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    Order No.: 3080-7041-23-15

    LED lamp with screw fixing, pressure connection clamp

    Key Features

    • Integrated power unit
    • Daisy chaining
    • Long service life and maintenance-free by LED technology
    • Energy-saving by LED technology
    • Dual pressure connection clamp

    Product Description

    The LED lamps are designed for the use in cabinets and enclosures equipped with electric/electronic components, especially where space is at a premium. These lamps have a very long service life thanks to the use of LED technology. With the integrated power unit and the dual pressure connection clamp, the lamps can be connected quickly. It is possible to connect up to 10 lamps to each other (cascading).

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 3080-7041-23-15
    • Mounting: max. 10 pieces
    • Casing: plastic, transparent
    • Operating voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz (min. AC 90V, max. AC 265V) DC 90-110V, (min. DC 80V, max. DC 125V)
    • Power consumption: max. 5 W
    • Operating temperature: from : -30 °C  to : +60 °C 
    • Storage temperature: from : -40 °C  to : +85 °C 
    • Lamp: LED, radiation angle 120° light color = daylight white color temperature = 6,000 – 7,000 K
    • Color temperature: 6000-7000 K
    • Light color: daylight white color
    • Radiation angle: 120°
    • Service lifetime: 60,000 h at + 20°C (+68°F)
    • Protection type: IP20/ II (double insulated)
    • Mounting: screw fixing M5, torque 2 Nm max.
    • Operating/storage humidity: max. 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
    • Approval: CE, cURus
    • Weight: 0.2 kg
    • Power supply: 2-pole dual pressure clamp for rigid wire 2.5 mm², stranded wire with wire end ferrule 1.5 mm²
    • light intensity: 400 Lm at 120°

    Scope of Delivery

    • 1 piece
    Printhäwa GmbH