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    06. February 2023

    häwa GmbH fills management positions

    Wain, 6 February 2023. As of 1 February, häwa GmbH has filled two new management positions internally, thus setting the course for a successful future in terms of personnel.

    Joachim Pfeiffer, previously head of the Maintal branch, took over the position of sales manager across all sales territories on 1 February. Managing Director Arno Müller: "Due to growing sales and our current customer structure, we have appointed a sales manager to achieve better networking in sales and thus make the best use of synergies and increase customer satisfaction. We are pleased to have found Joachim Pfeiffer, a long-time 'Häwaian', for this challenging task."

    Simultaneously on 1 February, Andreas Maier took over management of the Maintal branch. Until now, 51-year-old Andreas Maier worked as a field sales representative in Maintal at häwa GmbH.


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