-frame is a modular frame system which offers maximum flexibility in the implementation of individual solutions. Complex machine frames can be built out of few components within shortest time. X-frame combines the flexibility and modular assembly of aluminum profiles with the stability of sheet steel frames. The patented X-frame is not only a supporting frame, but also a functional frame. The interior of the frame is freely accessible owing to external, lockable flaps and it can be used easily and quickly as cable duct and for housing electronic and pneumatic components.
Häwa developed for the machine company ficonTEC Service GmbH two standardized X-frame cells for the assembly of micro-optical and opto-electrical components. These cells are available either in stainless steel (V2A) for the often required use in clean rooms, or in powder coated sheet steel. The design of the sheet steel and stainless steel versions are both based on the same drawings offering thereby a quick and economic production without additional construction effort. The ficonTEC high-precision machines call for a vibration resistant and sturdy working platform. The X-frame machine rack must be able to support various axis systems and it must be possible to adapt and extend the rack to unusual user requirements without modification of the current construction or design. The häwa X-frame machine racks are the optimum solution for these high requirements for stability, modularity, extensibility and individuality.
Advantages of X-frame in comparison to fixed aluminum frames
häwa X-frame racks offers a significantly higher basic stability than aluminum profile frames. As already described, the X-frame functional frame is not only a support frame. Owing to the large cross sections, the interior of the struts offer the possibility for a safe housing of hoses, cables, wires, maintenance units, valve terminals, 19”-slide-in modules and many other components. A trouble-free subsequent mounting of cables and other media is possible at any time.  Light curtains can also be mounted easily, quickly and in a protected manner in corner struts.
Advantages of X-frame in comparison to welded tubular steel constructions
In contrary to welded tubular steel constructions, the X-frame system with its modular construction is individually extendable. With the X-frame system it is even possible to realize easily and quickly complex constructions without increased effort. Owing to the large quantity of tilts, large cross sections of the frame parts and the selectable material thicknesses, the X-frame rack is very sturdy and torsion-resistant. All necessary drillings and cut-outs are already considered when cutting the struts whereby time-consuming, additional drilling and milling of the frame parts can be avoided. Welded parts and threaded bolts can be easily integrated in the frame. 
Furthermore, häwa introduces at the Sindex their new battery hydraulic punch Powerlec Vario.  With a powerful battery,  compact dimensions and the low weight (only 2.3 kg),  the Powerlec Vario is particularly suitable for the use in space limited and high performance applications. The user-friendly punch is equipped with a rotating and pivoting punch head. The punching center point can be controlled easily by means of the die with cross-hair marker, situated directly at the unit. By using 19 mm bolts, it is possible to realize cut-outs up to 80 mm diameter in 2.5 mm thick sheet metals. The unit is delivered with a threaded reducing bush whereby it is possible to use the device also with 9.5 mm bolts.

news-103 Mon, 25 Jul 2016 07:15:00 +0200 häwa optimizes the cutting of cable ducts /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-optimizes-the-cutting-of-cable-ducts häwa GmbH, manufacturer of cabinet and enclosure systems, offers their customers recently a calculation service. häwa GmbH, manufacturer of cabinet and enclosure systems, offers their customers recently a calculation service (testing and evaluation in accordance with the FKM guidelines) for cutting cable duct profiles to length. This provides evidence whether a shear plate is resistant to the shearing forces of the different profiles or not, providing thereby an increased predictability for the customer. Along with the new cable duct cutter type 2676 for easy and convenient cutting of cable ducts, the customer gets also a planning and investment security. The operator can be sure that the cable duct profile fits with the cutter and that new orders can be processed quickly and efficiently.

The new cable duct cutter type 2676 with length stop offers a precise, accurate and angular cutting, also of customized profiles, without chips and burrs. The cutter can be operated with hardly any noise and the time savings are enormous. In comparison with conventional jigsaws, the new cutter requires neither markings nor further rework.

The drive system of the cable duct cutter type 2676 can also be used for other häwa tools by using a switching valve, saving thereby further costs.

news-98 Thu, 25 Feb 2016 12:05:00 +0100 häwa Introduces a Certified Energy Management System /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-introduces-a-certified-energy-management-system häwa GmbH has recently obtained the energy certification to the internationally recognized DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. häwa GmbH, the manufacturer of cabinet and enclosure systems, has recently obtained the energy certification to the internationally recognized DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. The certificate which includes the locations Wain, Bad Wörishofen, Crimmitschau, Duisburg and Maintal has a validity of three years and will be monitored by an accredited certification body on an annual basis.

The standard, which has been published in Germany since the end of 2011, aims essentially at purposefully reducing the specific energy consumption and achieving a sustainable increase in energy efficiency in a continual improvement process.
To reach this goal, häwa is using a systematic approach whereby all energy fluxes in the company are measured, monitored and analyzed, all machines, equipment and processes regularly examined for optimization possibilities and the staff involved sensitized and trained accordingly.
The total annual energy consumption of häwa GmbH amounts to around eight million kilowatt-hours with an energy mix consisting of electricity, gas, heating oil and transport fuels. With a share of 65 %, electricity and gas represent the main energy sources for the processes. The Wain location accounts for a total annual consumption of about 4.5 million kilowatt-hours in electricity and gas. The electricity consumption alone corresponds to the annual consumption of 600 4-person households. By installing a photovoltaic unit on the Wain premises, almost one million CO2-neutral kilowatt-hours are now being generated per year.
The new energy management system, whose application is voluntary, aims to achieve a more efficient and sustainable use of the available energy resources as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and other related environmental impacts. Hence, each kilowatt-hour of electricity from conventional power plants, which has not been consumed, means CO2 savings of 0.5 kilogram.
A core element of the energy management system is to continually set strategic and operative energy targets, the implementation and effects of which will be reviewed through internal audits and evaluated and documented in an annual energy efficiency report. 

news-93 Wed, 25 Nov 2015 13:46:00 +0100 “We Bring Your Ideas to Life“ häwa Concepts for Customized Control Cabinet Solutions /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/we-bring-your-ideas-to-life-haewa-concepts-for-customized-control-cabinet-solutions häwa defines customer-specific standard with individual cabinet solutions Owing to the individual consulting approach häwa GmbH offers control cabinets that always meet the customers' specific requirements exactly. The cabinet manufacturer distinguishes between four different levels of customization, which the company showed at the SPS IPC Drives in Hall 5, booths 170 and 270.

