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    Earthquake safety

    Earthquakes endanger human life and equipment. Depending on the geographic location and the risk of earthquakes, buildings and infrastructure should be designed and constructed so as to make them earthquake-proof.

    Plant constructors wishing to produce electrical switchgear which is able to withstand earthquakes must consider various points:
    Where is the equipment located?
    What are the requirements that the equipment must comply with (product specifications)?
    Which norms and standards are applicable in the area/country considered and what must the documentation look like?

    häwa as a manufacturer of enclosures focusses on the earthquake-proof construction of the casing so that IT and telecom systems, electrical (safety) equipment as well as switchgears, as essential components of the technical infrastructure, can remain functional in an emergency situation.

    Based on the H395 model, the seismic design meets the strict requirements of GR-63 Core Zone 4 as well as UBC1997 and EN 1090-2 (formerly DIN 18800-7).
    Proof of the structural integrity of the enclosure and the required load capacities (roof: 45.4 kg and interior 454 kg) was produced based on FEA.

    Preparing for the reliability of the switchgear, we also offer calculations on the basis of other standards such as KTA, DIN. Essential information required in this context is what components are installed, how they are distributed in the enclosure and the mounting type (e.g. on a mounting plate or on rail systems).

    Printhäwa GmbH