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    häwa Climate controls: for an ideal temperate inside the control cabinet

    Whether heating, ventilation or cooling is in demand: inside your control cabinet predominantly one thing must prevail – a permanently stable climate. Precisely this is the job of our thermal components that guarantee safely and reliably functional safety of your sensitive circuits.

    häwa cabinet heaters reliably prevent condensation in enclosures and control cabinets used outdoors or in unheated rooms.

    Filter fans
    For heat dissipation from electrical installations, control cabinets, enclosures and control panels.

    Heat exchangers
    Air-to-air heat exchangers and air-to-water heat exchangers provide cabinet cooling through heat transfer.

    Air conditioners
    Perfect climate control in cabinets with häwa air conditioners. Heat transfer to a refrigerant allows to cool down the temperature also below ambient temperature.

    FixCool Filter Fan

    Control cabinets have to be functionally safe – with no ifs and buts! Our high-performance air-conditioning technology regulates the temperature inside cabinets and enclosures safely and reliably.

    Just one example: With häwa heating devices no condensation can form inside the cabinet – even in low ambient temperatures and high humidity. What are your specific requirements?

    häwa air-conditioning technology – Your advantages at a glance

    • Low space requirements for attachment and installation in relation to the works
    • Tool-free mounting for filter fans
    • Well-conceived concepts guarantee simple modification according to customer specifications
    • Maintenance-free model without filter for harsh environments
    • High efficiency in operation

    Heating, cooling, ventilation: individually according to your requirements

    • Heating devices/fan heaters/front heaters
      appropriate heating output in compact desing
    • Filter fans
      the heat can be easily dissipated
    • Heat exchangers air-to-air/air-to-water
      high performance combined with a flat design
    • Cooling devices with/without filter
      economical and environmentally friendly air-conditioning
    Printhäwa GmbH