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    Standardised JetCell CO2 Snow Jet Cleaning Cell

    Key Features

    • Attractive design solution

    • Lifting door with double-walled Makrolon and inflatable seal

    • Easy cleaning of the inner process chamber due to minimal screw connection points

    • Reduction of the process noise level from 120 db to 76 db

    • Integrated drawer and control cabinets in UL design

    • Integrated control cabinets in UL design

    The challenge

    acp systems AG, headquartered in Swabian Zimmern ob Rottweil, is a global technology leader in advanced clean production, related process automation and system integration. Its core technologies are snow jet cleaning with quattroClean technology, micro-dispensing and smart handling solutions for flexible materials and foils. Since its foundation in 1997, the company has been supporting its customers in the development, planning and integration of highly automated processes in production, for example, in the electronics, medical and automotive industries.

    For the standardised JetCell CO2 snow jet cleaning cell, which is used in inline, stand-alone and application-specific configurations in flexible, automatic production, a machine frame was sought that met all the requirements necessary for optimum operation. This advanced technology from acp systems AG cleans component surfaces using a dry, environmentally friendly and residue-free process. It offers optimised, precise and repeatable cleaning results with minimal CO2 consumption. The biggest challenge for häwa was the need to reduce the enormously high process noise level of around 120 db inside the JetCell to a value well below 80 db outside the cell. In addition, optimal cable routing and the use of lifting doors were desired. Furthermore, the product also had to have an attractive appearance, not least in order to be visually impressive when used at trade fairs.

    The häwa Solution

    The specialists at häwa took up the challenge and, as is usual with such requirements, developed the optimal technological solution - which also impresses with its attractive appearance - step by step. Thanks to double walls with special noise insulation, the process noise level was reduced from 120 db to 76 db outside the cell. In the process, air is extracted through an insulated labyrinth in the upper area. Other features include integrated control cabinets in UL (Underwriters Laboratories) design, vertical cable ducts on the sides and an integrated drawer. This drawer serves to integrate the cooler and can optionally also be used as a place for the robot controller. A lifting door with double-walled Makrolon and an inflatable seal ensures optimal handling, as does the height-adjustable control panel. Minimal screw connection points also make it easy to clean the inside of the process chamber. Sideways interchangeable elements allow the standard cell to be variably adapted to different component sizes. And: The häwa solution impressed the customer not least because of its straightforward, elegant design.

    The häwa development of the process enclosure serves as the basis for acp systems AG to perfectly implement its technology and the associated process. As a fully automatic cleaning cell, JetCell is operated using quattroClean snow-jet technology based on CO2. The cleaning process itself comprises four stages: impulse transmission, rapid cooling, sublimation and solvent rinsing.

    JetCell is used in the automotive industry for CMOS camera sensors and in medical technology to remove metal machining residues. In the electronics industry, solder and flux residues on printed circuit boards are removed. JetCell is also used for the laser structuring of printed circuit boards and the removal of laser soot traces.

    Printhäwa GmbH