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  • Transformer Cabinets for Electrical Charging Stations

    Key Features

    • Polyester powder coated sheet steel cabinet with stainless steel base, suitable for outdoor use

    • Protecion against temperature and noise

    • With improved EMC-shielding

    • Based on standard UL Type 12 and then upgraded by the customer to Type 3R

    The Challenge

    The forecast for the requirement of charging stations for electric vehicles is continuously increasing due to the rapid expansion of electrified vehicles. The purchase of electric vehicles is being strongly promoted by the government, which in turn increases the need to build infrastructure for electric charging stations. This will be a particular challenge in the coming years, as the technology used to "refuel" vehicles differs completely from the classic refueling process.

    In order to generate the direct current necessary for charging electric vehicles, transformer cabinets are required that are capable of converting the alternating current from the power network and making it usable for electric vehicles. A major customer from the USA asked häwa to develop a solution for such transformer cabinets.

    The customer required a complex, customized modular cabinet combination with hinged doors, produced in large quantities for outdoor use. The häwa modular cabinet system was designed as a transformer cabinet for electrical charging stations.

    The häwa Solution

    The modular cabinet combination consists of sheet steel cabinets with RAL 9010 polyester surface finish for protection against external environmental influences and for outdoor use, including special features such as a stainless steel base, powder coated in RAL 9005, as well as a projecting rain roof. Furthermore, it is equipped with transport rails, which are removed after installation.

    The cabinet combination with hinged doors are fitted with additional grounding studs for improved EMC shielding. The cabinet interior is protected against extreme temperatures and noise and it is equipped with customized components - including filter fans and rain covers.

    Printhäwa GmbH