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  • 16. April 2021

    „If customers can't come to us, we'll come to them“

    Wain, April 12, 2021. After its highly successful premiere last year, the häwa show truck is on the road again in 2021. The leading manufacturer for machine enclosures, control cabinet and housing systems is presenting its cross-industry solutions in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland in a face-to-face meeting. häwa Managing Director Arno Müller: "If the customers can't come to us, we'll just come to the customers".

    häwa has always placed great emphasis on a close customer contact. However, there will be no trade fair this year either - thus there will be no central opportunity to meet prospective customers and to introduce the latest innovations as well. For this reason, already in 2020 häwa designed a concept for maintaining contact with customers and implementing the trade fair feeling on a small scale: The häwa roadshow. An idea that has proven to be successful will therefore be continued in 2021.

    häwa comes to the requested location on the desired date

    The concept of the roadshow is as remarkable as simple: Customers can register via a separate page on the website - there, you can specify both the preferred date and the desired location of the presentation. The truck will visit the customer directly and exclusively, together with the häwa experts. It includes a showroom that demonstrates the company's latest solutions. The häwa experts will explain all products on site and the customers will have enough time to experience them - of course, in compliance with the current hygiene regulations.

    In the previous year, the häwa roadshow has been a total success. Volkmar Adler, Managing Director of Cadkon GmbH based in Walldorf, visited the show truck in 2020. He summarizes: "We were very surprised about the professional and extensive equipment of the truck. The specialists especially focused on our requirements and questions". A conclusion shared also by Michael Thomas, CTO of Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH: "The roadshow offers us, as manufacturers of customized machines, the opportunity to provide our staff with information and conversations that they otherwise could only get at trade fairs. It is most beneficial that our own time expenditure associated with the roadshow can actually be minimized". Dirk Fuchs, Managing Director of Dirk Fuchs Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, also confirms: "As a customer, I see a very big advantage in the time saved by the pre-arranged appointments. The hygiene concept was also very well worked out; we had no concerns here at all."

    What's new at the häwa Roadshow 2021?

    In the new show truck, which will go on tour in May and remain in use until October, häwa is increasingly focusing on three central issues: Individualization, special approvals and resilience. Background: "Many companies know us as a standard control cabinet manufacturer," says Managing Director Arno Müller, "but häwa is much more than that." The company has specialized in customized solutions. This means, for example, that machine enclosures of all kinds can be adapted to almost any customer requirement. This is followed by the second issue: special approvals. Regardless of the industrial sector, the new show truck presents solutions that are relevant for a variety of industrial applications - and are specifically focusing on robustness - to prevail even under the toughest conditions. Arno Müller: " With the new show truck we want to demonstrate quite clearly: Our customized individual products are always the right solution for every challenge and every application."

    Read more on our website: www.haewa.de/roadshow



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