The customer actually needs rarely a complete customized development. In most cases an individual construction of the cabinet with adequate accessories is sufficient. Special individual components, in particular cut-outs and additional mounting holes will, for example, optimize the cabinet concept. Furthermore, air-conditioning requirements, the cabinet construction as well as the design have to be defined together with the customer. The challenge is to find the best cabinet concept for each installation without overloading it!

On its exhibition stand, häwa showed various cabinets to demonstrate the different levels of customization, based on the proven „häwa option“ from A to D.  häwa's Option A represents the classic range of stock and catalog products, in which the customers themselves carry out all necessary individualization.

Option B describes cabinets which consist mainly of standard components but include some special features such as individual cut-outs and special individual components. As an example, häwa showed a stainless steel cabinet as well as a modular cabinet, which both included slight modifications of the standard components.

With Option C, häwa implements specific customer design specifications to create an individual solution. This may include customized measurements,  mounting systems or even a special surface treatment. At the exhibition, häwa presented a cabinet which was designed for packing machines. This is always located on the top of the machine, and a concealed cable routing space with a defined useful height is integrated in the cabinet base. All cabinet surfaces are fully welded without joints and grinded. Furthermore, häwa showed as an example for Option C, a stainless steel cabinet for the food-processing industry. All surfaces that are in contact with the product are welded gap-free with continuous welds. The entire construction is resistant to high-pressure jet cleaners and is UL-certified.

Option D covers all completely specific constructions. Everything is individually planned, from dimensions, accessibility, protection class, load carrying capacity and cooling to the interior fitting. As an example of such new constructions, häwa showed an enclosure for the use in locomotives and mobile carts. häwa has the welding certificate for rail vehicles and components, certification level CL2 according to DIN EN 15085-2 issued by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA). The production of these special enclosures and cabinets is only possible due to the verifiable qualification of the häwa welding specialists, since there are special requirements to the dynamic load carrying capacity.

news-94 Wed, 25 Nov 2015 13:38:00 +0100 Sanitary Environment Cabinets by häwa are Resistant to High-Pressure Jet Cleaners and Easy to Clean Due to Smooth Surfaces /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/sanitary-environment-cabinets-by-haewa-are-resistant-to-high-pressure-jet-cleaners-and-easy-to-clean-due-to-smooth-surfaces At the SPS IPC Drives, in Hall 5, booths 170 and 270, häwa GmbH exhibited sanitary environment cabinets. At the SPS IPC Drives, in Hall 5, booths 170 and 270, häwa GmbH exhibited sanitary environment cabinets designed for packing machines for the food processing industry. Instead of a simple silicone seal, they use a special double seal ensuring an extreme tightness (IP69K), which makes the enclosures resistant to high-pressure jet cleaners.

Based on the häwa RHL-cabinet series H450 design, the sanitary environment cabinets benefit from their smooth surfaces, a sloping roof and they have no gaps and cracks where product material could deposit. Therefore cleaning is fast and easy, which is particularly important in the food-processing industry as cleanliness takes top priority in the production process there. Therefore, the enclosure is also equipped with a special hygienic locking device. A large mounting plate reaching to the sloping part of the roof provides plenty of space for housing all component groups inside the enclosure.

news-95 Wed, 25 Nov 2015 13:35:00 +0100 häwa Outdoor Cabinets are Suitable for all Weather Conditions /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-outdoor-cabinets-are-suitable-for-all-weather-conditions At the SPS IPC Drives, in Hall 5, booths 170 and 270, häwa GmbH exhibited outdoor enclosures, which, owing to the sophisticated ventilation and air conditioning technology, are perfectly suited for outdoor applications in all weather conditions. At the SPS IPC Drives, in Hall 5, booths 170 and 270, häwa GmbH exhibited outdoor enclosures, which, owing to the sophisticated ventilation and air conditioning technology, are perfectly suited for outdoor applications in all weather conditions. These enclosures were developed for a manufacturer of  small and container sewage treatment plants and they are used where a connection to the public sewer system is economically not feasible.

The outdoor enclosure is based on a cabinet with various versions and removable side panels mounted from the inside, as well as a special removable rain cover. Built-in fans and cooling devices ensure the right climate inside the enclosure at all weather conditions. In order to protect the enclosure from scratching, the surface of the floor is externally equipped with stainless steel sliding sheets. The individually required holes and rails for mounting the interior fittings of the enclosure are already pre-mounted.

news-75 Wed, 26 Nov 2014 11:23:00 +0100 häwa presents the large variability of its X-frame machine frames with a new application example /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-presents-the-large-variability-of-its-x-frame-machine-frames-with-a-new-application-example At the SPS IPC Drives in hall 5 at stand 170 and 270, the häwa GmbH presents its variable machine frame X-frame by means of a new application example. At the SPS IPC Drives in hall 5 at stand 170 and 270, the häwa GmbH presents its variable machine frame X-frame by means of a new application example. X-frame is a modularly designed frame system for the construction of individual machine frames and housings. In the shortest time complex machine frames are constructed from only a few single components that combine the flexibility and the modular construction of aluminum profiles with the firmness of steel frames. The patented X-frame is not only a supporting frame but an operational framework. The interior of the frame is freely accessible through the lockable flaps which are placed on the outside, and is quickly and easily usable as cable duct and as housing of electronic and pneumatic components.

