The häwa show truck is coming back to you in 2023

We present flexible solutions for individual application fields at your desired date and location in our häwa show truck! Experience our patented X-frame machine frames, our control cabinets, housings and cobot workstations up close and find the perfect solution for your application field!

Our show truck is coming back to you in 2023! In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, we will be presenting our cross-industry potential applications in face-to-face talks.

In doing so, our häwa promise comes first: The safe solution for our customers, always!

For häma, protecting people and the environment stands above all else. The functional safety of our machine housings, control cabinet and housing systems minimizes hazards to technical and material components. The following features characterize our exhibits:

  • Highest individualization: We implement individual customer requirements and find a solution for every application.
  • Special approvals: Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, we can find the right solution for every industry and application.
  • Resilience and performance: Customized, individual special constructions from our company withstand every requirement – with certainty!

Convince yourself and arrange an appointment for a roadshow presentation via our registration form!

New: X-frame for safe cobot and robotics applications

Would you like to introduce automated processes in your company to relieve your employees from monotonous, repetitive or even dangerous work? This is where cobot and robotics applications come into play! Individual and functional cobot workstations and robot cells from häwa let you create the necessary safety in automation.

With our patented X-frame machine frames, we offer customizable protective enclosures for your robotics and cobot workstations. No two machine installations are alike, which is why häwa has developed X-frame: Our modular functional frames allow us to react flexibly to customer requirements. The modular system offers you maximum flexibility even for growing requirements. The patented design gives the X-frame special stability, and commissioning the machine frames is quick and easy. If required, X-frames can also be adapted to your corporate design in terms of colour or with a logo. This means that X-frames can be used in a wide variety of areas and, together with robotics and cobot applications, is revolutionizing industrial production.

häwa Show truck on Tour – We will come to you
häwa Show truck on Tour – We will come to you

Flexible solutions for customized applications. We develop customized solutions for your specific requirements. In an on-site appointment, you can see and experience our products in the häwa show truck. Please contact us right now to arrange an appointment!

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X-Frame Road Show
X-Frame Road Show

In 2020, we sent the häwa show truck with our X-frame products on tour to impress our customers.


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Flyer Road Show
Flyer Road Show

You will find all information about the Road Show in our flyer.

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X-frame machine racks
X-frame machine racks

häwa modular machine racks as a solution for technologies such as robotics, laser technology, and hygiene

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Solutions for almost every requirement

Each machine rack is functionally different, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to your specific requirements and must be able to grow with your demands.

That's why we developed X-frame – a modular system providing maximum flexibility. The patented solution reduces space requirements and design effort and simplifies engineering and commissioning.

The system is sturdy and robust. By now X-frame racks are used in almost all areas of technology. Clean rooms, laser, robotics or the medical field - the X-frame machine rack is always the perfect solution.

How flexible and well thought-out our housings are usually becomes apparent when the demands on systems or working environments are high. This is particularly noticeable in the food industry. In addition to strict hygiene and cleaning standards, the interior must be protected as best as possible against moisture, dirt and vibration.

Therefore, a hygienic housing made of stainless steel, which optimally protects the electronics inside against external influences and corrosion, was constructed for the project. Enhanced by the IP65 protection class, the housing has now found its place at the line merging point of the packaging system.

The use of cobots can be an essential part in the process of automation and increase quality, turnover and productivity. For example, collaborative robots that mimic the human arm can effectively take on simple, monotonous, repetitive or potentially dangerous tasks and assist skilled workers.

We assemble the robot table for cobots from various components to create an individual cobot workstation adapted to the requirements. The frames consist of our X-frame functional frames. Additional workstations or workbenches can be attached to the entire cobot table frame as desired. For further configuration, we can make use of the complete X-frame construction kit and thus attach, for example, castors, handles, panels and also various door systems.

Our housings are not always located in protected halls or permanently installed in production facilities. For some of our special solutions, it can also get rough and wet. This is also the case for our housings that are on their way to the port.

Special housings in which the entire electrotechnical equipment and electronics are housed are installed in a straddle carrier of the container warehouse. The demands on the so-called straddle carriers are high, for example, the vehicles have to transport hundreds of containers each with a load capacity of up to 60 tonnes every day - and that in wind and weather. To cope with this, the stainless steel housings are mounted directly in the vehicle, air-conditioned and reinforced in certain places. 

