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    Order No.: 2070-3301-20-00

    Telescopic slides, over-extension, rear-mounted locking device

    Key Features

    • The telescopic slide has a resistance against opening.

    Product Description

    Sturdy galvanized steel design with high precision high-performance bearings.

    The extremely flat design of the telescopic slide ensures that you get the best out of the available space (width).

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 2070-3301-20-00
    • Material: Steel
    • Surface: Galvanized
    • Weight: 2.14 kg
    • lock height b: 365.2 mm
    • AUSZUGSLAENGE_Z: 533 mm
    • MASS_A: 238.2 mm
    • MASS_C: 425.4 mm
    • MASS_D: 438.1 mm
    • MASS_E: 463.5 mm
    • MASS_F: 412.7 mm
    • SCHIENENLAENGE_L: 508 mm


    • To be able to use the maximum load-bearing capacity as specified, all designated fastening positions must be used. Horizontal mounting is not recommended!

    Scope of Delivery

    • 1 pair of telescopic slides with fasteners consisting of 16x each: slotted bolt M4x12, spring washer, washer and nut.
    Printhäwa GmbH