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  • Outdoor enclosures for the protection of electronic components

    Key features

    • Outdoor enclosures for use on vehicles

    • For protection of sensitive electronic components

    • Resistant to environmental influences

    • Protected against the build-up of condensation

    The challenge

    The outdoor enclosure is designed to protect sensitive electronic components and is intended for use on vehicles. Strong vibrations and high mechanical stress placed high demands on the robustness of material and construction, as well as the changing weather conditions such as sunlight, frost or precipitation. Furthermore, the enclosure had to be protected against the build-up of condensation in case of temperature changes.

    The häwa solution

    We chose aluminum as our material. The enclosure wall is double-layered, with ventilation slots at the upper edge, thereby creating a circulating air layer between the outer and inner enclosure walls, which helps to keep the temperature level inside the enclosure almost constant. The internal surfaces of the sheet metal panels are unpainted for an increased heat dissipation from the enclosure inside to the outside. To prevent condensation build-up due to temperature changes, we also included a heater.

    Printhäwa GmbH