Robots and cobots can be used to automate processes and workflows in the company. For this purpose, häwa uses the X-frame modular principle to develop workstations with integrated control cabinets and functional frames that are precisely adapted to our customer’s requirements. This results in extremely functional robot and cobot workstations for a wide variety of areas.

Cobot workstations: Cobot workstations are designed for humans and cobots to work together. Safety comes first here! Therefore, häwa offers you various options for developing cobot workstations: Choose from our standardized solutions, rely on modular cobot underframes or collaborate with häwa to develop completely individual cobot workstations.

Robot workstations: Whether tripods, Scara robots, jointed-arm robots or linear drives – robots are commonplace in production. When using robotics, the häwa’s X-frames provide the necessary functionality and safety. 

A cobot workstation consists of a well thought-out rack and a powerful cobot. On our Roadshow 2023, you can experience how simple and refined such a collaboration can look like.

With GoFa - CRB 15000 from ABB, we introduce an efficient cobot combined with our robot rack and designed for a load carrying capacity of up to 5 kg. The setup and configuration of the cobot is very easy and intuitive. According to the manufacturer, GoFa even works about 50% faster than most cobots of its class. The collaborative unit is therefore easy to operate and suitable for a wide range of tasks in companies of any size.

Where laser meets metal, the function sparks and things get hot. In order to still guarantee a smooth process, we have found a solution for the laser application that optimally cools the control in the electrical cabinet.

The water heat exchanger designed for the project primarily consists of a housing, a register (tube bundle with fins), a fan and connection lines. At a maximum ambient temperature of 75°, the air is drawn into the housing via the fan, cooled via the register and blown back into the control cabinet. Here, the fans and electronic parts are even available as UL "Underwriters' Laboratories) components.

As the level of automation increases so does the number of cobot applications. In our customer projects, we see the increased use and growth of cobot applications for all industries and areas. So that humans and cobots can work together productively and safely, we have designed the appropriate workplace.

Due to their simple design, our modular cobot bases are a cost-effective solution that you can put to use quickly. With the modular cobot base as we present it, in addition to a closed housing in IP55 design, we also offer a floor unit and an operating section below the worktop.

Statements from our customers

About the roadshow

Lynn Pornschlegel, Business Development Managerin Cobots, ABB Robotics
Lynn Pornschlegel, Business Development Managerin Cobots, ABB Robotics

"The BadenCampus is an exciting platform that brings together industry, science and end users. In the process, the häwa truck impressively demonstrates the result of strong cooperations with competent partners. For example, our cobots enter into a perfect symbiosis with häwa products - such as with the individualized häwa X-frame machine racks that house the cobots. The concept of the showroom coming to customers - and cobot workstations standing in front of the door for them to touch - is fantastic!" Lynn Pornschlegel, Business Development Managerin Cobots, ABB Robotics

Dirk Fuchs, Managing Director Dirk Fuchs Automatisierungstechnik GmbH.
Dirk Fuchs, Managing Director Dirk Fuchs Automatisierungstechnik GmbH.

“I think the idea of bringing the product to the customer is very good. I also had the impression that the employees found the short journey very pleasant and also time-saving. I would be pleased about further "fairs" of this kind. The hygiene concept was also very well worked out; we had no concerns here at all", said Dirk Fuchs, Managing Director Dirk Fuchs Automatisierungstechnik GmbH.

Jens Philipp Mehnert, Manager Sales Consumer Segments and Service Robotics, ABB Robotics
Jens Philipp Mehnert, Manager Sales Consumer Segments and Service Robotics, ABB Robotics

"Bundled competencies close to the customer - the roadshow combines refined systems such as häwa's Cobot workstations with innovations like our collaborative robot GoFa. Our visitors can experience clearly and practically how such solutions provide additional flexibility, ergonomics and simplicity." Jens Philipp Mehnert, Manager Sales Consumer Segments and Service Robotics, ABB Robotics

Michael Thomas, CTO – Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH
Michael Thomas, CTO – Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH

"The roadshow offers us, as special machine manufacturer, the opportunity to provide our employees with information and discussions that they could otherwise only get at trade shows. It is very advantageous that the time required for the roadshow is kept to a minimum."

Michael Thomas, CTO – Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH

Volkmar Adler, Managing Director Cadkon GmbH
Volkmar Adler, Managing Director Cadkon GmbH

" We were very surprised about the professional and extensive equipment of the truck. The specialists focused on our specific requirements and questions". Thanks to the on-site visit, employees from various departments were able to ask questions”, stated Volkmar Adler, Managing Director Cadkon GmbH.

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