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  • Order No.: 8101-213-0703.03

    Recessed grip short

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    Key Features

    Product Description

    Simple handle for clipping in for door thickness of 0.75 – 2.2 mm

    Recessed grip inwards, minimum structural height outwards

    Technical Data

    • Order No.: 8101-213-0703.03
    • Material: PA black
    • For door thickness 0,75 - 0,79 mm: X=34,8+0,2 mm, Y=85+0,2
    • For door thickness 0,8 - 1,4 mm: X=35,0+0,2 mm, Y=85+0,2
    • For door thickness 1,5 - 2,2 mm: X=36,0+0,2 mm, Y=85+0,2
    • AUSFUEHRUNG_FUER_BLECHDICKE_COLLECTION: Version for sheet metal thickness from : 0.75 mm  Version for sheet metal thickness to : 2.2 mm 


    • Depending on material thickness used, the cutout has to be adjusted in height. The corresponding dimensions are indicated in the table below.

    Scope of Delivery

    • 1 unit


    Technical drawing
    Printhäwa GmbH