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    30. July 2021

    häwa looks ahead and invests heavily in state-of-the-art machinery

    Wain, 28. July 2021. The global economy is currently suffering from the effects of the Corona pandemic. According to the PwC Mechanical Engineering…

    08. July 2021

    Long service life, robust and cost-efficient: häwa non-filter cabinet air conditioners

    Wain, July 08, 2021. Electrotechnical components in control and switch cabinets produce heat. In order to protect the sensitive components from…

    14. June 2021

    Christian Wolf appointed new IT manager at häwa

    Wain, June 14, 2021. Christian Wolf is the new IT manager at häwa GmbH. He will be heading a young and highly motivated team, taking on the…

    11. June 2021

    The häwa tool truck visits Swiss high-tech apprentices

    Widen, June 10, 2021. häwa has been working closely with libs, the leading training company in the Swiss high-tech industry, for many years. Libs…

    10. May 2021

    The right tool at the click of a button: Thanks to KROMI cabinets made by häwa

    Wain, May 10, 2021. The right tool at the click of a button: This has become a standard at many large companies. You can find tool cabinets from KROMI…

    16. April 2021

    „If customers can't come to us, we'll come to them“

    Wain, April 12, 2021. After its highly successful premiere last year, the häwa show truck is on the road again in 2021. The leading manufacturer for…

    17. March 2021

    About REACH

    Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern

    19. February 2021

    Intelligent disinfection in a few seconds: Shopping cart “washing-bay"

    Wain, February 18, 2021. Dozens of different people use the same shopping cart in the supermarket every day. Especially in the age of the Covid-19…

    08. February 2021

    Jürgen Litz new Human Resource Manager at häwa

    Jürgen Litz has started in January as Head of Human Resources at häwa GmbH. He is responsible for all areas of personnel management and leadership at…

    28. January 2021

    How banknotes become counterfeit-proof: häwa supplies the perfect stainless steel cabinet

    häwa GmbH is always the right partner when customized solutions are required in control cabinet construction. Even in highly sensitive areas: Thanks…

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