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    Laser Protection

    The housing of a laser must comply with two essential basic conditions: No hazardous laser radiation may be emitted in all foreseeable cases and sensitive production processes must be fully protected against all external influences.
    We at häwa design the optimum laser safety cell for your application. With the X-frame system we have developed a laser protection standard that is used up to laser protection class 4. Regardless of the laser type, pre-fabricated laser components are combined to a highly effective protection system. The modular system includes overlapping door systems, laser protection frames, labyrinths, and also many other things. Furthermore, we supply customized laser protection screens for your system. And: For high-power lasers we offer protective cells with active laser protection, like for example LaserSpy

    Solutions for laser protection applications

    Small laser protection system with rotary indexer

    In order to minimize non-productive time in production, we install rotary indexers in our plants. Door systems and feeding areas for the machining parts are designed for effective handling.
    The patented X-frame rack is prepared to accommodate service units, valve terminals, 19" modules, control panels, LEDs and signal lights. Due to the cable-bearing X-frame racks, cables from integrated control cabinets can be routed directly to the individual process areas.


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