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  • 21. June 2021

    Much more than just a machine rack: experience X-frame in the show truck or on your own PC

    Wain, June 21, 2021. X-frame, the patented solution which can be used for versatile applications, is a top product from häwa. Used in a wide variety of technological areas, X-frame is more than just a machine rack. häwa uses new ways to introduce its bestseller to customers. You can experience X-frame either live in our show truck or online by means of our web application.

    With over 450 employees, häwa manufactures annually more than 80,000 large cabinets and 120,000 enclosures. The patented X-frame machine rack is one of the great success stories of the last few years. The concept is based on extraordinary versatility. Each machine rack is functionally different, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to your specific requirements and must be able to grow with your demands. That's why we developed X-frame – a modular system providing maximum flexibility. Result: Since 2008, manufactures highly successful customized machine racks based on the patented X-frame components. Meanwhile the X-frame racks are used in almost all areas of technology. Clean rooms, laser, robotics or the medical field.

    As it was not certain at the beginning of the year whether trade fairs would take place or not, häwa found other ways to present their solutions and products to customers and potential prospects. One of them is the häwa show truck, which has been on tour through Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland for the second time since May. The concept of the roadshow: Customers can register via a separate page on the website - there, you can specify both the preferred date and the desired location of the presentation. The truck will visit the customer directly and exclusively, together with the häwa experts. It includes a showroom that demonstrates the company's latest solutions. The häwa experts will explain all products on site and the customers will have enough time to experience them - of course, in compliance with the current hygiene regulations. (Information and registration: www.haewa.de/roadshow).

    Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to get easily an impression of the possible applications of the X-frame system on your own PC. Information is available, among other things, via a 3D animation on the häwa homepage.  The one-minute animation shows the different applications of the machine racks, which meet any requirement and can be configured for almost every application. Another brand-new feature is our web application, allowing customers to experience the modular concept of the X-frame system online. For example, the customers can select between different door systems, colors and materials and they can experience and test the function of the different enclosure elements online. According to Kathrin Lay, Marketing Manager at häwa: “Our show truck visits the customer directly upon request - and in addition, you can experience our X-frame program online.  Thus, every interested customer can conveniently get an impression of the diversity of our products".


    Printhäwa GmbH