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    Responsible attitude towards nature

    As a cabinet and enclosure specialist we provide you with innovative system solutions individually tailored to your requirements. We are environmentally responsible and base our activities on the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001. This means: We do everything to protect the environment – from the choice of raw materials to the finished cabinet or enclosure.

    Environmental protection at häwa

    • We strive to avoid burden on our employees or the environment
    • We use resources economically and design all stages of production to be as environmentally friendly as possible, for example by purchasing environmentally friendly raw materials and auxiliary supplies.
    • We constantly optimize our use of raw materials and auxiliary supplies, for example by minimising the creation of scrap metal through nesting programmes or through the recovery of powder coatings.

    •  Waste is avoided as far as possible, otherwise correctly separated and recycled. 
    • We consciously comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, for example BImSchG (Federal Pollution Control Act), TALärm (German government's Technical Instructions for Noise), German ordinance on hazardous substances, TRGS (hazardous substances), WEEE-/RoHS Directives.

    We focus on energy-efficient and resource-conserving technology

    • Our technical equipment is regularly checked and upgraded at appropriate intervals or substituted by the latest technical developments (amongst others Atimex-system, fuel-efficient building technology).

    • We strive to use environmentally friendly technology that is for example: energy, water, emission and waste efficient and resource-saving (economical heating and ventilation systems with heat recovery, PV installations, use of electricity from renewable energy sources)

    • Our requirements to protect the environment and human health also apply to our suppliers, whose materials flow directly or indirectly into the production process.

    Printhäwa GmbH