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  • X-frame machine racks– always the perfect solution from the modular häwa machine rack system

    Each machine rack is functionally different, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to your specific requirements and must be able to grow with your demands. That's why we developed X-frame – a modular system providing maximum flexibility. Since 2008, häwa has been building highly successful special machine racks based on patented X-frame components. Meanwhile the X-frame racks are used in almost all areas of technology. Clean rooms, laser, robotics or the medical field - an X-frame machine rack is always the perfect solution.

    Our decades-long experience and know-how in manufacturing cabinets and enclosures is second to none. Due to the continuous integration of various proven designs, we developed and refined the X-frame program into a standard modular system. Our engineers use this modular system to implement the optimum solution for your individual requirements. With the simple modular structure, you can save time and money already during the project planning and design phase. And in addition: customized solutions are also based on our proven standard designs.


    X-frame machine racks from häwa - your advantages

    Modular Design

    Complex requirements call for intelligent solutions. Each machine cell and each application is functionally different. But they all have one thing in common: they are designed to your specific requirements and must be able to grow in line with your demands. We at häwa have the answer: the modular design of the X-frame system provides the highest level of comfort and maximum flexibility for machine racks. A modular system with (almost) no restrictions. And the best thing: the X-frame modular system is dynamic: it is being continuously optimized and refined. The perfect standard for a variety of product ranges, one-off designs and customized solutions.

    X-frame - the answer to all your questions.

    Design and Ergonomics

    Absolute functionality of products and solutions is always the top priority at häwa. The aim of a new development, however, is also to find a design which meets the high technical product requirements based on maximum practicability. We want to use the design to emphasize values such as quality, modernity, reliability, ease of maintenance and efficiency, and thus the concept of our X-frame system was born. Each component can be supplied to your color, material and positioning requirements. The product family is distinguished by an ergonomic, clear design, individual color choices, as well as material selections (powder coated sheet steel or stainless steel); making each machine rack unique.

    X-frame – because functionality can also be beautiful.


    X-frame is the optimum solution for machine racks that have to meet individual requirements. Since 2008 we have been planning, designing and assembling machine racks of the häwa patented X-frame modular system. The European patent protects our solution internationally by patent and trademark law. No other manufacturer shall copy the patent-protected solutions, making the X-frame system with integrated cable routing in the struts, with flaps for quick access to these areas and with integrated control cabinets unique in the market. This patent guarantees our customers that their machine rack will always be unique and leading in functionality and quality.

    Save time and money

    Time is money! You can focus on your core business while we support you in the construction of your machine frame. Due to the partition of the racks into interchangeable modules, it is possible to realize valuable synergies and short assembly times. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate control cabinets into all levels. Additional cable ducts are not required. Advantages that häwa passes on directly to its customers by offering an attractive cost/performance ratio.

    X-frame – because it’s your money and your time.


    häwa does not make any compromises in regard to the safety of their products.  Safety begins already in the planning phase of your X-frame machine rack. The compact solution of the modular system reduces space requirements, design time and costs, thus simplifying engineering and commissioning. X-frame racks are very robust with a high load carrying capacity and with impressing features such as: integration of any requested security system to safeguard access areas, effective laser protection, grounding studs on all standard components, light-proof design for protection against harmful UV light, and conductive surfaces – X-frame machine racks will meet all requirements.

    X-frame – because safety knows no compromise.


    Our areas of application


    Door Systems / (Including Lifting Doors)

    Laser Protection

    Swiveling Control Cabinet

    Light-tight machine racks

    Then contact your personal häwa advisor today to discuss your individual requirements.


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