For the machine manufacturer ficon TEC Service GmbH that produces special machines for the assembly of microoptical and optoelectronic modules, häwa has developed two for the company standardized X-frame cells. They can be ordered by ficon TEC optionally from stainless steel (V2A) for the often demanded application in clean rooms or in powder-coated sheet steel. The sheet steel as well as the stainless steel version of the cells are both based on the same drawing set and are therefore very cost-efficient in production. Additional construction working is no more necessary. For the precisely working machines of ficon TEC it is very important that the working platform stands stable and with the least amount of vibration possible. The enclosure has to be able to take in various axis systems and also be extensible or adjustable corresponding user requirements, without the need to think about new constructions including new designs each time. For these high requirements placed on stability, modularity, extensibility and nevertheless given individuality, the X-frame machine frames from häwa, which are shown at the SPS IPC Drives, are the perfect solution.

Advantages of X-frame in comparison to fixed aluminum frames
X-frame from häwa offers a far higher stability as machine frames with aluminum profile. As described before the X-frame operational framework is not only a skeleton. Thanks to its large cross-section the interior room of the struts offers the possibility of the protected installation of hoses, lines, cables, maintenance units, valve terminal, 19” modules and many more components in the frame. A retroactive laying of cables and other means is with the X-frame possible without any problems at any time. Also light curtains can be installed quickly and easily in the corner struts. Furthermore, all components are very well protected inside the frame.

Advantages of X-frame in comparison to welded tubular steel construction
In comparison to welded tubular steel constructions the X-frame is flexibly extensible thanks to its modular construction. Also elaborate forms can be integrated into the X-frame easily and quickly without any further effort. Through the high amount of folds, the large cross-section of the frame parts as well as the selectable material thickness, the X-frame is very stable and torsion resistant. All drillings and excavations needed were already taken into account when cutting to size the struts. Therefore, the additional and time-consuming treatment of the frame parts by drilling and milling machines will be avoided. Also, welding parts and threaded bolts can be easily integrated into the framework.

news-73 Wed, 26 Nov 2014 11:23:00 +0100 Cooling and ventilation solutions for cabinets from häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/cooling-and-ventilation-solutions-for-cabinets-from-haewa At the SPS IPC Drives in hall 5 at stand 170 and 270 the häwa GmbH presents cooling and ventilation solutions for cabinets. At the SPS IPC Drives in hall 5 at stand 170 and 270 the häwa GmbH presents cooling and ventilation solutions for cabinets. The exhibited cooling units KF1900 EX-P a cooling device with condenser with Microchannel Technology and KF 1000 RD, a filter fan with EC Technology constitute only a small extract from häwa’s vast portfolio of cooling solutions.

häwa’s new KF1900 EX-P cooling unit was designed for the application as attachment in the EX-P area and is deliverable with an enclosure from sheet steel or stainless steel. The EX-P cooling unit provides the degree of protection IP65 and the installed fans are approved for temperature class T4 (EX approvals external fans II 2G EEx d IIC T4). The display in front for the indication and adjustment of all parameters is placed behind a special protective cover. The KF1900 EX-P cooling unit is very easy to maintain, deliverable in versions of roof construction and of sidewall extension and is particularly well suited for the customer-specific application in the chemical sector, on offshore platforms or in refineries.

häwa’s cooling unit KF 1000 RD with sheet steel enclosure that is executed without filters and therefore, requiring little maintenance benefits from a slim design and minimal installation depth concerning partial installation. It offers a useful cooling output of 1000 Watt through its integrated condensate vaporization and was designed for an operating temperature range of +20°C to +50°C. A display in front provides the easy retrieval and setting of all functions and parameters. The KF 1000 RD cooling unit is perfectly suitable for the application in cabinets for industrial use.

häwa’s product portfolio includes a number of cooling units with condenser in Microchannel Technology and a useful cooling output from 500 up to 3000 Watt. Thanks to the Microchannel Technology the installation depth of the condenser is reduced by approximately 50 mm. Furthermore, the efficiency level of the devices increases since a part of the saved depth is used in order to achieve a more efficient flow of air around the condenser. Through the smaller size less refrigerants are needed (approximately 40% less than with conventional condenser tube-set), what significantly reduces the weight of the cooling units and contributes at the same time to environmental protection. Additionally, a enhanced thermal conductivity and higher corrosion protection can be achieved by the exclusive use of aluminum (whereas conventional condensers consist of copper and aluminum). From a useful cooling output of 1400 W, the devices offer an integrated condensate vaporization.

Filter fans with EC-Technology from häwa are executed very flat (only 6 mm looming) and offer an autonomous and infinitely variable rotational speed regulation. The EC-Technology involves that the fan runs with only a partial load and the rotational speed is adjusted by a module of the respective temperature inside the cabinet. Thus, power consumption and noise level decrease considerably, as the fan operates less often under full load and maximum rotational speed. Moreover, life expectancy of the device increases through less processes of switching on and off. The application of the filter fan with EC-Technology is particularly profitable where the power dissipation inside the enclosure fluctuates heavily or the up to now used filter fans have only short starting times/runtimes.

news-71 Tue, 11 Nov 2014 14:29:00 +0100 Filter fan with EC technology from häwa reduces electric power consumption and noise level /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/filter-fan-with-ec-technology-from-haewa-reduces-electric-power-consumption-and-noise-level Life expectancy of the fan is considerably higher than with common devices Filter fans FL 3 with EC technology from häwa are designed very flat (only 6 mm) and offer in combination with the temperature control module an autonomous and continuous regulation of the rotational speed. The EC technology means, that the fan (after exceeding a minimum temperature value) only operates with part load and adjusts the rotational speed of the respective temperature inside the cabinet. Therefore, the electric power consumption and the noise level are reduced considerably since the fan only rarely has to operate under full load with maximum rotational speed. Furthermore, the life expectancy of the device is increased by less switching on and off processes. The application of the filter fan with EC technology is especially profitable where the power dissipation inside the cabinet varies strongly or the previously used filter fan has only very short run time.

