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The name reflects the programme: X-frame by häwa – the flexible solution in mechanical engineering

Each machine cell is functionally different, yet they have one thing in common: they all have to be able to grow in line with requirements. We developed fleX-frame for this purpose – a modular system which offers maximum flexibility in the implementation of your individual solution.

X-frame applications
Easily expandable applications – from single cells to linear and rotative applications – with individually selectable modules at each position.

Expansion of your application through components in various versions.

X-frame is a smart way to combine flexibility and modularity of machine frames –  each component can be a load-bearing part, cable duct or pneumatic conduit as required. The manufacturing of single cells for manual assembly or testing systems for example, upgrading or adaptation of the control technology becomes child’s play. Change your machine frame into a flexible system that grows in line with your requirements – we support you.

X-frame machine frames by häwa – your advantages

Modularer Structure

  • Modular system for an internal standard: Through its modular structure, X-frame is the perfect standard for various products ranges, one-off productions or special requirements. X-frame can be used flexibly and is easily and quickly adaptable to your needs. Your basic concept serves as internal standard for the realisation of a wide variety of applications – X-frame grows in line with your requirements.
  • Modifications and extensions: X-frame can be easily adapted at any time to new customer specifications.

Cost advantages

  • Save time: You can concentrate on your core business while we support you in the construction of your machine frame.
  • Innovation and Know-how: Use our experience and our innovation to gain competitive advantage.
  • Devices or resources are not necessary: The simple and modular structure of the cell needs no additional resources.
  • Reusability of the struts: When changing the product, the X-frame struts can be used for new frames or extensions.
  • Low-priced one-off production: Through its simple structure X-frame is ideal for manufacturing low-priced special or one-off products.
  • Integrate control cabinets and save money: It is possible to integrate control cabinets on all three levels. The control cabinet becomes are bearing part of the cell and replaces the existing crossbars.
  • No cable ducts: The general open structure of the X-frame system is a cable duct, the additional time consuming fitting of cable ducts is not necessary.
  • A one-stop service: We carry out the assembly of your cell including base plate, windows, doors, circuit breakers, light curtains and other components.


Stability and loading capacity

  • Manufactured from steel and stainless steel.

  • High rigidity due to large cross-sections of the struts.

  • For cells from 1.5 t we use pro-X struts made from 2mm sheet steel.

  • A larger surface area for your basic frame through 120 mm frame width.



  •  Individual choice of colour according to customer specification
  • Surfaces are powder-coated or made from stainless steel.

  • Attractive design that makes you stand out from your competitors.

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