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  • Enclosures for heavy load transporters

    Key features

    • High requirements for protection against humidity, dirt and corrosion

    • High mechanical stress due to vibrations

    • Difficult space conditions

    The challenge

    For the transport of extremely high weight loads, special vehicles are required. To enable these vehicles to master even the tightest curves and narrow passages safely, they are equipped with several control units in-between the tires - an extremely exposed location that requires the control units to be protected against humidity, dirt and vibrations. Therefore, our customer – a leading manufacturer of special transporters of all kinds - required customized, robust enclosures.

    The häwa solution

    We designed compact stainless steel enclosures with a special frame edging, matching the difficult space conditions between the vehicle tires. The material is extremely robust against mechanical stress, and resistant to dirt, humidity and corrosion. The entire construction complies with protection class IP69K, i.e. the protection of the electrical systems against the ingress of dust and dirt (code number "6") as well as against splash water at close distance (code number "9K").

    Printhäwa GmbH