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    03. May 2022

    häwa Perfects Bread Slicing with a Specially Modified Cooling Unit

    Wain, 3th of May 2022. Baking bread is undoubtedly not part of the core competence of a leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosure systems. However, häwa GmbH always comes into play when technologically sophisticated solutions are being sought by a wide range of industries. And thanks to a modified cooling unit, the specialists from Wain have now even perfected bread cutting.

    A leading manufacturer in the food industry was faced with a complex problem. The company cuts large quantities of bread using bread slicers. The bread particles produced during the cutting process regularly led to contamination of the cooling circuit of the cooling unit used. The challenge for häwa was to find a cost-effective solution that would prevent contamination of the integrated cooling unit and enable the customer to have a continuous and problem-free cutting process.

    A Special Additional Filter Prevents Contamination

    The specialists at häwa accepted the challenge and developed an optimal technical solution for the customer. For this purpose, an additional filter was developed to prevent contamination of the cooling unit. The easily removable additional filter made of stainless steel is easy for the customer to clean and reassemble. This involves a stainless steel fleece installed in front of the cooling circuit. To achieve the desired solution, the tried-and-tested häwa KF 400 V2A standard unit was modified. The control cabinet cooling unit can be used as a stand-alone unit up to an ambient temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. It has two separate IP 54 sealed air circuits, each with a fan. Cooling or heat transfer from the inside of the cabinet to the outside is by means of active cooling (compressor). This means that the control cabinet can also be cooled below ambient temperature. The refrigerant used is the ozone-friendly, CFC-free refrigerant R134a. In the modified model, the filter cassette is now installed via a cut-out in the lid.

    Result: The customer can use the bread slicer continuously on an industrial scale without the integrated cooling unit being polluted again and again by contaminated air. Production is thus considerably simplified - and costs are saved. Once again, with a technical specification, häwa has modified a standard device in such a way that it represents the optimal solution for a very specific application at the customer's site.

    More on the Internet at: www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/cooling-unit-modified-for-applications-with-polluted-ambient-air



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