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  • X-frame machine housings – the flexible solution for the mechanical engineering sector.

    Each machine cell is functionally different from the other one, but they have all one thing in common: they are designed to your specific requirements and must be able to grow in line with the requirements. That's why we developed X-frame – a modular system which offers maximum flexibility in the implementation of your customized solutions.

    X-frame is a flexible modular machine rack – depending on your requirements, each component can be used

    • as load-bearing element and / or cable duct for electric,
    • pneumatic or hydraulic installations etc.
    • or as an electrical operating area, in other words. a cabinet

    The manufacturing of single cells e.g.: for assembly stations or test systems, upgrading or adaption of the control technology can be simply realized with the X-frame system. Change your machine frame into a flexible system that grows in line with your requirements – we support you!

    Application examples

    X-frame robot cell. Customized machine racks, designed according to the corresponding integrated requirements e.g.: for integrated linear systems, joint-arm robots, scaras and delta picker

    X-frame laser protection cells up to laser protection class 4. Laser and light resistant versions with laser protected windows. Optional also with active laser protection e.g. laser spy.

    X-frame manual workstations with cabinet and integrated cable duct to customer's requirements

    X-frame inspection and test cells, mobile with cabinet, monitor pendant arms and light curtains in the vertical strutsX

    Then contact your personal häwa advisor today to discuss your individual requirements.


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