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    Punching tools: Precise metal punching

    When working on the control cabinet, it is very important to punch burr-free holes in the metal of the cabinet. When punching holes in different sizes and shapes, the punching tools from häwa will help you. With our durable, high-quality hole punching tools, you can quickly and efficiently process different metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium.
    Discover the selection of punching tools and accessories from häwa now.

    Hole punching: Hydraulic punching of sheet metal

    Punching a hole in sheet metal - the principle does not sound complicated at first. However, when punching holes in sheet metal, sharp edges can occur. It is also important to make sure that the hole is punched in the right place when applying the punch. That is why you need tools that are precisely tailored to this application when fabricating control cabinets. In this way, you can optimise your work processes in control cabinet manufacture and make them as effective as possible.

    Here, mobile punching tools and hole punching tools for workshop equipment from häwa support you.

    Mobile hydraulic manually operated hole punches

    Mobile hydraulic sheet metal hole punchers from häwa are hole punching tools that are operated manually via a hand pump. They are independent of energy sources, easy to carry and can be used anywhere. Although the hydraulic punches are operated manually, the use of hydraulic fluid enables high force generation when punching different material thicknesses. For punching with mobile manually operated hydraulic punches it is necessary to pre-drill the sheet metal to be punched so that the draw stud can be guided through the sheet metal. The stud aligns the punch to the die and simultaneously draws the punch into the die for punching.

    The advantages of hydraulic manually operated hole punches from häwa

    Manually operated hydraulic punches from häwa are particularly suitable for work on the finished control cabinet. Here they offer you the following advantages:

    • Flexible punching of enclosures and control cabinets using innovative punching tools for metal.
    • Manually operated and therefore easy to carry and use everywhere.
    • Quick and precise punching of holes.
    • Punching of different material thicknesses with minimal effort, clean punched edges and without burr formation.
    • No chips, therefore little waste during punching.
    • Punching out different shapes through a wide range of punching tools, for example, round, as well as square and rectangular, which are also available in different sizes.

    Manually operated punches for sheet metal: Operating principle

    häwa punching tools such as the Powerman Vario are manually operated sheet metal punching tools for mobile use. During use, the hydraulic oil, which is contained in the oil reservoir in the handle of the tool, enters the cylinder by means of pump action. This allows you to punch housings and control cabinets in different sheet metal thicknesses with little effort. After the punching process, the valve on the tool is released, allowing the oil to flow from the cylinder back into the oil reservoir. The deformed waste piece produced during the punching process is held in the tool. This means it can be easily removed and does not fall into the cabinet.

    A particularly practical feature of the Powerman Vario is its movable cylinder that can be swivelled in two axes. It allows you to use the punching tool even when there is little space or in angled places in the control cabinet or enclosure. To ensure that your hydraulic punch from häwa stays with you for as long as possible, use our high-performance cutting oil in the punching process. This prevents premature wear of the die and punch and allows you to punch burr-free cut outs over a long time.

    In addition to the Powerman Vario, häwa offers a selection of other mobile manually operated punches, for example the Powerman Junior or the Powerman Step.

    Bow punches: Hydraulic punches for your workshop equipment

    As an alternative to the manually operated hydraulic mobile punching tool, you can obtain fixed hydraulic hole punches from häwa which are driven by air or electric hydraulic pumps. Our Quick-Press and Maxi-Press series are particularly suitable for processing individual control cabinet parts as well as for processing sheet metal parts folded up to 30 mm. These are positioned in the hole punches in accordance with the requirements and are punched effortlessly. Just like the mobile tools, the bow punches offer you the possibility to punch holes in different sizes and shapes by using different dies and the matching punches. The changing of the punches is easily done by loosening a grub screw. No pre-drilling is necessary when punching with a bow punch.

    Hole punching from häwa for metal processing

    Punch sheet metal for the control cabinet with equipment from häwa - burr-free, clean and effective. Discover our range of punching tools and matching accessories and optimise your work processes. Do you have any questions? Find your personal häwa contact person today or send us your enquiry via our contact form. We are looking forward to finding your ideal hydraulic punching tool together with you.

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