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    Order No.: 0338-2025-12-07

    compact69 steel

    Key Features

    • Protection class: IP66/69
    • Standard hinges and turning lock. Vibration proof available upon request.
    • Concealed hinges, about 120° angle opening

    Product Description

    Compact69 enclosure with 1 swivel door, for use as häwa enclosure accessory

    Protective ground connection to DIN EN 61439-1, studs M6x16 on door and body

    Triple edged special frame 25 mm (up/down) or 31.5 mm (side) to protect the seal against direct water jets, eliminates entry of dirt and water when opening the door

    Door with seamless foamed seal. Standard stop right, stop changeable by turning the enclosure

    Concealed hinges made of metal, approximately 120° open angle

    Lock: 3 mm double-bit actuation

    Number of and distance between the hinges is defined by the width and height of each enclosure

    Door from housing width 226 mm with 4 bolts, M4x8 for attachment of reinforcement profiles or for free usage. Door up to housing width 225 mm without bolts.

    Enclosure depth 120 mm optionally with mounting plate or rail, from 200 mm depth with mounting plate

    Wall mounting by means of 4 flat head rivet nuts with M6 thread into the rearwall

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 0338-2025-12-07
    • Material: Sheet steel 1,5 mm; 16 ga
    • width: 225 mm
    • height: 250 mm
    • depth: 120 mm
    • Lock: 1 quarter turn latch lock
    • Protective ground connection: according to DIN EN 61439-1
    • Surface finish: Powder coating RAL 7035, texture finish
    • Protection type: IP66/IP69


    • Reinforcing profiles and wall attachment brackets on request

    Scope of Delivery

    • Enclosure complete, without internal fittings, with 1 key and 3 mm double-bit actuation.


    Accessories enclosures


    Cable for protective ground connection

    Cable for protective ground connection

    Length L 220 mm
    Drilling diameter d 6.5 mm
    Cross-section 6 mm²
    Cable for protective ground connection

    Cable for protective ground connection

    Length L 370 mm
    Drilling diameter d 6.5 mm
    Cross-section 6 mm²
    Protective ground symbol

    Protective ground symbol

    Color yellow/green, black characters

    Accessories Terminal boxes

    Mounting plates

    Mounting plate

    Mounting plate

    Width 155 mm
    Height 235 mm


    Apparatus rail

    Apparatus rail

    Length 241 mm
    Version DIN 60715 35x15 mm, 1,5mm thick
    Apparatus rail

    Apparatus rail

    Length 241 mm
    Version DIN EN 60715 35x7,5mm, 1mm thick
    Printhäwa GmbH