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  • Order No.: 3116-4000-23-02-00

    Air-To-Water Heat Exchanger

    Key Features

    • Water cooled
    • Low maintenance
    • User friendly
    • High output
    • Very compact construction

    Product Description

    These devices are used to cool down the air inside the cabinet. The air-to-water heat exchangers can also be used in very high ambient temperatures.

    The air-to-water heat exchangers are consisting of a housing, exchanger core (tube bundle with fins), fans and power cords. The fan draws hot air from the cabinet and blows it into the heat exchanger housing, where it is cooled via the exchanger core (with cold water) and forced back into the interior of the cabinet.

    Air-to-water heat exchangers can be used under the most unfavorable environmental conditions such as excessive temperatures, extremely polluted or aggressive air or other hostile environments, if cooling water is available.

    Air-to-water heat exchangers can also be used in very high ambient temperatures up to 75 °C (167° F), since the internal cabinet temperature to be achieved is primarily dependent on the water entry temperature. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the internal cabinet temperature to below the ambient temperature.

    Air-to-water heat exchangers can also be installed in areas, where the use of filter fans, air-to-air heat exchangers and air conditioners is not possible.

    Wearing parts, such as ventilators and valves can be easily exchanged by the user.

    Air-to-water heat exchangers with valve are equipped with a thermostatically controlled valve with suppressor, assuring water savings and preventing extreme undercooling.

    Type WW4000S is equipped with a thermostat which switches ON/OFF the fans.

    We recommend the use of our mechanical humidity controller type 3150-0030-02-30, to avoid condensation inside the cabinet which may occur when cooling below the cabinet’s dew point.

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 3116-4000-23-02-00
    • Nominal voltage: 230 V AC
    • Frequency: FREQUENZ1 : 50 Hz  / 60 Hz 
    • Protection type: IP55 
    • Ambient temperature max.: 75 °C
    • Suitable refrigerant: clean water
    • Cooling capacity L35W10 at 200/400/800 l/h: -/4300/5000 W
    • Air flow in m³/h: 1100
    • Control system: Thermostat
    • Thermostat factory-setting: + 35 °C
    • Mounting type: external mounting
    • Power supply: power cord
    • Power consumption at 50Hz: 170 W
    • Power consumption at 60Hz: 200 W
    • Nominal current at 50Hz: 0,76 A
    • Nominal current at 60Hz: 1,0 A
    • Fuse: 6 AT
    • Operating pressure: 10 bar / 140 PSI
    • Noise level at 50Hz: 49 dB(A)
    • Noise level at 60Hz: 52 dB(A)
    • Weight: 20 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): widht : 500 mm  height : 800 mm  depth : 180 mm 
    • Approvals at 50/60Hz: CE
    • Approvals at 60Hz: cURus
    • Surface finish: Powder coating RAL 7035, texture finish
    • Material Exchange core: Copper/aluminum
    • Material housing: Sheet steel 1 mm; 19 ga
    • Type: WW4000S


    • Versions with special voltages, other fittings for water connection, compact controller / display with continuously controlling valve, stainless steels pipe work and stainless steel enclosures are available upon request.

    Scope of Delivery

    • Heat exchanger with power cord
    • Rubber seals
    • Mounting hardware


    Temperatur Controller

    Temperatur Controller

    Storage temperature from+ 0 °C
    Storage temperature to+ 60 °C
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