Integrated fastening clips from V2A-spring steel allow an easy and quick snap-in installation with secure hold of the fan. An additional screw fastening is not necessary. With the serially foamed sealing the degree of protection IP 44 is achieved. Through the utilization of the filter mat G4 from häwa, even the degree of protection IP54 can be achieved. With two slots, changing the filter is very easy and quick. A coding tap prevents the wrong insertion of the front grid.

news-60 Tue, 11 Nov 2014 13:50:00 +0100 New filterless cooling unit with inverter technology from häwa regulates performance variably depending on cooling requirements /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/new-filterless-cooling-unit-with-inverter-technology-from-haewa-regulates-performance-variably-depending-on-cooling-requirements Energy savings of 30% in comparison to systems with a fixed rotational speed The häwa GmbH presents a new filterless cooling unit with inverter technology which regulates the performance of a compressor, depending on the cooling requirements. Thus, energy savings of 30% can be achieved in comparison to systems with a fixed rotational speed and a lower noise level, since the compressor always adapts its speed to the required performance. Since the KF 100 DROP IN has not to be switched on or off, the wear of the components is reduced and the cooling unit therefore, has a longer service life. Furthermore, a more constant temperature inside the cabinet can be assured by a cooling unit with inverter technology, which has a positive effect on the service life of the electronic and electric components in the cabinet.

The KF 1000 DROP IN has a cooling capacity of at least 300 w up to a maximum of 1000 w and is designed for an operating temperature range of 20°C to 55°C. Thanks to a display at the front, the nominal temperature inside the cabinet as well as various parameters (e. g. inside temperature, upper/lower alarm temperature) can be regulated and triggered comfortably.

The integrated condensate evaporation requires no further electric power. With its variable cooling performance, the KF 100 DROP IN is perfectly suitable for application in cabinets with different load ranges, for controls that do not produce any dissipation losses when idling.

news-69 Fri, 24 Oct 2014 07:22:00 +0200 Large portfolio of tools for perforating and punching from häwa for customers who still “putter around” themselves /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/large-portfolio-of-tools-for-perforating-and-punching-from-haewa-for-customers-who-still-putter-around-themselves The häwa GmbH offers a large portfolio of tools which are especially destined for customers who still screw their cabinets together themselves or carry out an individualization of their cabinet solution themselves. The häwa GmbH offers a large portfolio of tools which are especially destined for customers who still screw their cabinets together themselves or carry out an individualization of their cabinet solution themselves.

Punching tools from häwa for working on sheet steel (up to 3.2 mm), stainless steel sheet (up to 2.5 mm), aluminum sheet (up to 4.0 mm) and plastic (up to 6.0 mm) with punching pumps are location-independent and economically applicable. In addition, they are simple and clean in application and the punching waste is easily removable. Dies with a cross-line mark facilitate the exact alignment. Also existing outbreaks can be extended with special punching tools. Since they operate free from burrs, a reworking is not necessary. Punching tools from häwa are also available according to customer requirements.

If there are no holes häwa’s step drill bits and “twist drill with thread cutter” come into operation. Step drill bits operate nearly free from burrs and are suitable for drilling round gaps as well as thin sheet metals up to a diameter of 30.5 mm. Due to a sharp drill bit pre-drilling is not necessary. The “twist drill with thread cutter” drills and cuts threads in a single working step and without any tool change which brings you significant savings in time during the application. They are available for metric standard threads and fine threads.

The mobile and powerful hydraulic pull cylinder Power 25 offers a stroke of 40 mm concerning significantly increased traction force in comparison to a standard cylinder. It was developed for special applications for which the common punching power of a standard cylinder is insufficient. The Power 25-cylinder is delivered with two actuation screws with a diameter of 9.5 mm and 19 mm and can be connected to pumps with hydraulic hose through its quick-action coupling. Standard punching tools with a 9.5 mm and 19 mm thread can also be used. For very large cross sections an actuation screw with a M25 thread is used. Therefore, round holes up to a diameter of 245 mm, square holes up to 200 mm and rectangular holes up to 280 mm diagonal are possible.

The Quick-Press 400 with a usable operating depth up to 400 mm is ideally suited for the workshop equipment for a quick and precise punching of holes without pre-drilling of enclosures, terminal boxes, small doors, cable entry plates and plain plates. Even enclosures with a depth of up to 300 mm can be punched at the enclosure bottom with this press. Round holes up to a diameter of 40.5 mm, square holes up to 25.4 mm and rectangular holes up to 35 mm diagonal are possible in 2.5 mm sheet steel. The punch or rather die can be used at the top or at the bottom.

Furthermore, the Quick-Press 400 is equipped with all conveniences: besides the double-acting hydraulic cylinder with a laser center-indication it has an easy running, ball bearing depth stop and a switchable electric control with automatic operation or inching operation. An adjustable time relay controls the back stroke concerning following punches.

news-67 Mon, 20 Oct 2014 07:34:00 +0200 New cooling units with condenser in micro-channel technology from häwa benefit from a small installation depth /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/new-cooling-units-with-condenser-in-micro-channel-technology-from-haewa-benefit-from-a-small-installation-depth Installation depth of condenser is reduced by approximately 50 mm The häwa GmbH presents a new range of cooling units with condenser in micro-channel technology and a cooling output from 500 to 3000 watts. Through the micro-channel technology the installation depth is reduced by approximately 50 mm and the efficiency of the device increases since a part of the depth saving is used for achieving a more efficient flow of air around the condenser.


