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  • Order No.: 3186-0050-02-00

    Touch-Safe Small Heater Type CS/CSF (Semi-Conductor) with PTC-Resistor

    Key Features

    • Small size
    • Ensure a minimum operating temperature
    • Prevent condensation
    • Advantages of heaters with PTC-resistor: Dynamic heating up, temperature limiting, wide voltage range

    Product Description

    Cabinet heaters are used for heating up the air inside a control cabinet. häwa offers a wide range of cabinet heaters from 10 to 1200 W to optimize the functionality of electric and electronic components, to ensure a minimum operating temperature and for frost monitoring in case of low ambient temperatures and high humidity.

    The design of the heater supports the natural convection which results in a high air-flow of warm air

    The surface temperatures on the accessible side surfaces of the housing are kept down as a result of the heater design

    Heating element: Resistor (PTC) temperature limiting

    The heaters are designed for permanent operation

    Quick mounting: snap-on attachment to 35 mm DIN rail

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 3186-0050-02-00
    • Nominal voltage: from 120 V to 240 V AC/DC (min. 110 V, max. 265 V)
    • Protection type: IP20 
    • Protection class: II (double insulation)
    • Operating-/storage temperature: from : -45 °C  to : +70 °C 
    • Operating/storage humidity: max. 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
    • Surface temperature: Surface temperature at 20°C (68° F) ambient temperature (except upper grid): <+80° C (176° F)
    • Air outlet temperature: 86 °C
    • Heater output: 50 W
    • Control system: without
    • Attachment: clip for snap-on attachment
    • Power supply: 4-pole terminal 2,5mm², torque 0.8 Nm max.
    • Fitting position: Vertical air flow direction (air outlet at top/connection at bottom)
    • Heating element: PTC-resistor temperature limiting
    • Start-up current: 2.5 A
    • Fuse: 4 A (slow-blow)
    • Approvals: CE; cURus
    • Weight: 0.3 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): width : 60 mm  height : 110 mm  depth : 90 mm 
    • Surface finish: housing: black plastic, UL94 V-0
    • Type: CS 50


    • When operating PTC-heaters below AC/DC 140 V the heater output will be reduced by approx. 10%.
    • The specified heater output refers to an ambient temperature of 20° C (68° F).
    • A safety clearance of 50 to 100 mm to the adjacent components shall be observed (according to the corresponding operation manual).

    Scope of Delivery

    • 1 fan heater


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