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    25. September 2023

    Sensor-operated LED luminaire provides optimum illumination in the control cabinet

    Wain, 25th of September 2023. Optimum illumination is important for the creation of a suitable working environment at the control cabinet. Lighting must function reliably, especially in the event of malfunctions or failures of a system, the technician on site is dependent on it. With the brand-new SOL 704 sensor-operated LED luminaire, häwa now offers the optimum solution.

    The SOL 704 sensor-operated LED luminaire is suitable for the perfect illumination of control cabinets and fits häwa standard cabinets and third-party products with a 25-millimetre grid perforation from a width of 600 millimetres. The preset proximity sensor is ready for operation immediately after the luminaire is mounted and switches it on immediately when the door is opened and switches it off with a delay of five seconds on closing. By means of the potential-free contact of the opener and closer, it is possible to connect further devices or components such as cooling units, filter fans and signal columns to the sensor-operated LED luminaire. This makes setting up the control cabinet noticeably easier. The on / off function is controlled via the sensor of the luminaire. As soon as it is connected, it also switches on the applications when the door is opened and closed.

    Up to ten luminaires can be cascaded in series. This makes the product particularly user-friendly as large production areas are illuminated homogeneously and uniformly. Especially with modular cabinets, use is made much easier. The luminaire with IP 20 protection is available in two voltages with 24 V DC or 120 V - 230 V AC, the AC versions are optionally equipped with a power socket. The power consumption is between 12 and 16 watts. Thanks to the use of LED technology, the luminaires have a very long service life. The enclosures can be mounted using screws or magnets. Models with magnetic fastening are suitable for häwa wall-mounted Series 33 enclosures.

    More on the Internet: https://www.haewa.com/sensor-operated-led-lamp-sol-704


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