Concerning cooling units with micro-channel technology, the condenser similar to car radiators is designed to be flat which allows significant savings in installation depth. Due to the smaller size less refrigerant is needed (approximately 40 % less than conventional condenser tube-set), which significantly reduces the weight of the cooling units and at the same time contributes to environmental protection. Through the exclusive use of aluminum a better thermal conductivity and higher protection against corrosion can be achieved (conventional condensers in contrast consist of copper and aluminum).


häwa's cooling units with condenser in micro-channel technology have got a lid with the new häwa design and are prepared for extension, installation or partial installation. A mat against fibrous material protects from heavy soiling. Starting from 1400 watts cooling power, the devices offer an integrated evaporation of condensate. Through a display at the front all functions are indicated and also the upper as well as the lower operation temperature can be set. The whole product line is designed for an operation-temperature range from +20 up to +55 degrees Celsius and thanks to CE and cUL approvals perfectly suitable for export.

news-57 Tue, 22 Apr 2014 15:33:00 +0200 häwa’s fire protection enclosures offer the maximal total conductor cross-section of all cables in the market /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewas-fire-protection-enclosures-offer-the-maximal-total-conductor-cross-section-of-all-cables-in-the-market häwa gets new national technical approvals according to the latest guidelines of the German Institute of Construction Technology (DiBT) häwa GmbH lately received new national technical approvals (ABZ) for its fire protection enclosures according to the latest guidelines of the German Institute of Construction Technology (DiBT). According to the new approvals Z-86.1-20 und Z-86.1-22 of the DiBT, häwa’s HFA-fire enclosures are able to resist fire of at least 30 min resp. 90 min. In comparison to the past, indications about the cables inserted are obligatory now according to new guidelines. Here the competitive advantage of häwa’s fire protection enclosures is existent, since they have the maximum permitted total conductor cross-section of all cables in the market relative to the housing volume. Already at overall dimensions of 600mm x 1000mm x 600mm (WxHxD) single cables up to 4x240mm² and a total conductor cross-section of all cables of 3362mm² can be inserted into the fire protection enclosures via the cable inlet. With smaller housing volumes linear interpolation is possible.

For users the total conductor cross-section of all cables in the national technical approvals (ABZ) of the enclosures is very important. If the permitted total conductor cross-section of all cables of a single cable resp. of all inserted cables exceeds the cross section indicated in the national technical approvals (ABZ), the user can not incorporate its electrical device in the specific enclosure and has to buy a possibly bigger and more expensive enclosure in order to be allowed to insert the quantity of cable needed. Already 10 years ago, häwa recognized that the customer is in his applications more flexible the more cable is permitted for the respective enclosure size. Therefore, back then häwa had his fire protection enclosures proved according to the worst-case-principle and had national technical approval.

Another advantage of häwa’s fire protection enclosure is its flexibility in size and assignment of the sealing of cables. häwa’s sealing of cables can be mounted on, under, as well as sideways. Additionally, there are several alternatives for the direct inserting of the cables or for the connection of a fire-protection cable duct.

news-56 Thu, 03 Apr 2014 08:10:00 +0200 Ducts of häwa offer a particularly high degree of protection /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/ducts-of-haewa-offer-a-particularly-high-degree-of-protection Also available in accordance with customer requirements häwa GmbH offers its customers a broad product portfolio of ducts (type 1201, 1204, 1206 and 1207) with a high degree of protection up to IP65 through the corresponding sealing surfaces (type 1201). Partly, these ducts are also available according to customer requirements (type1201 and 1206) in order to satisfy any customer’s needs, e.g. of special stability through welded-on connecting flanges. All ducts are very stable with a minimum sheet metal thickness of 1.5mm and partly with flanges of 3mm. Except type 1201, all ducts have the possibility of inserting openly and continuously. The duct type 1206 here even reaches still IP54. Reductions of one cross section to another are also within a type of ducts available.

The duct type 1201 offer a particularly high degree of protection of IP65 and is able to tolerate high mechanical stress. In addition, it offers a continuous and reliable grounding possibility through ground bolts. For this type is also a bellows available, in order to avoids the transmission of occurring vibrations.

The duct types 1204 and 1207 benefit of the possibility to be continuously and openly inserted, even after rotating the channels by 90°. Thus, they are additionally very well suited for retrofitting. An extensive range of molded parts are available.

The duct type 1206 also offers the possibility of inserting openly and continuously and reaches therefore still a degree of protection of IP54. Through the usage of “connection U’s” this type is particularly stable. Through available partitions type 1206 is perfectly suited for the common but separate laying of electric cables and air ducts as well as hydraulic lines. Also retrofitting can be executed easily through the possibility of inserting openly.

news-46 Tue, 26 Nov 2013 10:01:00 +0100 häwa’s new wall enclosures offer almost unlimited application possibilities /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewas-new-wall-enclosures-offer-almost-unlimited-application-possibilities Available in power-coated sheet steel, stainless steel 1.4301 or any other suitable material according to customer specifications At the SPS IPC Drives häwa GmbH presents in hall 5 (stand 170 and 270) a new series of wall enclosures that are available in powder-coated sheet steel, stainless steel 1.4301 or any other suitable material according to customer specifications. The wide opening angle of the doors (180°) through concealed hinges and a protection class of up to IP66 offer the customer almost unlimited application possibilities – even in escape routes and poor weather conditions.

The wall enclosures are available from stock in over 70 sizes, with single or double door, optionally with or without mounting panel and a width from minimum 200 mm up to maximum 1200 mm, a height from minimum 300 mm to maximum 1400 mm and a depth from minimum 125 mm up to maximum 400 mm. For customer-specific solutions it is possible to implement other dimensions. The enclosures are very spacious as the maximum useable depth corresponds to the enclosure depth minus 16 mm. A 26.5 mm wide frame offers a lot of stability. The double edged body frame combined with a small door gap also prevents dirt or water from entering when the door is opened. The enclosures are UL approved according to Nema 1, 2, 5 and 12 as well as Nema 3, 3R and 4X for the stainless steel versions.

häwa also offers a comprehensive range of accessories available for the new wall enclosures, e.g. bases, support feet, wall mounting brackets, cable plates, perforated mounting panels, interior doors with 180° opening angle, a 19” pivoting frame,  universal rails, door opening limiters, universal lights etc. The patented häwa compact handle which takes all common profile half cylinders and hence the locking system of the enclosures can be integrated into the proprietary internal locking system, is available upon request.

news-11 Thu, 18 Jul 2013 07:38:00 +0200 Compact häwa wall mounted cabinets with concealed 180°degree hinge are adaptable and sturdy /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/compact-haewa-wall-mounted-cabinets-with-concealed-180degree-hinge-are-adaptable-and-sturdy Compact wall mounted cabinets of the SN series - with the patented concealed 180° hinges - are now available from häwa. Compact wall mounted cabinets of the SN series - with the patented concealed 180° hinges - are now available from häwa. Their cabinet specialists designed this relevant detail to improve the flexibility and handling of wall mounted cabinets.
In comparison to the otherwise standard concealed hinges of many competitors, to leave an opening of only 130°, the häwa hinge can open completely to 180°. This has the advantage that the housing wall can be installed in escape routes, which helps e.g. companies to fulfill regulatory requirements.

