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    Finest pastries thanks to system solutions from häwa


    • Perfect refinement of fine pastry products

    • Modular construction

    • Supply of all components made of stainless steel

    • Simple and fast product changeover

    • Interchangeable spraying / coating stations and heating tunnels

    • Protection class IP65

    The Challenge

    Frisch Spritzmatic GmbH based in Öllingen, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for the refinement of fine pastries. Thanks to its own roots in the bakery trade, the medium-sized company supplies innovative and high-quality equipment for mechanical production in the premium quality sector. Frisch continuous conveyor belt systems are in the premier class in professional finishing technology. The craftsman's steps of apricotizing and glazing are perfectly reproduced. A heating tunnel enables the refinement of fine pastries in just one operation. In order to be able to manufacture its equipment in the best possible quality, the company sought a supplier that would be able to produce the individual and customized systems. And this is where häwa GmbH came into play.

    The häwa Solution

    A central commitment of Frisch Spritzmatic is consistent quality in the premium range at all times. The top model, the Combino conveyor belt system, ensures the best results through the perfect finishing of fine pastry products. Even ambitious challenges such as the coating of "Danish pastries" or "doughnuts" are easily mastered by the Combino. The modular design of the Combino conveyor belt system is particularly important for bakeries. And this is precisely where one of häwa GmbH's core competencies lies. After initially exclusively delivering the enclosures required for the systems, the cooperation has intensified over the years. Today, häwa supplies complete frames and thus all components made of stainless steel. The decisive factor for Frisch was not only the excellent advice provided by häwa's field service but also, among other things, the geographical proximity to the supplier as well as the ability to meet every customer requirement with the shortest response times.

    The Combino conveyor belt system 2100, "made by häwa", provides not only a modular, investment-friendly design but also the possibility of simple, fast product changeover. It offers interchangeable spray / coating stations as well as heating tunnels for best results. The product has IP65 protection and has, therefore, full protection against accidental electrical contact. Dust cannot penetrate and it is protected against water spray from all directions. The units have been designed in accordance with the principle of hygienic design. Food safety is thus guaranteed, the highest hygiene standards are met. At the same time, energy efficiency is increased and cleaning processes are simplified. In addition, downtimes are reduced. Particularly practical for Frisch Spritzmatic: Enclosure dimensions are adapted to customer requirements, drilled holes and cut-outs for displays and switches are already integrated. Thus, häwa supplies customised systems in consistently high quality.

    Printhäwa GmbH