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  • Order No.: 1206-0002-20-00

    Key Features

    • protection class IP54
    • continuous insertion
    • very sturdy

    Product Description

    Duct with 3 threaded bolts M6 for potential equalization

    With cover and turn locks (provided loose)

    The cover provides 17 x 5 mm knock-outs for the optional mounting of hinge brackets. Hinge brackets must be ordered as accessories.

    Retaining cord for securing cover to cable duct as well as groundingcable need to be ordered separately.

    All gaskets are made from oil-resistant material.

    Thanks to the partition availability of panels in the accessories range this system is also ideally suited for the routing of pneumatic and / or hydraulic cables; and for control and supply lines.

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 1206-0002-20-00
    • Type: without flange
    • Material: Sheet steel


    • Enquire about intermediate lengths directly from us. For individual cases you can also cut intermediate lengths by sawing and gauging the section.
    • Connection to other form parts require a U-bracket.
    • Lengths AxB are inner dimensions

    Scope of Delivery

    • 1 duct section with cover
    • gasket 12 x 4 mm self-adhesive on one side and turn locks (provided loose)


    Type 1206


    Drilling diameter d 6.5 mm
    Cross-section 6 mm²

    Drilling diameter d 6.5 mm
    Cross-section 6 mm²


    Accessories Terminal boxes


    HInge bracket

    HInge bracket

    Printhäwa GmbH