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  • Order No.: 3184-0350-01-15

    Fan Heater Type HGH350/HGH550 with PTC-Resistor

    Key Features

    • Small compact design
    • Ensure a minimum operating temperature
    • Prevent condensation
    • Advantages of heaters with PTC-resistor: Dynamic heating up, temperature limiting, wide voltage range
    • Advantages fan heaters: small compact design, quiet operation

    Product Description

    Cabinet heaters are used for heating up the air inside a control cabinet. häwa offers a wide range of cabinet heaters from 10 to 1200 W to optimize the functionality of electric and electronic components, to ensure a minimum operating temperature and for frost monitoring in case of low ambient temperatures and high humidity.

    Fan heater prevents formation of condensation and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures with electric/electronic components

    The heater is connected using the internal terminal connectors

    Adjustable, integrated temperature controller, maintenance-free

    The small size makes it ideal for use in enclosures where space is at a premium

    Dynamic heating up through PTC-resistor (PTC-resistor, temperature limiting)

    Radial fan with ball bearing provides forced air circulation inside the cabinet

    Optical indicator for type HGH350/550: thermostat control lamp

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 3184-0350-01-15
    • Nominal voltage: 115 V AC
    • Frequency: 50 Hz  / 60 Hz 
    • Protection type: IP20 
    • Protection class: II (double insulation)
    • Operating-/storage temperature: from : -45 °C  to : +70 °C 
    • Operating/storage humidity: max. 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
    • Unimpeded air flow: 35 m³/h
    • Control system: Thermostat 0 up to +60 °C
    • Attachment: clip for snap-on attachment
    • Power supply: 3-pin 2.5 mm2 terminal, max. tightening torque 0.8 Nm
    • Fitting position: Vertical air flow (air outlet at top), other mounting positions possible
    • Heating element: PTC-resistor temperature limiting
    • Temperature controller: with automatic reset and second-tier one shot fuse to protect against overheating in case of fan failure
    • Start-up current: 14 A
    • Fuse: 10 A (slow-blow)
    • Approvals: CE; cURus
    • Weight: 0.9 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): width : 100 mm  height : 165 mm  depth : 128 mm 
    • Surface finish: Housing: plastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey
    • Type: HGH 350


    • The specified heating capacity refers to an ambient temperature of 20° C (68° F).
    • A safety clearance of 50 to 100 mm to the adjacent components shall be observed (according to the corresponding operation manual).
    • Versions with screw flange attachment are available upon request.

    Scope of Delivery

    • 1 fan heater
    Printhäwa GmbH