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    Busbar processing with tools from häwa

    When laying busbar systems in the control cabinet, it is necessary to bend, shorten or trim the busbars accordingly. To ensure that this work can be implemented as time-savingly and cleanly as possible, it is necessary to use special tools for busbar processing.
    At häwa you will find a selection of product solutions for your workshop equipment.

    Processing busbars using bending machines

    Busbars are usually made of aluminium or copper. Depending on how you most frequently process busbars during control cabinet manufacture, häwa offers you different tool solutions with the AlCu-Press series. Our tools for busbar processing are hydraulically operated. Of course, in our range, you will also find the appropriate electric and pneumatic hydraulic pumps for the drives.

    Busbar cutting and hole punching

    With the AlCu-Press: Punching and Cutting to Length for copper and aluminium, you have the option, using the same device, of shortening solid busbars and punching out holes with diameters from 6.5 to 17 mm in busbars with a maximum dimension of 12 x 120 mm. The C-shape of the bow punch makes it easy to insert the busbars to be machined. A linear laser ensures uncomplicated workpiece positioning in the X-direction during punching. The scope of delivery of the AlCu-Press: Punching and Cutting to Length also includes the Wiper AlCu-Press. This prevents the workpiece from bowing when punching rows of holes with short hole spacing

    Busbar bending and trimming

    With the AlCu-Press: bending, trimming you can bend solid as well as laminated aluminium and copper bars - up to a dimension of 12 x 120 mm. In addition, you can trim busbars with the busbar bending machine. With the help of the Trimming Tool for the AlCu-Press, you can bend busbars up to 120 x 12 mm in a Z-shape with two bending edges. Offsets up to a maximum of 40 mm are possible.

    The complete solution: AlCu-Press Complete

    As an alternative to the two AlCu-Press models, you will find our complete solution, AlCu-Press Complete, which combines the functions of the two models, in our range. This allows you to punch, cut to length, bend and trim using one press.

    Tools from häwa for busbar processing

    Find the right tool for busbar processing now! häwa offers you a model for cutting and hole punching as well as a model for bending and trimming. Are you looking for a space-saving, compact all-in-one solution? Invest in the AlCu-Press Complete! If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you personally. Contact us today, find your häwa consultant and optimize your work on the control cabinet with our tools for busbar processing.

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