In addition, this type of hinge increases the flexibility because it is designed for opening in both directions. This means that the user can determine - or even at a later date change! - the direction in which the door to the compact cabinet opens. The hinge provides enough robustness for heavy loads up to 80kg and is available in steel or stainless steel finish.

The door hinge with its smaller gap is an attractive new design to the wall cabinet. This allows the cabinets to clean better. With a maximum protection of IP66/Nema 4 they can even withstand adverse environmental conditions.

The UL-approved cabinet SN Series includes over 70 different sizes which are available in stainless steel or steel finish. With only one type of mounting rail it offers many expansion possibilities. The optional and flexible systems accessories help fulfill specific customer requirements.


news-9 Thu, 18 Jul 2013 07:31:00 +0200 How individual does a cabinet have to be? /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/how-individual-does-a-cabinet-have-to-be For the first time häwa defines the different levels – Customisation with a concept Thanks to the individual consulting approach häwa GmbH offers cabinets according to customer needs. The cabinet manufacturer distinguishes between four individual levels of customisation.


It is rare that a customer actually needs a complete customer specified development. In most cases an individual assembly of the cabinet with respective system accessories is sufficient. Special individual components, particular knockouts and additional drill holes for assembly optimise the cabinet concept in the installation. Furthermore, the cooling requirements, methods of cabinet assembly and design aspects have to be defined with the customer. The challenge is to find the optimum cabinet concept for each installation without overloading it!

On their stand häwa displays, with help of different cabinets, the four levels of customisation, following the tried and tested “häwa-option” from A to D:

häwa’s option A describes the classic warehouse and catalogue programme, in which the customer chooses themselves the individualisation. A thought out – but not overloaded – cabinet concept is compulsory. häwa displays such a thought out bayed cabinet of type H395. Including mounted “Lütze assembly system”. The combination of the Lütze system in conjunction with a häwa cabinet results in a high user-friendliness, optimum space utilisation, reduced assembly and installation times as well as an optimised ventilation in the cabinet.

Option B describes those cabinets, which still consist mainly of standard components, but include some customization like individual knockouts and special individual components. häwa demonstrates a cabinet, that in this case has been developed especially for molding machines, in which the mounting panel as well as the top and bottom cover are individually processed and mounted according to customer specifications. We therefore deal with a derivation from the standard bayed cabinet. The advantage: The customer can choose from a wide range of accessory components, as these can be adapted from the standard range. The cabinet is a completely finished product according to customer specifications – including delivery to the customer site – at a fair price.

With option C häwa implements the customer design specifications. This can start with customer specific measurements, continue with a customer specific assembly system and possibly end with a special surface treatment. At the exhibition häwa demonstrates a cabinet with a width of 650 mm and a height of 2100 mm (including pedestal) that has a depth of 950 mm. Details like bespoke doors, side walls, cable entry plate and EMC gaskets are tailored to the application profile, in this instance to the use in paper production plants.


Option D covers all bespoke customer developments. Under the motto “back to the machines” these cabinets are usually used directly at the machine head. Everything is individually planned, from the dimensions, accessibility, and degree of protection, load capacity and cooling, to the interior equipment. As an example of these new developments häwa demonstrates a controlling cabinet built to customer specifications with single-winged hinged doors at the front and back.

news-7 Mon, 14 Jan 2013 07:58:00 +0100 MPA NRW quality label /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/mpa-nrw-quality-label-1 for HFI 30/60, HF 30 and HFA 30/90 This year we have obtained the Quality Label for "supervised and certified construction" for HFI 30/60, HF 30 and HFA 30/90 of the MPA NRW (Material Testing Institute Nordrhein-Wesfalen). The task of the MPA NRW is to assist the industry in quality assurance. This includes testing of raw and finished materials, construction products, workpieces and quality management systems as well as the calibration of measuring and test equipment.

news-8 Wed, 05 Dec 2012 07:26:00 +0100 Lean production at häwa allows Just-in-Time-Supply /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/lean-production-at-haewa-allows-just-in-time-supply Not only the car industry strives to use lean production, but it also gets more and more common in mechanical engineering. Not only the car industry strives to use lean production, but it also gets more and more common in mechanical engineering. Its advantages are for example the reduction of stock levels, reduction of processing times of products and the just-in-time-philosophy. For these reasons more and more mechanical engineers are prompted to restructure their production. This also has an effect on suppliers. They rise to the challenge of providing their products – like the corresponding cabinets – just-in-time.

At the SPS IPC Drives 2012 in Hall 5, Stand 170 and 270, häwa GmbH showed how the company can include their individual cabinet components into the stages of customer production using the example of a simulated production line. The modular design of häwa cabinets facilitates these processes and allows the company to react very flexibly to the supply requirements of their customers. Generally, the mounting plate is supplied first, then the doors and afterwards the side walls. Finally, the interior is supplied.

