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  • Order No.: 2367-0807-05-05

    Polyester housings 2367

    Key Features

    • Protection class: IP65
    • Ideal for extreme environmental stress
    • Captive lid screws

    Product Description

    Enclosure made of high quality polyester with glass fiber, reinforcement for durable protection against aggressive factors, extreme environmental stress, rough operation, low temperatures and moisture operation.

    Particularly suitable for housing and encapsulating of electrical, electronic and control components.

    Seal: incorporated in the lid EPDM seal

    Closure: stainless steel lid screws corrosion-resistant and captive by rotating rib, cross-slot headed scres.

    Bar at the lower narrow side; for height = 75 mm 2 pieces, and from height = 120 mm, press-fitted threaded bushes M4 or M6 for fastening a mounting plate or mounting rail.

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 2367-0807-05-05
    • Material: polyester, glass fiber reinforced, and halogen-free
    • widht: 80 mm
    • height: 75 mm
    • depth: 55 mm
    • Surface finish: similar to RAL 7000
    • Temperature range of seal: -20° to +100°
    • Protection type: IP65


    • Enclosure with silicone seal (Temperature range: -55° to + 100°) available on request.

    Scope of Delivery

    • Enclosures complete


    Accessories small enclosures

    Mounting plates

    Mounting plate for Polyester housings

    Mounting plate for Polyester housings

    Suitable for width 80 mm
    Suitable for height 75 mm

    Wall mounting

    Outer mounting brackets for Polyester housings

    Outer mounting brackets for Polyester housings

    Suitable for height 75 mm


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