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  • Sturdy stainless steel cabinet to be installed in a water treatment system

    Key Features

    • Customized stainless steel cabinet based on type 0370

    • Double bottom with water drainage

    • Sloped roof with an inclination angle of 30°

    • Six height-adjustable feet

    The challenge

    The customer required an extremely sturdy stainless steel cabinet housing two water containers weighing 300 kg for a water treatment system for the pharmaceutical industry. The containers had to be easy to switch and the cabinet needed to be simple to clean. The bottom of the cabinet should not have any sharp edges at the front and the cabinet should be equipped with a sloped and height-adjustable roof.

    The häwa solution

    The cabinet, based on a stainless steel cabinet type 0370, was manufactured to the customer's specifications with a double bottom and a sloped roof with an inclination angle of 30°. The double bottom provides high stability for the installation of the heavy water containers. The bottom is also tilted to the right and forward to ensure water drainage. Furthermore, there are no edges at the front for easy insertion of the containers. The cabinet is equipped with six height-adjustable feet for an optimum alignment.

    Printhäwa GmbH