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    06. February 2023

    häwa GmbH fills management positions

    Wain, 6 February 2023. As of 1 February, häwa GmbH has filled two new management positions internally, thus setting the course for a successful future…

    16. January 2023

    Full order books, huge investments, but also concerns about the global situation

    Wain, 16 January 2023. Häwa GmbH is in a brilliant position at the beginning of 2023. Full order books, upcoming investments in the millions, such as…

    09. January 2023

    Perfect finishing of fine pastry products thanks to the Combino conveyor belt system from häwa

    Wain, 09. January 2023. High-quality components as well as entire systems from häwa GmbH can be found around the globe wherever top-level industrial…

    04. October 2022

    CoasterKart running in amusement park rides thanks to a robust electronics housing from häwa

    Wain, 05. October 2022. High-quality control cabinets and housing solutions from häwa for the installation of electrical components can be found in…

    16. August 2022

    Vocational training at häwa: Always the right start to your own career

    Wain, 16th of August 2022. häwa GmbH is not only a leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosures, but also offers attractive and…

    04. July 2022

    UL Approval: häwa responds to the requirements of the international markets

    Wain, 4th of July 2022. The international market has always been of great importance to häwa GmbH, the leading manufacturer of control cabinets…

    24. June 2022

    häwa invests close to 15 million euros in a brand new headquarters in Wain

    Wain, 24th June 2022. häwa GmbH, a leading manufacturer of control cabinets and housings, has big plans with its eye on the future. This…

    11. May 2022

    Roadshow in demand in Switzerland: There are dates still available in October.

    Wain/Widen, 11th of May 2022. Following the launch of the 2022 Roadshow at its headquarters in Germany at the end of March, the control cabinet…

    03. May 2022

    häwa Perfects Bread Slicing with a Specially Modified Cooling Unit

    Wain, 3th of May 2022. Baking bread is undoubtedly not part of the core competence of a leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosure…

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