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    Order No.: 0396.6001.60.27

    Base with 100 mm high brush strip

    Key Features

    • Minimum set-up and assembly times!
    • Free-standing or modular assembly
    • High load carrying capacity

    Product Description

    Base for installation under H390 H390, H395 and PC2096 cabinets. For modular assembly under H395 cabinets, the side panels are not installed to get a continuous cable chamber.

    All panels are detachable, one panel with cable entry (brush strip).

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 0396.6001.60.27
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): Suitabel for width : 600 mm  Suitable for depth : 600 mm 
    • Type: with brush strip
    • Surface finish: Powder coating RAL 7022, texture finish
    • Material: Sheet steel
    • Socket size S: 505 mm
    • Weight: 7.5 kg
    • Sheet thickness: Corner elements 2.5 mm/0,1"; side panels 1.5 mm0,06"
    • Socket size T: 550 mm


    • Bases with order numbers ending in “-37” are equipped with air vents for improved air circulation.
    • If used with cabinet H390, an offset of 25 mm will be in the back.

    Scope of Delivery

    • Panels and corner sections pre-assembled, with cross sections and mounting hardware
    Printhäwa GmbH