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    18. July 2023

    Multi-Press 500: häwa presents the all-rounder among the punching tools

    Wain, 18th of July 2023. To ensure smooth workflows, tools for processing control cabinets and enclosures must function faultlessly and reliably. With the brand new Multi-Press 500, häwa GmbH is now complementing its range of punching tools and at the same time presenting an all-rounder among punching tools.

    Punching a hole in sheet metal - the principle does not sound complicated at first. However, punching holes in sheet metal can result in sharp edges. Also, when positioning the punch, it is important to make sure that the hole is punched in the right place. That is why you need tools for control cabinet construction that are precisely tailored to this application. This optimises workflows in control cabinet construction and makes them as effective as possible. The Multi-Press 500 now complements the häwa range of punching tools. Like the existing products, the brand-new punching tool ensures accurate punching of metal.

    Many new advantages with the Multi-Press 500

    Compared to the Maxi-Press 500 and the Quick-Press 300, which are already established on the market, the new Multi-Press 500 offers numerous advantages. It is suitable for punching junction boxes, enclosures and cabinet doors. A quick tool change ensures optimised working. The punch can also be used regardless of location as it is mobile on castors. And: Follow-on punching with slitting tools makes cut-outs for filter fans and panels possible. The punching of cut-outs is possible in steel, stainless steel and polyester. The punch can be used for round, square and rectangular punches respectively up to 92 millimetres in diameter. At a machining depth of 500 millimetres, the maximum operating pressure is 96 bar. The weight of the new Multi-Press 500 is 270 kilograms. The scope of supply includes a punching bracket with a hydraulic unit and movable stand, length and depth stops with dimension scales as well as swivelling door overlays on castors. A built-in laser punch centre display, protection against accidental contact and a collection container for punching waste are further highlights of the Multi-Press 500.

    More on the Internet at: www.haewa.com/multi-press-500



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