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  • 09. May 2019

    häwa revolutionizes cabinet climate control

    Up to 870 m3 air flow per hour: The new FixCool filter fans impress with extremely high efficiency, a clip-fix system for quick assembly, and by highly economical operation.

    Wain –June 4, 2019 – The enclosure manufacturer häwa presents his latest filter fan FixCool - setting new standards in the field of electronics protection. From now on, the fans, available in RAL7035 and RAL9005, are offered for all cabinets, junction boxes and enclosures, ensuring a reliable dissipation of heated internal air. The newly developed fans with their innovative air flow system prevent the formation of so-called hot pockets, which often lead to overheating of individual components. Marco Schmid, project manager at häwa, stated: “Our product provides an even distribution of filtered ambient air ensuring maximum protection of sensitive components, whereby the cabinet maintains the protection rating of IP54. “

    The häwa FixCool filter fans are equipped with temperature resistant fibrous web pads with progressive fiber construction, an improved filtering capacity, and a relatively low air resistance; reliably removing a wide variety of dust particles. “The constructive design of our filter fans ensures a protection rating of IP 54, including protection against splashing water”, emphasizes Marco Schmid. The protection rating can be easily increased to IP56 by mounting a corresponding protection cover.

    The häwa filter fans have an air flow rate of 35 up to 870 m³ per hour – ensuring the right fit and reliable operation for a variety of different operation conditions. “We can ensure maximum protection for small decentralized applications as well as complex high-performance systems without a problem”, stated Marco Schmid.
    The FixCool fans are available in two colors and for different sizes; now with the addition of a 177 x 177 mm cutout. The devices are cULus certificated for the North American market and sturdy plastic clips ensure a quick assembly. The filter pads can be easily exchanged thanks to a sophisticated folding mechanism, and the energy efficiency was increased significantly. Marco Schmid: „We are proud that we are able to offer our customers an affordable high efficiency filter and cooling device with very low operating costs. “

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