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  • 03. November 2020

    häwa Case – Control Cabinet USA

    When the leading control cabinet manufacturer invests his entire know-how to develop a customized solution for one of the world's leading electrical and electronics companies, the aim of both partners is no less than to develop an optimum product that meets all requirements and sets new standards. Starting in 2018 with the initial inquiry from the U.S., this project turned into a great success story for the diligent Swabians.

    More than 450 employees worldwide produce over 80.000 large control cabinets and 120,000 housings per year, making häwa the premier address for customized, flexible solutions based on a well-designed standard product range. This is precisely why the U.S. subsidiary of one of the world's leading technology companies contacted the German specialists from Wain (Baden-Württemberg) and their U.S. subsidiary in Duluth, GA about two years ago. All customized solutions are based on häwa’s free-standing and modular cabinets which have been proven in thousands of applications.

    The standard range of enclosures and cabinets with its ergonomic designs and impressive functions, its stability and very high load carrying capacity, provide a strong basic offering. With various sizes and configurations, different protection ratings and global accreditations like CE and UL, and a wide range of accessories, the possibilities to adapt to the specific application are sheer endless.

    During the last two years, häwa has lived up to its reputation of being the Number 1 in control cabinet production for complex requirements of a major customer who is looking for the perfect solution without compromises. The modular cabinet combination consists of a sheet steel cabinet with RAL 9010 polyester surface finish for outdoor installation with special features such as a projecting rain roof and a stainless steel base, powder coated in RAL 9005.

    Furthermore, it is equipped with transport rails which are removed after installation. The cabinet interior is protected against extreme temperatures and noise; additional grounding studs provide improved EMC shielding. The cabinet is equipped with customized components and has filter fans and rain covers installed. It is based on UL-Type 12 and then upgraded by the customer to Type 3R for use as a transformer cabinet for electrical charging stations. What began in 2019 with the delivery of 30 cabinets to the USA has since evolved into an optimized version that is now produced and delivered in large quantities.


    Printhäwa GmbH