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    14. March 2022

    Staff expansion and investments: häwa has made IT a top priority

    Wain, 14 March 2022. Digital transformation has changed the role of the IT department at the company. Tasks are steadily becoming ever more complex and new challenges are arising in ever shorter spaces of time. häwa GmbH is facing up to the challenges and plans to massively strengthen company’s IT department by increasing staffing levels and making investments to make it fit for the future.

    "We want to move towards a highly modern, efficient and proactive IT department," emphasises Christian Wolf. The 51-year-old took over responsibility for IT at the control cabinet specialist company based in the Swabian town of Wain just under a year ago. And initially found a few ongoing projects. Christian Wolf: "We are gradually working on these and are now able to look positively towards the future. In addition to the technical side, daily employee interaction at häwa-IT has also changed significantly thanks to Christian Wolf. An open culture of discussion, internal and external training opportunities and the promotion of employees are topics close to his heart – and are now being put into practice. The fact that the "IT boss" regularly brings a basket of fruit and sweets is also very well received at the department.

    "The IT department has a great responsibility because it is the heart of digitalisation in the company. Its tasks are correspondingly diverse. At häwa, we work in two units. On the one hand, there is the infrastructure division. The other unit is the merchandise management system. Since the middle of 2021, häwa has been making targeted investments in modernisation, for example, the IT infrastructure for the branch in the US was completely overhauled. Key tasks in the view of the experienced IT specialist include the establishment of modern application areas such as multifactor authentication or cloud applications. Christian Wolf also wants to ensure smooth operations for employees who work from home.

    The IT manager sees the support within the company as absolutely positive. "The management is behind us and supports our plans one hundred per cent. The corresponding budgets are therefore available. The search for qualified personnel, for IT specialists and administrators, is more complicated. But häwa has a lot to offer. Christian Wolf: "We are a solid, healthy medium-sized company and have just had the most successful business year in the company's history. In our young IT team, you have room to manoeuvre and the best prospects for the future. If you are looking for a secure job in an exciting company, IT at häwa is the right place for you.


    More information on the website: www.haewa.com


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