“The just-in-time supply of our customers can be summarised by using the ‘guiding principle of 6 Rs’: the right part, in the right quality, at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right price, to the right location” explains Christian Feger, responsible for corporate planning and development at häwa. “This way our own processing times are also reduced and this way we can react even faster to our customers’ needs. We can also increase our internal quality standards because we cannot allow faulty components with just-in-time supply to customers” adds Feger.

news-3 Tue, 30 Oct 2012 07:36:00 +0100 häwa invests in new testing capacities for cabinets in compliance with IP and NEMA regulations /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-invests-in-new-testing-capacities-for-cabinets-in-compliance-with-ip-and-nema-regulations As a manufacturer of cabinets made to customers’ specifications häwa puts focus on testing in house. As a manufacturer of cabinets made to customers’ specifications häwa puts focus on testing in house. The company invested in a new testing stall that is laid out for water ingress testing in compliance with IPX5, IPX6 as well as NEMA. NEMA-tests are necessary in the USA, in Mexico and in Canada – and are comparable to the IP degrees of protection in Europe.The centerpiece of the new lab for water ingress testing by häwa in Wain / Baden-Württemberg is a water pump which has been calibrated by a special accredited testing lab. Depending on the testing procedure it ensures the demanded liters/minute and also provides jet nozzles with the appropriate inside diameter. häwa can carry out technically correct different water ingress tests on site. In presence of an inspector from an official testing institute it is also possible to issue the correspondent official testing reports.

Through further testing possibilities häwa underlines anew the high quality standards of the company. As a manufacturer of cabinets made to customers’ specifications, the company is now even better able to successfully realize developments with their customers. Should the testing procedures reveal possible faults in new developments or prototypes, the company can react faster. Another advantage is that all people involved in the development – from engineers to the sales force and customers – can follow the tests in house and view the entire technical documentation immediately.

Due to limited capacities, accredited testing labs have often long waiting lists for official tests. häwa, however, is very flexible through their own testing capacities. The company also ensures that it is now also possible to test all sizes of cabinets, for example heavy cabinets or very big cabinets made to customers’ specifications.


news-15 Tue, 22 Nov 2011 08:05:00 +0100 The RHL cabinet series of häwa provides an ideal solution for sensitive production and clean room equipment requirements /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/the-rhl-cabinet-series-of-haewa-provides-an-ideal-solution-for-sensitive-production-and-clean-room-equipment-requirements häwa have benefitted through their many years of constructing cabinets for clean rooms, the food industry sector as well for other applications, where special hygiene requirements must be met. häwa´s RHL series are easy to clean as they have no joints or dead storage spaces. häwa have benefitted through their many years of constructing cabinets for clean rooms, the food industry sector as well for other applications, where special hygiene requirements must be met. häwa´s RHL series are easy to clean as they have no joints or dead storage spaces. This makes them particularly suitable for sensitive production and clean room facilities.

An integrated seamless seal in conjunction with a special outer seal profile makes it safe for cleaning the protection classified IP66/IP69K cabinet with a steam jet. The outer sealing strip is designed for application in the food and hygiene sector, with with excellent resistance to weathering, aging, ozone, chemicals, hot water and steam, as well as to polar liquids such as acetone or methanol. In addition, the side panels and cable entry plates can sealed with e.g. FDA-compliant silicone, when used in clean rooms. The outer sealing strip closes the door gap almost seamlessly and together with the special door design, the side walls and cable entry panels, an efficient and quick cleaning is warranted. The cabinet frame consists of a shell casing where the front frame provides a solid base without rigid discontinuities on the rear wall, roof and floor. To meet more stringent hygiene requirements (e.g. for laboratory extruder), the design of RHL series is currently under revision.


news-35 Mon, 04 Jul 2011 09:04:00 +0200 häwa takes over X-frame Systems /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-takes-over-x-frame-systems häwa GmbH takes over X-frame operations from Jettingen Systems. häwa GmbH takes over X-frame operations from Jettingen Systems. Up to this point, häwa was an offical X-frame partner and European manufacturer of X-frame components. The takeover strengthens häwa’s functional individual cabinet systems concept. The X-frame system is integrated into the existing distribution network, and a separate häwa team with new employees is set up to support this purpose.
For a seamless transition of the X-frame Systems into häwa’s portfolio, it is envisaged that the staff of X-frame Systems continue to work until the end of 2011 on behalf of häwa for X-frame Systems and then transfer to other areas of the former business partner. Managing director of X-frame Systems Mr. Klaus Wurmhöringer says that “This is the best solution for both sides and enables a perfect integration of X-frame Systems with häwa. I am elated that the integration into the production can grow under the umbrella of häwa, as the variable frame systems is ideally suited to the individual cabinet and enclosure configurations of häwa.’
“We are very happy that the take-over of X-frame Systems went this smoothly’’, said Mr. Markus Jung, CEO of häwa. “We are convinced that the variable frame system of Xframe is an ideal compliment to our existing product portfolio. The integration of X-frame against the background of our existing sustainable development, that cabinets must be machine integratable, has become increasingly important’’ added Mr Jung.

X-frame is a variable frame system with a modular design principle, for creating equipment racks and enclosures of various designs. It combines the flexibility of aluminium profiles with standarized modules. Out of a few individual components a complex machine frame can be assembled within a short time.

The X-frame housing module components are manufactured from sturdy sheet steel and enables the optimum implementation of various customer appplications with a professional appearance - even with singular order quantities. Accessories of many profile manufacturers are easily connected to the X-frame components, providing customers with a wide selection of accessories for different applications.

Generally the X-frame systems is used as modular single cells for linear or rotary applications. As a single cell, the X-frame system provides a flexible cost-effective standard solution that is easily extendable with excisting components. For the construction of linear applications, X-frame components can be lined-assembled as single- or double elements. For rotary applications, the X-frame can be assembled to create square, rectangular, 6- and 8-angular applications.

news-20 Mon, 20 Jun 2011 09:04:00 +0200 häwa donates € 2,500 towards the Pushpa Home for Doctors in developing countries in Calcutta /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-donates-eur-2500-towards-the-pushpa-home-for-doctors-in-developing-countries-in-calcutta häwa GmbH & Co. KG recently presented Mr. Arno Müller and Dr. George Härdtle with a cheque of more than € 2,500 to Drs Uta and Dankwart Koelle of “Doctors for the third world”. häwa GmbH & Co. KG recently presented Mr. Arno Müller and Dr. George Härdtle with a cheque of more than € 2,500 to Drs Uta and Dankwart Koelle of “Doctors for the third world”. With this donation, häwa shows its support to the “Pushpa Children's Tuberculosis Clinic”, which is home to the charity organization in Calcutta. The children in Calcutta are in dire need of this hospital as without it half of the sick children would probably not survive.

