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  • 3,000 mm wide subbase steel cabinet for laminating line

    Key Features

    • Customized machine base cabinet with doors to customer’s specifications

    • One-piece, oversized and non-removable mounting plate

    • Doors with maximum opening angle

    The challenge

    The customer required a 3,000 mm wide subbase steel cabinet for a laminating line. In order to mount components all the way to the edges, the customer required the mounting plate to be one-piece, oversized, and non-removable. The cabinet had to be perfectly fitted to the machine rack; with maximum stability, and the doors as small as possible, while still allowing for internal installation.

    The häwa solution

    To achieve the maximum size of the mounting plate, häwa already installed it during the production process. Afterwards, the cabinet was finished to the requested dimensions, including all attachments and customized doors with maximum opening angle.

    Printhäwa GmbH