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  • Machine housings for PCB pick and place feeder systems

    Key features

    • Improved noise protection

    • User-friendly mounting and operation

    • Integration of the control cabinet

    The challenge

    Construction of a new machine housing to make the circuit board assembly more user-friendly for our customer. Furthermore, the noise protection was to be improved: The aluminum profile construction used so far, generated strong vibrations with the PCB pick and place machine, resulting in a high noise level. Finally, the stand-alone control cabinet was to be integrated into the machine housing.

    The häwa solution

    In order to improve the noise protection, we developed a statically self-supporting sheet steel construction, which is completely decoupled from the machine bed, resulting in less vibration and noise. The front panel can be almost completely folded upwards for easy operation and maintenance. The control cabinet is now conveniently integrated into the rear cladding, which allows for easy accessibility.

    Printhäwa GmbH