The Pushpa clinic of the “Doctors for the Third World” is a children's hospital in Calcutta which has 30 beds for children up to 14 years of age who suffer from tuberculosis. It was founded in August 2007 and is entirely funded by donations. The hospital has about 20 employees plus two Indian doctors who take care of the children. Monthly expenses are approximately € 3,500 which must be covered for by these donations.

The “Doctors for the third world” are very proud of this children’s hospital in Calcutta. It is one of their showpieces. The funding is nevertheless a permanent concern. Therefore, the organization is always on the lookout for companies who can help them carry their monthly expenses. And häwa is very pleased to help; "We admire  the Doctors for the Third World” for their tireless dedication to the children in Calcutta and are delighted that our contribution is able to help with the upkeep of this hospital" said Mr. Arno Mueller of häwa.

news-17 Mon, 02 May 2011 09:13:00 +0200 The new innovative concealed 180° hinge of häwa /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/the-new-innovative-concealed-180-hinge-of-haewa Modern casing designs with free flight path guarantee. häwa GmbH & Co. KG introduces its innovative 180 ° concealed hinge for housing solutions. The patented "180 ° concealed hinge" is one of its kind in the market. It is an evolutional improvement over the concealed hinges currently available. Hinges previously available can only open up to about 130 ° and therefore easily become an obstruction. The "180 ° concealed hinge" replaces the current outer 180 ° hinge. It guarantees free escape routes due to its wide angle, while being optically attractive with easy to clean surfaces.

The hinge is available with two different hinge brackets for respectively normal, or high loads up to 80kg. With the appropriate case attachment the door angle can even be reduced to 1mm, and is available in steel or stainless steel finishes. Designed for opening in both directions, the opening direction can effortlessly be changed by releasing the hinge pin.

Fitting requirements depends on the type of trestle, mounted accordingly with one or two bolts. The "180 ° concealed hinge is especially suitable for housing constructions with a trestle between 15mm and 20mm. 

news-23 Thu, 03 Feb 2011 07:38:00 +0100 häwa on facebook /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/haewa-on-facebook Click here

news-24 Tue, 07 Dec 2010 08:14:00 +0100 Cooperation with the Business school in Memmingen /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/cooperation-with-the-business-school-in-memmingen The aim of the Business school Memmingen is to get industries and Colleges to collaborate in the region. The aim of the Business school Memmingen is to get industries and Colleges to collaborate in the region.

Our CEO, Mark Jung, was elected unanimously as chairman of the Advisory Board.
The Advisory Boards’ purpose is to supply practical advise to the college.

news-29 Tue, 23 Nov 2010 08:16:00 +0100 Introducing häwa tools /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/introducing-haewa-tools Our portfolio comprises of mobile devices, workshop equipment and workshop automation. häwa is primarily known as a quality manufacturer of electrical enclosures, cabinets and thought-through enclosure solutions for the installation of electrical components. In addition, the company's product portfolio includes mobile devices, workshop equipment and workshop automation. At the SPS/IPC/Drives 2010 häwa introduces the Duct channel cutter 2677, the Quick-press 300, the Profile cutter 2671, and punching pumps for example the Powerman Accu, the Powerman Junior and the Powerman Vario at its workbench.

The channel duct cutter 2677 is implemented for cutting wiring channels. The shears is extremely robust and durable. It ensures an effortless optimum cut for fatigue-free operation. The shear blades are manufactured from high grade tool steel, resulting in a tension-, and burr-free cut and a guaranteed long service life.

The Quick-press 300 with hydraulic cylinder is ideal for series punching and punching (without pre-drilling) of round-, square-, rectangular-, and special holes in enclosures, cable ducts, small cabinet doors, mounting plates, etc. The solid hydraulic cylinder design delivers high performance for fast and accurate punching. The Quick-press 300 is durable, user-friendly and is equipped with a laser pointer for indicating the punch center. The punch is flexible and punches up to the outermost edges are possible. Punches and dies can either be inserted at the top or at the bottom of the punch.

The manually operated Profile cutter 2671, is implemented for cutting and punching holes in profile rails made from steel and aluminium. The shears provide an effortless optimum cut with fatigue-free operation. The shear plates are made from high quality tool steel, resulting in a tension-, and burr-free cut with a guaranteed long service life. For this robust and durable profile cutter, häwa offers a guarantee of 10 + 3 years (when the tool is is serviced after 10 years, the guarantee is extended for a further 3 years).

The three different Powerman punches available all benefit from their durability and user-friendliness. They are all very versatile and ideal for subsequent finishes required on site on electrical switch boards and machinery panels made from steel. Holes can be punched not only in smooth sheets, but also in switch cabinets and control cabinet doors. Due to the portable hydraulic cylinder of the Powerman Vario, punches can be made in confined spaces. It has a high tensile force of 50 kn and can punch holes up to 80mm in diameter. The Powerman Junior punches with a force of 40 kN, punching holes up to 50.5 mm in diameter. The Powerman Accu is a battery-operated punch with with a microprocessor control and 12 volt AC battery pack. The Powerman Accu punches with a force of 70 kN, making it possible to punch holes up to 115mm in diameter.

news-37 Fri, 24 Sep 2010 07:55:00 +0200 Credit card acceptance /aktuelles/informationen-abonnieren/rss-feed-subscription/credit-card-acceptance We now accept credit card payments via Visa and Mastercard. Please feel free to contact us!