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    09. November 2020

    Interview häwa Bad Wörishofen

    Lutz Georgi (51) has joined häwa 21 years ago and as operations manager he is responsible for the Bad Wörishofen site. We talked to him about the…

    03. November 2020

    häwa Case – Control Cabinet USA

    When the leading control cabinet manufacturer invests his entire know-how to develop a customized solution for one of the world's leading electrical…

    02. November 2020

    About REACH

    Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern

    23. October 2020

    häwa road show creates new networks

    The machine rack X-frame is on tour. The truck made a pit stop at the company Beck Automation in Würzburg (Germany). The innovative machine rack…

    08. October 2020

    “We find solutions for you " – Interview with Kristin Heinrici, häwa USA

    Kristin Heinrici is häwa's representative in the United States. Every week we receive a container with control cabinets. Because: "Americans love…

    15. September 2020

    X-frame impresses the experts

    The häwa machine rack is a success story in functionality, flexibility, practical relevance and sophisticated design. It’s applications possibilities…

    19. August 2020

    From Wain to the World

    häwa is one of the leading manufacturers of control cabinets, enclosures, machine racks and components. The company is specialized in manufacturing…

    11. August 2020

    X-frame machine rack on tour

    With modular machine housings from häwa


    In February, Managing Director Arno Müller was still optimistic about the new year. But then Corona came…

    19. June 2020

    Control Cabinets Produced with Green Electricity

    Trainees become "energy scouts" at häwa. First projects result in significant electricity savings. The goal: production of control cabinets with 100%…

    29. May 2020

    Extensive certification program at häwa

    The control cabinet manufacturer häwa in Wain (South Germany) is continuously optimizing its quality management. Two recertifications in 2019,…

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