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    Crimping tools for processing cable lugs

    When working on control cabinets and enclosures, a large number of cables have to be laid. In order to establish a secure electrical connection, cables are often terminated in the cabinet using cable lugs. When crimping the cables in the cable lug, cable lug crimping tools help you.
    Discover the range of crimping tools from häwa now.

    Cable lug crimping tools for control cabinet manufacture

    When connecting cable ends in the control cabinet, cable lugs and crimping tools for tubular cable lugs are frequently used. By pressing the cable lug onto the cable with the aid of such a crimping tool and using a suitable crimping die, you obtain a secure electrical connection. With hydraulic crimping tools for cable lugs, you implement this work step particularly quickly and cleanly.

    You can find these hydraulic crimping tools at häwa

    Portable crimping tools for working on the control cabinet can be found In the product range of häwa. Our crimping tools are hydraulically operated. Here, a two-stage hydraulic pump ensures fast work. To ensure a correct crimping process, the manual crimping tool opens automatically as soon as the required pressure has been reached. In addition, the crimping tools for tubular cable lugs have a built-in safety valve.

    Crimping tools for cable lugs from häwa:

    • Manually Operated Hydraulic Crimping Tool 240: With this manually operated hydraulic crimping tool, you can crimp cable lugs and joint connectors with a maximum cable cross-section of up to 240 mm2. The compact design makes the tool particularly light and easy to handle. The foldable crimping head can be rotated through 180 degrees so that you can use the tool flexibly when working on the control cabinet.
    • Manually Operated Hydraulic Crimping Tool 400: With this hydraulic crimping tool, the maximum cable cross-section that can be crimped increases up to 400 mm2. The crimping head of this crimping tool can be rotated through 360 degrees, which makes it even more flexible in supporting you during control cabinet manufacture.

    Press and cut hydraulically with cable lug crimping tools

    When you buy a crimping tool, you also have the option of using the crimping tool to cut cables with the help of cable cutting dies. For this purpose, in addition to different sized crimping dies, we offer you various cable cutting dies that you can easily insert into the cable lug crimping head. Thus, you can cut aluminium and copper cables with an outer diameter of up to 12 mm with the cable lug crimping tool 240.
    The manually operated hydraulic cable lug crimping tool 400 allows you to cut cables with an outer diameter of up to 28 mm. You will find the matching cable cutting dies as well as our crimping dies in the accessories for cable lug crimping tools.

    Discover the hydraulic crimping tools from häwa

    Optimize your workflows in control cabinet manufacture and invest in high-quality, durable cable lug crimping tools from häwa. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Our tool experts are at your disposal. Let your personal contact partner advise you and help find the right crimping tools for your company.

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