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    FixCool Filter Fan

    Higher output and efficiency, more economical


    Clean air, perfect cooling

    The haewa FixCool filter fan revolutionizes the cabinet climate control. The innovative air flow system, avoiding so-called hot pockets, ensures maximum protection of sensitive components. haewa FixCool filter fans are equipped with temperature resistant fibrous web filter pads with progressive fiber structure, an improved filtering capacity, and a relatively low air resistance; reliably remove a wide variety of dust particles. The filter fans have an air flow rate of 35 up to 870 m³ per hour, ensuring the right fit and reliable operation for a variety of different operation conditions. They ensure maximum protection for small decentralized applications as well as complex high-performance systems without a problem. The FixCool fans are available in two colors and for different sizes. Sturdy plastic clips ensure a quick assembly and an easy filter pad exchange. We are able to offer our customers an affordable high efficiency filter and cooling device with very low operating costs.


    Here you will find detailed product information.

    Product descripition

      •    FixCool filter fans with standard filter pad in an innovative design for economic cabinet climate control.
      •    The front grid is made of robust, self-extinguishing plastic with seamless foamed-in seal.
      •    Sturdy plastic clips ensure a quick assembly and right fit.
      •    Power supply connection is made via spring-loaded terminals (except for type FC: stranded wires).
      •    Two lateral auxiliary grooves ease the opening of the front grid which is simply opened to the front to change the filter pad.

      Technical Data

        • Protection type: IP54
        • Type rating: Type 12 
        • Temperature range: -10 °C up to +55 °C
        • Motor connection: spring clip (except type FC10: strands)
        • Approvals: CE, cURus, cULus 
        • Surface finish: RAL 7035 or RAL 9005
        • Material: plastic housing PC/ABS

        Increase of the protection rating to IP56

        The protection rating can be easily increased from IP 54 to IP56 by mounting a suitable protection cover.

        Printhäwa GmbH